Pastor John Woolhouse with his wife Laurel


Earlier this year I wrote a series of seven articles about Dorrigo Life Springs, Pastor John Woolhouse and his wife Laurell.

These were prompted by the very bad way the Woolhouses treated me when I was extremely ill in bed and resting at home with a relapse of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 7 months. This ill-treatment continued after I got better in mid-January this year.

There is a lot more that I could share about what they did to me which is worse than I’ve already written about. I’ve decided, at this stage, for various reasons, not to write about it.

I had intended to sign off at article seven.

However 5 weeks ago, on 27 May 2014, Laurell sent the following SMS text to my mobile at 4.21pm.

Pastor John her husband would have signed off on sending it because Laurell regards him, in her words, as “her lord like Abraham was Sarah’s lord”. Not quite my approach with the gals but each to their own.

I’ve found the “I am your lord” approach to the modern woman doesn’t work. I’ve never tried it but ask any modern woman if her husband is her lord? Dah.

“Hey Don, I was praying for you and saw something like big dam gates full of water and ready to burst over you…they were bound with massive leather straps but strained to the max. Got the push from God to let you know. Didn’t feel good. Laurell”.

I replied 5 minutes later. And I still feel the same way 5 weeks later.

” Re: Dam gates

Laurel I wouldn’t consider anything you prophesied or any of your so-called visions to be of God. Please don’t contact me. Donald”.

If you read a recent article I wrote on this blog site entitled “Evil prayers and prophecies”, you’ll see my views on this subject.

I have also outlined in this article the correct way to pray and prophecy. To edify, to build up and to exhort.

If Jeremiah the Old Testament prophet came to me prophesying doom I’d listen. But Laurel Woolhouse is not Jeremiah. You be the judge…