deception 1


Sometimes we have to look behind the scenes to get the true picture in life.


Colin Mate made out in March that he is angry with me for writing 5 blog articles about his friend, John Woolhouse.


The real reasons for Colin Mate’s harassment, anger and hatred of me are a lot deeper.


I have been aware that Colin Mate doesn’t like me for a long time. Way before this year. Maybe for over twenty years.

But Colin Mate couldn’t do anything about me because Tess Oliver, his wife of 31 years, loved me as a friend. We were very close.


Colin Mate’s initial dislike for me was born out of jealousy of my friendship with his wife Tess Oliver, which goes back 33 years to 1981, before Colin Mate met Tess about a year later.


Colin Mate has a long term dislike of me because he’s always felt threatened by my close friendship with Tess, a friendship that he’s found difficult to maintain with his own wife.


Tess and I were close platonic friends for 33 years, until I told her she wasn’t my friend anymore because she made zero effort this year to reign in her abusive husband, who has harassed me since March.


Tess Oliver has had at least two affairs behind Colin Mate’s back.

Tess has admitted to me of two.



Tess went through a stage in the late 1990s, shortly after my ex-wife’s six year affair, when she was very sensual and out of control.

It was some kind of early mid-life crisis, mixed with crazy hormones.


The only reason Colin Mate found out about these affairs, and in particular one with a very keen lover in 1997, who was a businessman, who was based in Sydney and used to commute to a Bellingen property, was because of a me.


This man was very taken with Tess.

They used to meet in motels in Sydney and on the North Coast.





In her day Tess was a very attractive lady. She was slim and had a free open adventurous spirit.

Tess now in her 50s, is still a very attractive woman.


On the other hand Colin was a stay at home tech-head type who was happier fixing something on their country property, than participating in Tess’ enjoyments. Bad move Colin.


Tess’ free spirit has caused Colin a lot of trauma.

I don’t know if there have been other affairs, but it surprised me earlier this year when Tess returned from Turkey she shared with me that a Turk millionaire had been romancing her and she’d been tempted to stay longer.

I wish Tess hadn’t shared that with me. I felt awkward.


justice 5


My brother-in-law, Roger Elley-Brown, accused me of having an affair with Tess.

Wrong man Roger. I couldn’t have an adulterous affair with any lady.

My conscience and relationship with Almighty God, who I fear in awe, never would allow it.

My ex-wife took a lover in 1995 and it shattered me. Why would I want to do this to another man?

I loved the Mate children and my children and the Mate children were like brothers and sisters. The Mates like a second family to me. An affair with Tess would have been travesty and unconscionable.

An affair was untenable on multiple grounds and was never on the cards, especially before Almighty God.


My friendship with Tess was a beautiful platonic friendship, which survived many things, including my divorce but, sadly, in the end was destined to die, due to factors beyond my control.


Nothing is eternal in this temporal life, except the things that lie beyond. Normally even one spouse will leave this life before the other, although some leave hours apart or together. But this is rare.


On the contrary to an adulterous affair, it was a word of knowledge the Holy Spirit gave to me that stopped Tess’ affair with the businessman.


It was during the Toronto Blessing Revival and there was a lot of the Anointing of God’s Spirit on me.

Tess and I were out for dinner in Sydney, as was our normal custom to do something together when Tess was in Sydney or in Bellingen.

During the evening I kept getting a sense from the Holy Spirit that Tess had something really dark to tell me.

The feeling of the Presence of the Holy Spirit was strong upon me.

I kept sensing Tess was doing something dark, although nothing in the natural was showing any evidence of this.

Tess had covered her tracks well

I kept getting this feeling and in the Landcruiser on the way home I told her I was sensing she was doing something dark and she should tell me.

Tess repeatedly denied it, but I kept sensing it.

I kept telling her I sensed something dark she should confess to me.

I said “You must tell me”.

Finally she spilled the beans and told me about it.


For a year Tess didn’t tell Colin Mate.


I encouraged her to tell Colin Mate.

Eventually Tess did and they got counselling.


I’ve always been supportive of their marriage.


One major thing that is rocking Colin’s psyche is that he can’t control Tess, and is not sure if he can trust her.

Tess works hard, and instead of say paying off the mortgage, she goes travelling all over the globe, or walking in remote places, alone or with pals like Lindy Sailor.

At these times, especially when alone, Tess is a woman on the loose and vulnerable to temptations.


But being with Lindy didn’t stop her playing with the Turkish business man.

Imagine if Lindy hadn’t been there. 


deception 6


Another thing about Colin Mate is that he’s very frustrated in his work as a grease monkey and has been for decades.


So we have this unhappy, grumpy man, whose wife is free-spirited and sometimes errant, coming into touch with me, Donald, his opposite.

Whereas Colin Mate is dour, cynical and grumpy, I’m upbeat and positive about life.

Whereas Colin Mate hates trekking, exercise and sports, I, in the same way as Tess, like the outdoors, trekking, sports and adventure.

Whereras Colin Mate likes to plod in his home office workshop or around home tinkering, doing property chores or going on-line, I like to get out and do stuff. As does Tess.

Whereas Colin struggles to make a buck, I’m a multi-millionaire and have always done well and business.

I free wheel around Bellingen and the world and have free and confident spirit.

These things greatly irk Colin Mate.


Overall Colin Mate struggles with life and always looks depressed.


Colin Mate goes around town with slumped shoulders like an old man.


Those around Colin Mate empower him in his dysfunctions by not challenging him for his often poor behaviour.


When Tess spent all last year in Sydney doing a Mid-wifery course, Colin Mate manned the fort in Bellingen. It was a difficult year for Colin Mate.

He was wondering what Tess was up to at times.

When Tess had breaks she took off on jaunts, instead of spending time with Colin Mate.


Once about 3 years ago when Tess was away for a while and Colin was dining alone a lot, I asked Colin if he would like company that night.

Colin Mate repled, “I’d rather dine alone than eat with you”. Colin Mate was being nasty.

Nasty stuff Colin. When Tess wasn’t in his hearing his nasty true feelings came out. 




Colin Mate’s current attacks on me have been a long-time coming.

Up until now, his sick and crafty mind, didn’t have the right opportunity to put the boot in.

But when I wrote 5 blog articles about Pastor John Woolhouse’s dysfunctions and lack of love for people like me and Fairie Emillie who suicided partly through John’s neglect, and because I’d been sick in bed with a Chronic Fatigue Relapse, Colin Mate sensed I was weak and decided to put the boot in.


Tess was away and in her own world. I’d been very sick and now he could put the boot in claiming the reason was his great love for John Woolhouse.


But it wasn’t his affection for John Woolhouse that was motivating Colin Mate, but darker unresolved secret frustrations.


I think Colin Mate also struggles to ward off the hereditary demons of his dad’s madness. His father was an alcoholic, quite mentally ill and very dysfunctional. His brother has mental illness.


All these various personal issues Colin Mate faces have nothing to do with me.


Colin Mate maintains a holy aura at House of Hope Church, Bellingen, but thinking about his lousy behaviour harassing and abusing me, what kind of Christian is he?


As for that Turkish millionaire, Colin Mate, go ask Lindy Sailor what exactly happened.

I bet she won’t tell you exactly what happened in detail or what happened on any other trip. The girls stick together.


Also have there been any other affairs over the years?

Do any of Tess’s girlfriends know?


Best of British about finding out.

Tess covers her tracks well and you haven’t got my Holy Spirit word of knowledge to help you now.


Colin Mate, you’re on your own now.

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