Our beautiful peaceful waterhole on the farm in Bellingen NSW Australia

Our beautiful peaceful waterhole on the farm in Bellingen NSW Australia


My family and I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Bellingen, NSW, Australia.

On our family farm it’s remote, tranquil and peaceful.

Like in any location there are some who disturb the peace for the peaceful.


my wife, Michelle

my beautiful wife, Michelle


I’m 57 and I’ve suffered from a diagnosed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome stress-induced condition for 6 years.


In March 2014 I wrote a series of 5 blogs about an Australian Christian Church (ACC) in Dorrigo NSW which I attended for 3 years. I was a close friend of some of the members for 25 years.

The articles were prompted by verbal, text and other non-physical attacks on me and my family by ACC Christians.

As a reaction to my blogs 6 ACC Christians in Bellingen started intimidating and harassing me.


Even the ACC Pastor in Bellingen, Paul McGovern bad vibes me every time he sees me. 


I must say that Pastor John Woolhouse, the subject of my blogs, has not in any way harassed me.

His wife, Laurel sent me a prophesy of doom some months ago but that to me was some kind of a bad joke. I asked her to stop harassing me and she has.


Here are extracts from several emails which describe events of harassment and intimidation by one man, Colin Mate, who has persisted in his harassment of me, despite numerous warnings over the past 7 months that if he doesn’t stop it I’ll take out an AVO.


Please bear in mind that I am not a normal person in my health, and have a very serious Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Condition.

I was in bed for 2.5 years from May 2008 and almost died twice from pneumonia. I had a relapse from last July to February this year. My health has been good since February.

Although I’m strong and resilient, I have to be careful with my health.


Please also bear in mind the man currently harassing me Colin Mate, knows I’m not well. He knows my health condition and how much I’ve suffered.


This has not stopped Colin Mate from being abusive to me and harassing me.

I think there is something wrong with his head and he needs to see a psychologist sooner than later. 


Colin Mate runs a motor vehicle repair shop North Side Auto in Bellingen.


The first incident of abuse took place at these premises in April this year.


Here is an extract of an email I sent to Colin Mate’s wife Tess, who has been a friend of mine for 33 years. I have known her since she was 19 years old when my ex and I were asked by Heather Murphy of Glebe ACC church to care for her and her son, Damian. Tess was pregnant with her daughter Elizabeth at the time. Tess had not met Colin at this stage.

I have emailed Tess many times asking her to sort this problem of Colin harassing and intimidating me. Tess has taken no action.


Abuse incident no 1.


My email to Tess Mate dated 28 April 2014 (extract)

Tess cc Michelle

Colin was extremely rude to me today at the workshop.
I asked him if he was upset with me.

Colin replied “I’m deeply deeply deeply upset with you. I deeply deeply dislike you. I find you extremely irritating. You have deeply upset me, my friends and my children”.

(I presume he’s talking about the whole John Woolhouse thing and the Woolhouse, Gale and mate clans reactions to my series of 5 blogs)
Colin continued, “I want nothing to do with you”

Then he finished his rant: “I dislike you so much I can’t express it”.
Then he added, “half the town hates you”.


Abuse/ harassment incident no 2.


Colin pushed my arm today as he left Vintage at about 8.30am.

I don’t know what his issues are but can you please ask him not to do this again.

I would like him to stay away from me.



Abuse/ harassment incident no 3 (unedited).



I’m at XYZ Cafe (pseudonym).

About 5 minutes ago, I was quietly walking down south side of Hyde Street near the XYZ Café, with Jen, thinking what a beautiful peaceful morning it is in Bellingen.

Colin came out of XYZ Cafe and stared at me with steely eyes.

I looked away because I don’t want to talk to Colin or have anything to do with him, until he apologies for his rant earlier this year and brushing into me at XYZ Cafe on another occasion, rudely.
As I walked past Colin, unprovoked and for reasons only known to his disturbed mind, said loudly and obnoxiously with a vein of cynicism and spite, “How are you Donald”. With an emphasis on “Donald”.
Your husband really has issues.
Please could you ask him not to talk to me at all and to keep his vexatious persona away from me.


My comments

Can I mention that I could beat Colin in a fight any day of the week, even with one hand tied behind my back.

Colin knows I’m peaceful and civilised so he’s using psychological, mental and emotional ploys to harass me.


I don’t know what’s going on in his angry mind, but it’s not good.


The Police and an AVO.

I went to the Bellingen Police Station today at the request of Senior Constable Ashley Underwood.

I’d phoned him the day before and told him what was happening. He recommended I needed to take out an AVO.

At the Police Station, I showed Senior  Constable Underwood the above emails. He recommended I take out an AVO to stop Colin Mate harassing me.

Senior Constable Underwood said he would visit Colin Mate and another ACC Christian family to warn them to stop harassing me.


On his advice I went to the Bellingen Court House Office and they gave me the AVO application forms, which I’m going to lodge today.


This harassment has badly affected my health. Prior to talking to Senior Constable Ashley Underwood, my nerves were shot from Colin Mate and his associates harassment of me. 


At this stage, I’m not taking an AVO out against any of the other people, about 4, who were harassing me by vibing me, being aggro and giving me the “evil eye” or staring at me with hate. One of them sent me about 20 very abusive text messages earlier in the episodes and was phoning me ranting angrily down the phone about 10 times or more.

I warned her to stop it or I’d take out an AVO and to she did. She still gives my wife the death stare.  

Another ACC Christian player in the group, a male aged in his early 30s, was evil eyeing me heavily and vibing me very hatefully. I emailed his mum and said he must stop evil eyeing me and psychologically harassing me or I’d take out an AVO. He stopped harassing me.


The only person who hasn’t headed my countless warnings to stop harassing me is Colin Mate, the subject of my AVO.


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