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On Tuesday 9 December 2014, Dr Elizabeth “Beth” Oliver, the step-daughter of Colin Mate of North Side Auto Bellingen, and the daughter of Colin Mate’s wife, Tess Oliver, published the following article about me on her WordPress blog site “thinking about Jane”.

Elizabeth also referenced her blog-site article as a letter to me on Facebook.

Elizabeth Oliver’s blogsite name “thinking about Jane” is a reference to Jane Austen, the English novelist of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Jane Austen wrote such immortal tales as “Pride and Prejudice”, “Sense and Sensibility” and “Emma”.

I enjoy most of the movie interpretations of these great novels.

Jane Austin is a famed writer of English romantic classics, but not a Shakespeare, Tolstoy or Dostoevsky.

If you feel like cracking into the top shelf of literature, try Tolstoy or Dostoevsky.

I’ve known Elizabeth Oliver since she was born.

Before her mum Tess Oliver met her husband, Colin Mate, in 1983, Tess lived with my ex and I.

Tess was 6 months pregnant with Elizabeth, and Damien Oliver, her son, was a little rascal at her side when we met them.

The first time we met them Damien was throwing a wobbly, with a small plastic bike in his hand, in Georgina Street, Newtown. He was only 2.

Elizabeth was the most beautiful little baby. Her dad is Italian. I can’t recall his name.

Damien, her older brother’s dad is Mark, an Aussie. I have a memory of meeting him once.

Tess chose to exclude these two fathers from these kids lives for her own reasons.

Damien had the most gorgeous golden curls and ruddy cheeks.

Sarah, my eldest, is the same age and they used to sit on their potty’s together. Cute.

My ex and I helped Tess with her little family and taught her how to apply godly principles to the raising of her children.

My ex was at Elizabeth’s birth and a sweet little babe, Elizabeth, arrived home at our house, with dark hair and olive skin. A reflection of her dad’s Italian heritage.

The following is Elizabeth’s article which she chose to publish in the public domain, not only on her personal site, but also on Facebook, a much more public domain.

Much of this article is slander, which is against Australian law

The next Bellingen or Dorrigo ACC Christian who does what Elizabeth has now done to me publicly, will be sued for defamation. Period.

It is unacceptable to slander me and it’s defamatory.

Slander and defamation is the malicious publication of incorrect and damaging facts about a person and/or their character, and it is legally culpable.

Punitive and compensatory financial damages can be sought and awarded by the judge.

I wonder if Elizabeth Oliver has considered what it would feel like to have her next ten to fifteen years doctor’s wages garnished, paying half her doctor’s wages to me for defamation of me and my good name.

Donald Elley of Bellingen. Multi-millionaire. Successful Real Estate Developer. Farmer. Christian. Gentleman. Honourable man. Generous to the poor and down-trodden on the earth. Father of seven. 

How do you think the Magistrate is going to feel when my elite barrister describes in the Sydney Supreme Court how you’ve been slandering and defaming my good character on the very Public Domain of Facebook and your WordPress blog site?

He’ll throw the Book at you.

The Book of Law and Judgment that Australian Judges are very good at applying to recalcitrant liars and slanderers like you, Elizabeth Oliver of Bellingen. GP Doctor of Urunga. Shame on you young lady.

And a betrayer of me and my family. We don’t like you.

You’re a coward for going on Facebook, a public domain and defaming and slandering my Christian character and excellent name.

The allegations that I am bad, in any way, are only a figment of your imagination. A derivation and malady of “thinking about Jane” too much.

Why don”t you try thinking about Jesus. Or thinking about me who loved you from a little babe and has always been kind and gentle with you.

Until now.

The gloves are off. You’ve been warned.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with you. Whether I’ll visit my lawyer this week, or not. It depends.


Elizabeth Oliver’s article:

The article is addressed to me, Donald Elley of Bellingen, on Facebook. An international Public Domain.


Elizabeth Oliver:

for the love of the fam
thinkingaboutjane / 2 days ago
Powerful emotions generate, in time, great clarity. I want to give you some insight into what you create with every step you take. I don’t read your blogs, I have never read one.

