Emilie RIP


Pastor John Woolhouse with his wife Laurel


Newcastle Herald


Date: 16/06/2012

Publication: Newcastle Herald
Section: Deaths



EMILIE LOUISE “Fairy Em” Late of Bellingen and formerly of Wallsend Passed away 11th June 2012 Aged 32 Years

Dearly loved sister and aunt of SAM and YUMI ADES, KYLEIGH and SHANE OBEREKAR and their FAMILIES. Treasured granddaughter of EMILIE PARKES. She will be sadly missed by her family and many friends.

EM’s wishes were to be cremated privately.

Always loved and never forgotten


Apart from Pastor John Woolhouse’s total neglect and even abuse of me when I was very very sick with a relapse of Chronic Fatigue, this is not the worst or the saddest and most tragic event I witnessed at Dorrigo Life Springs

Faerie Emilie was a young woman aged in her mid-thirties who was a little different shall we say, but none-the-less good hearted, searching and a free spirit.

Emilie had been troubled by depression and anxiety for a long time. She was searching for peace. The peace that only the Holy Spirit of Jesus can give the human soul.

Please see the blog that I wrote on Emilie’s suicide for more details about Emily’s life and  her suicide.

One of the church ladies invited Emilie to attend the service at Dorrigo Life Springs a week before she died. I was in Sydney that Sunday.

Emilie got prayed for and made peace with God through Jesus Christ. Emily commented that she felt more peaceful than at any time in her life. She must have received a touch from the Holy Spirit.

The very sad thing was the account of the women who brought Emilie to church. She related the following Sunday that on the Wednesday night following Emilie’s church attendance Emily came to her house in Bellingen.

The two ladies there were watching a TV show. Emilie stayed a short time and left.

The lady shared that she realised in hind-sight that Emilie wanted to talk and have companionship that night. Emilie was very needy.

The point is that if Dorrigo Life Springs wants to be successful they must pass grade in the small things. Like looking after people like Emilie properly when they come across their tracks.