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Jenny Bienfelt the owner of Hyde Cafe, Bellingen on left. Dysfunctional black banner and errant hypocrite.


It seems there’s no end to the black-bans the cult church Australian Christian Churches (ACC) impose on those who don’t agree with their view-point.


cult 2


Pastor John Woolhouse of Dorrigo Life Springs Church in Dorrigo NSW black-banned me from his Australian Christian Churches church in March this year.

I’m now black-banned from another Australian Christian Churches bastion, Hyde Cafe in Bellingen.

Jenny Bienfelt, the owner of Hyde Cafe is an Australian Christian Churches member.

Jenny Bienfelt attends Life House Church in Coffs Harbour which is an Australian Christian Churches member.

House of Hope Church in Bellingen is an Australian Christian Churches church.

I knew a black-ban from the owner of Hyde Cafe in Bellingen, Jenny, was possible, because this is the way these ACC Christians in Bellingen and Dorrigo operate.


cult 1

The Australian Christian Churches (ACC) cult


Anyway, I walked into Hyde Cafe this morning and ACC Christian Jenny, the owner,  got heavy with me for no good reason. Jenny was hard-eyed and nasty.

Previously I’ve never had a bad word from her or given her a bad word. To date our relationship has been seamlessly positive.

After I walked into Hyde Cafe today and put my bag down, I went to the counter to order a coffee.

There’s no table service. The staff Amy and Alisse seemed to be a long time serving me.

Jenny’s daughter and business partner Alisse ignored me, which is unusual as last week I offered for her to use my south paddock and water-hole of my farm for her upcoming wedding. We have always been friendly and joked.

Australian Christian Church cult members Colin Mate, Tess Mate, “Pastor” John and Laurel Woolhouse and Rob and Daryl Gale had been complaining about me to Jenny Bienfelt of Hyde Cafe because of the AVO application I’ve lodged against Colin Mate for harassment of me along with his family and a bunch of these horrid ACC Christians.

Tess Mate doesn’t get it concerning her husband’s behaviour towards me. Tess thinks it’s OK to stalk, abuse and harass people.

The Law of the Land, the Magistrates and the Police, the Courts, they all don’t like stalkers, abusers and psychological and emotional harassers of people and punish them accordingly.

Colin goes to Court tomorrow because I’ve applied for an AVO Order for him to stop harassing me.

This morning at the counter of Hyde Cafe, Jenny said to me: “I don’t like your blogs and I don’t like the way you’re upsetting my friends. I’ve been to the Police. I’ve got a letter for you”.

Without uttering a single word, I quietly walked to the lounge where I’d left may bag and went to another cafe.

There’s plenty of other cafes in Bellingen. It’s not a one-horse or one-cafe town.

 As for Jenny’s letter, my advice is for Jenny to put it in the rubbish bin, because that’s where I’m going to put the envelope the letter comes in, and the letter, if she mails it to me, without reading it. No doubt its full of vitriol and humbug.

I don’t know if anyone else has complained and I don’t care.



Jenny Bienfelt the owner of Hyde Cafe, Bellingen on left

Jenny Bienfelt the owner of Hyde Cafe, Bellingen on left. Nasty back-banner. If you like Freedom of Speech then Hyde Cafe is not the place for you.