My comment:

Elizabeth. I will educate you.


I am busy, I have a lot to read and I have never found your writing style engaging.

My comment:

Your writing level is about a year above the writings and poems you sent me when you were twelve or thirteen years old, which I still have loose in my poetry book.

In comparison, I have a philosophy degree.

I write poetry that is appreciated by adults at the Bellingen Poetry Club.

You enjoy Jane Austen’s, and probably Charlotte Bronte’s novels. Although pleasant literature they were slightly above the Mills and Boon genre of English Literature in their time.

You write “I have never found your writing style engaging”.

I will engage you now. 


This means you might not read this but I feel pleasantly compelled to write it, so I won’t hold it against you.

My comment:

“Pleasantly compelled”. Wow. 


I haven’t read the most recent piece in which people tell me you tell tales about my parents. Some of what you tell is true, most is not.

My comment:

How do you know if it’s true or not true if you haven’t read my blog articles?

As a doctor do you read the medical reports or just wing it?

How do you know if what I’m saying is true or not true, without doing some thorough research?

You could start by asking me my point of view.

No, that’s too hard.

It’s easier to make things up to suit you.


Let me summarise the facts for you.

Your mother has committed adultery at least twice in the late 1990s.

Your mother was playing around romantically with a Turkish millionaire earlier this year when in Turkey.

Tess told me she considered delaying her return home because of this romance.

I’m not privy to the exact details. 

Lindy Sailor knows more, but she may have been sleeping or turned a blind eye. Good luck with getting information out of your mum’s girl-friend protectors. They’ll clam up as fast as shell-fish.

As a daughter are you proud of your mum’s behaviour?

Your step-dad has been ordered by the Bellingen Magistrate to come to a Court Hearing on 3 February next year, for harassing me for 9 months, including one incident of low level physical assault.

If it was my parents, I’d be trying to find out the truth.

Do you like your mum playing and flirting around behind your dad’s back and making him go crazy at times?


Some true and tragic things were told to you in confidence, when you were still a functioning member of your immediate family and a loved friend of my parents.

My comment:

It is obviously embarrassing for your mother to have these things discussed but maybe, if she starts being honest to her husband, your family and others she may be able to get help.

At the moment it sounds like your mum is still lying to everyone and covering up.

Lindy Sailor and other Christian girlfriends are aiding and abetting her in this, although I suspect there’s a lot more no one, except Tess, knows about.

In 1997/ 1998, I told Colin Mate that Tess Oliver, his wife and your mum, was having full-on affairs and helped save the marriage. 

Maybe it’s an opportunity for Tess to come clean and start behaving like a Christian.

You’re young, but you read all those naughty books you mention on your blog site mentioning heavy stuff like “needle sharing in inner city Melbourne”.

You’ve travelled the world and spent time in remote places.

You’re not dumb. You’re a doctor after all. They don’t hand out Doctor’s Certificate’s in Kellogg’s cornflakes packets.

Maybe it’s your moment of enlightenment, when you can break free from the cult-like ACC Bellingen and Dorrigo Christian circles, and face the world with independence and freedom of thinking, instead of being a slavish devotee to a very tight, socially inbred, exclusive, and excluding, Bellingen- Dorrigo ACC Christian circle.



I say this because all other members of your family remain very dear to every member of mine.

My comment:

Why bring my children into this?

I have not involved them.

They love me as much, if not more, than you love your parents.

Please leave them out of this.


When I was told what had been written (which came as news to very few, and which was expected by the principals) my immediate response was to speculate on your motive. This is what I have so far:

To draw attention away from your own shortcomings of character.

My comment:

This is libellous.

Please state your evidence before you slander falsehoods at my character.

As a doctor, a GP, you should know better. 

Did you listen during your training when the Professor taught you to weigh up the symptoms and body biochemistry, before you make a diagnosis?

You write, disdainfully and arrogantly, that you haven’t read my articles.

Perhaps you should take your head out of the sand and read what your errant mum and dysfunctional step-dad have been up to.


