Pastor John Woolhouse with his wife Laurel


Dorrigo is a small country town on the edge of the New England Tablelands that run from about 20km west of the Northern NSW Coast inland for hundreds of square kilometres. The Town is surrounded by farms which run mainly cattle. The pastures are lush and the rainfall plentiful.

Although there are only 1000 people in the town there are four boozers. Alcoholism, smoking and subsequent health problems are endemic.

As one former barmaid dryly said, “No matter how dehydrated you are from the heat, how thirsty can you be after 12 schooners?

There are a lot of really great people in Dorrigo who aren’t the pub and club crowd.

I play squash there sometimes and the locals are generally great.

Personally, I cannot recommend any churches in Dorrigo. Spirit-filled Churches don’t exist there.

Avoid Dorrigo Life Springs. It’s really an AOG Church gone wrong. Assemblies of God like Hillsong but country style turned upside down.

Smiley faces but no real care. It’s a mixture of spiritual good intent and spiritual delusion.

See the other blogs I’ve written on Pastor John Woolhouse which explain some of the problems.

For a Holy Spirit experience it’s best to have a look around yourself or to drive to Harbour Church, Coffs Harbour which isn’t far and worth the trip to get a real taste of God’s Presence. Go to the Holy Spirit seeker service in the smaller building to the north of the main church building at 9.30am Sundays.