Pastor John Woolhouse with his wife Laurel


Today Pastor John Woolhouse did yet another scurrilous act.

Pastor John black-banned an innocent sick person from attending his church.

That person was me.

The reason he black-banned me was because I stood up to an interfering gossipy woman who has been causing trouble in my circle. Pastor John didn’t like me doing this because this unruly woman is a close friend of his wife.

I was only trying to protect my family from this aggressive interfering person, who is a trouble-maker. Hardly a reason to black-ban me.

This particular woman needs some boundaries as she is a lonely spinster who likes to interfere in other people’s business.

A pastor of any note would have straightened this particular woman out but not Pastor John Woolhouse.

Politically it suited Pastor John to put the boot in to me and black-ban me from his church. A cowardly act by a cowardly man, but what can I do?

This kind of action is a bad witness for Christianity but Pastor John  doesn’t seem to care. He likes putting the boot in.

Pastor John should be named Farmer John, not Pastor John. He has the subtlety of a sledge-hammer in his pastoral dealings.