To draw attention away from the money you owe many people in the town.

My comment:

This is also libellous.

You are implying that I cheat people.

If you read this site, or asked me, instead of perpetuating lies and half-truths, you would know the truth about me.

Yes, I have had cash-flow issues, but I’m a multi-millionaire in assets with no mortgages, so there’s no need to worry.


Because you hate.

My comment:

This type of comment: “because you hate” is real primary school level stuff.

“I hate you”. “I’m not playing with you”.

Please try not to be so simple-minded.

We’re adults here. Well, at least I am.

This is also libellous.


My subsequent thoughts throughout the morning were as follows:

1. Love for my family. Under your attack, I had the opportunity to admire my sister’s passionate affection for her parents

My comment:

“Your sister”. Yes amazing. Lauren Mate.

Lauren sent me about 20 very abusive texts and made at least 10 mad angry abusive phone calls to me.

Yes, Lauren’s amazing.

Amazingly disturbed.



my father’s dignity and wisdom, my mother’s tenderness, my older brother’s excellent sense of humour and my younger brother’s unabated enjoyment of the Californian coast in winter. I felt such a swell of love for each one, in their individual brilliance, that I walked around all day with a smile on my face.

My comment:

Elizabeth. It’s great you love your family, but as a Christian, you should love your parents, but not at the expense of the truth and what is right before Almighty God.


2. Respect for my parents. The overwhelming response has been admiration for a marriage which has survived such a trauma. Their love and affection has recently (to my daughterly disgust) been more visible and more deeply joyful than I have ever seen. They laugh and laugh. They call each other revolting pet names. They make plans. They seek out each other’s company constantly and do sweet things for each other. They sing each other’s praises to the admiring crowd. They are out to dinner right now, while I am at home like a loser. I hope, should my marriage ever come to such a trial, that we would be able to dig deep and not only survive, but prosper, as they have.

My comment:

Elizabeth. That’s amazing. But why was Tess, your mum, philandering about with a Turkish multi-millionaire in Turkey who had the hots for her?


3. Gratitude. Be warned everyone, I am about to embark on a panegyric about my father, which I have previously limited to Father’s Day and his birthday. At the age of 31, when I am old enough to understand that he is not perfect, I have an abiding love and sense of honour towards my dad, that your words have only increased. I watched him hear the news of your disloyalty – his immediate thoughts were for its effect on the people he loves. He was composed, thoughtful and sad for you. As soon as he was reassured that his children were not upset or surprised by the disclosure, and only concerned for their mum and dad, he was happy and relieved. He seemed to enjoy talking to me about how he and Mum had weathered that storm, and observed “We are stronger than we have ever been.”

My comment:

Colin Mate didn’t look so amazing as he stood ashen-faced before the Magistrate admitting he’d done all the things I said he’d done.

The Magistrate said, “So, Mr Mate, you call yourself a Christian. Why are you doing these bad things?”


Then we continued our breakfast, which was lovely. He joked, as we all did later that evening, about your reference to his “inability to make a buck” or whatever you said, and we all enjoyed the observation that his ability to make a living would be aided by people paying him for his work, something which can be a problem in a small town, as you would understand.

My comment:

Elizabeth. again you’re being libellous.


My dad is the most honest person I have ever known – honest and law abiding to a fault, and often to his own financial detriment.

My comment:

Colin Mate is honest and honourable when it suits him.


He is known in the community as an honest mechanic, not an easy get. He is widely respected as a good, generous and kind man, by Christians and non Christians alike. He instilled in me the work ethic that has allowed me to achieve what little I have. I owe to him the core of self reliance that runs through me, a belief so deep I hardly notice it, an understanding that you must support yourself, contribute to your community, “pull your weight” as you can, and the weight of those around you, when they can’t. He did this without lecturing or pontificating, but through quiet and constant example.

My comment:

I’m starting to feel sick. So much gush and pathos.

You need to study literature a bit more and hone back on the superlatives and hyperbole.



