my lovely father and mother above left and above my maternal grandmother Madge Brooker. The finest of women.

My dad died on 5 August 2012 in Howick Auckland, New Zealand. I have been writing a series of blog articles on dad’s life, his moral strength and his sense of humour.

I have always felt close to my dad. We connected.

Dad wasn’t perfect, like the rest of us. He was a fine man.

Dad had a fairly dysfunctional father. Jim Elley had some kind of post-traumatic disorder from WW I. Dad didn’t have a nurturing, caring father. Dad’s mother Georgina was a saint. Georgina gave dad double love so he got from her what his dad was unable to give him.

My dad always was there for me. This is a gift we can give to others, which has no cost and is price-less.

When I think of my father, I think of a man who was always in love with his children and grand-children.

My mother and father were married for 57 years. Theirs was a love that was birthed as a beautiful romance at Knox Theological College in Dunedin. Although dad wasn’t romantically gifted, he did his best and loved and wooed my mother. Dad wrote some bad love poems but mum loved them anyway. They were from the heart and after all dad was from a farm. Sometimes farmers have difficulty with the poetic side of life. Theirs was a relationship that spanned almost 6 decades. It produced 4 children and 14 lovely grand-children.

I’m missing my dad. I know I’ll always miss him deeply. My father will always be in my heart.