my beautiful wife Michelle in Japan with me mid last year

My beautiful wife Michelle in Japan with me mid 2013


The old saying “when one door closes another door opens” is particularly true for Christians: God’s children.

God’s children?  You say, “but we’re all God’s children”. Yes, there is a special and wonderful shelter for those who trust in God.

When John Woolhouse kicked me out of his church, he didn’t know that God had a plan for me. Pastor John’s method of axing me was by the coward’s method: an SMS text. Three years of faithful attendance, support of his ministry and tithing was rewarded by a simple SMS text message of dismissal.

Unknown to grumpy John, God had other special plans for me. Plans for good and not evil.  Plans of blessing not curses.

I have a long association with Phil Pringe’s C3 movement. I think very highly of Pastor Phil.

It is very important to me to go to church every Sunday. So I rocked up to the C3 Church in Coffs Harbour.

A very strong and beautiful Anointing of the Presence of God filled the auditorium. I felt at home immediately.

At the end of his message the pastor talked about people who feel called to plant a church. This is the calling I have been feeling for some time. To plant a church in Bellingen on a hill top with views of the magnificent Dorrigo and Godwana National Parks.

Little did the pastor know that God had been speaking to me in this way. I felt tears coming to my eyes and I felt the Holy Spirit saying to me, “See Donald, this is what I want you to do”,

I went forward on the altar call. My new pastor invited people to come forward and receive prayer in the areas he had been talking about. I shared my vision with him of planting a Worship Centre in the forest to the glory of God. He understood and was very supportive.