The honour in a day’s work, the satisfaction of a paddock well weeded

My comment:

Steady on Elizabeth. You’re getting more carried away than Tolstoy in “War and Peace” about the virtues of peasant life in the fields.

I’ve never seen much more in your parent’s gardens than plants competing very hard with weeds and normally losing.

Has there been some kind of horticulture renaissance in the Mate’s yard and paddocks in the past year?


, a job done properly, a friend’s son towed in at 2am off the highway in an overheated car because “It needs to be done, and I would want them to do the same for my kids”.

My comment:

Steady on again Elizabeth.

Aren’t you talking about the late Carl Foster who had a tow truck and would go help people with his tow truck at all hours?

What, did your dad go out in his ute and illegally tow people with tow rope at 2am?

Sounds very dangerous and illegal.



I owe to him what ability I have to think critically and justly.

My comment:

Minds like steel traps full of dead possums.


I owe to him my ability to persevere. “What does this mean/how is this spelt/how does this work/when did this start/who are these people/why does this happen?”
“There is the dictionary/encyclopaedia/shed/toolbox/pencil/outside world – work it out. Then we’ll talk”.

What kind of flip-flop writing is this? 

Just goes to show anything goes in writing these days. Even murdering the Queen’s English.


My brother owes much of his remarkable ability to long conversations with dad after dinner and in the workshop, dissecting the universe and the washing machine.

My comment:

I once cleaned out the Mate’s fridge because it had iced up from all the old food and muck clogging the inside duct.

Colin then cleaned out the ice.

In fact, once a year, I used to remove all the mouldy jars and food from the fridge.

I would clean the whole thing spotless and then make it safe for you little Mate kids again.

It was the only time the fridge got cleaned. When I visited.

You’re all lucky I did that or you might be dead by now from food poisoning and mould.



Most importantly, he instilled in each of us a sense of our own worth and of the innate worth in others.

My comment:

Good old Collie. A sage. Amazing.



We are all four grateful to our parents, and for our parents.

My comment:

That’s important.


Your attack, directed at my dad’s lack of qualities that you perceive as masculine, is silly and self exposing. What possible motivation can a person have in attacking someone so supposedly inferior, if it isn’t that they feel their own merit threatened? My dad is strong, wise, dignified, self reliant, funny, level headed, intelligent, disciplined, loving, patient (except with VWs) and gentle.

My comment:

I’m glad you love your dad.


I can’t help but feel that this is the reason for your abuse

My comment:

Abuse? When? What? You haven’t read my blogs, so how do you know?



– should I list the antonyms of those characteristics? You draw disgust with your blogs

My comment:

How can you write “you draw disgust from my blogs” if you haven’t read any?


, yes, but mostly ridicule, and a surprising amount of pity.

My comment:

Pity? Ridicule?

As the Magistrate said to Colin Mate and you and your clan in Court, scratching his brow,

“Are you people Christians, talking and behaving like this?”


I think perhaps you do not know how transparent your motives are.

My comment:

It’s getting sickening. The pathos. The condescension. The sense of hatred.



4. Pride. The good kind. I am becoming more and more proud of my family – of our awkward love for each other, which becomes more streamlined every year. We stumble along with great hilarity, many mistakes, constant dysfunction, reasonably good humour and from time to time are surprised by our own fabulousness. It’s a great ride. I am looking forward to the yearly tree decorating, during which we will all sit around and yell at my older brother as he stands precariously on the top rung of an unstable ladder hanging fairy lights. The criticism will eventually disturb even his phlegmatic temperament – something your blogs have not been able to do – and my brother-in-law will probably have to step in. It’ll be great.

My comment:

That’s good. Don’t forget to put an angel on top and name it Angel Lauren.

Elizabeth Mate:

I just wanted to share with you and others the pleasant and powerful feelings I’ve had this weekend, and thank you for the excuse to wax lyrical about my family. And for the opportunity to use the phrase “wax lyrical”.

You seriously need to do a writing course. i almost feel asleep there time reading this slop

I know you will come for me now. I am not afraid of you – no one is – but I’m honoured to draw your pitiful fire away from the people I love. I wish you could be happy, partly because then maybe you would be less inclined to lash out at those around you, but also because such venom can only spit from a troubled, trapped soul, which no one should have to suffer.

My comment: 

I’m defending my honour.

The venom is coming from your pursed lips as you write.

Elizabeth Mate:

I love you

My comment:

Elizabeth. That’s a bit rich. You write “I love you”.

What has “love” come to mean the days? Is it some kind of S & M emotional experience? I love you. I hate you. I love you. I hate you. Do these phrases mean the same in the world of “talking with jane”?

Elizabeth Mate:

, if even for the sake of your ex-wife and your children, and the history we share, the rides at Valery Trails, the Christmases and the excitement we all used to feel when we were told “The Elleys are coming to stay!”

My comment;

Cynical pathos. It’s all gone with the wind. 

Elizabeth Mate:

Love Lizzy

My comment:

“Love Lizzy”. If you love like that I’d hate to be hated.

Elizabeth Mate: 

PS: I’ve attached a picture of my face for you to enjoy. Look at me! I’m so cute. How can you possibly feel nastiness towards that little pooch?


My comment:

You’re very narcissistic. Sad. Very sad. And self-absorbed and delusional.

I’ve never felt, nor do I feel, any nastiness at all towards you Elizabeth.

I find it very sad that you are just another tumbleweed blown in the winds of conformity.


My comment:

The following are the comments Lizzie’s pals wrote in support of her article on her WordPress blogsite.


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18 thoughts on “for the love of the fam”
Phil December 9, 2014 at 7:44 pm
You are beyond awesome, so much love and admiration for you and yours Beth!

Katharine December 9, 2014 at 8:56 pm
I don’t know you or donald elley but I often wondered about the hatred displayed on his blog . Very sad . I wish you well.

My comment:

So you’ve got this elusive Katharine making comments on your blog-site?

This Katharine keeps writing comments on this my blog site too.

I don’t know who she is. 

thinkingaboutjane December 10, 2014 at 8:22 am
Thanks Katharine, I agree. As I said I don’t read it generally – no time for such malicious negativity. All the best to you too! 🙂

My comment: 

Narcissisim. Condescension. Venom. Hate by Elizabeth Oliver. 

thinkingaboutjane December 10, 2014 at 8:20 am
thanks Phil, love is always appreciated!

My comment:

Oh yeah. 

Andrew Frost December 9, 2014 at 9:56 pm
i love the beautiful mess that is your family. Each of you is so wildly different, the perfect image of grace and community.

My comment:


thinkingaboutjane December 10, 2014 at 8:24 am
What a lovely observation. That’s a nice way of thinking about it – mess, but without filth. Things can be untidy without being dirty. I try to tell myself that’s what’s going on in my bedroom but I think I live in hope.

Daryl December 10, 2014 at 5:05 pm
Ha ha my room too!!! Laurell describes it well. Clothes mulching down well!

My comment:

Darryl Gale commenting.

These ACC Christian woman in Bellingen aren’t too keen on keeping their houses clean and doing the cleaning or the laundry.

In fact, Robbie Gale, Darryl Gale’s hubby, does all the cleaning, cooking, laundry, shopping and house tidying. He’s constantly on the move.

Amazing. I used to call him the Energiser man or the Forest Gump of Bellingen.

All this hard yakka Robbie, and you have two jobs too. Amazing.

Paul December 9, 2014 at 10:10 pm
Well said Lizzy.

My comment: I presume this is Pastor Paul McGovern of House of Hope Bellingen egging the troops on?

I’m going to write a specific article on “Pastor Paul McGovern of House of Hope Bellingen” some time soon. 

If the character of a man is in the number of friends he has or people who at least respect him then your dad would have a myriad of them on his side backing him up, standing with him and I am one. As for Don, it is sad to say I cannot think of one person who would stand on his side.

My comment:

Well, Paul. 

You’re just being the nasty old dysfunctional part-time pastor you are.

You would know.

You know my life.

You know my friends.

You know everything.

You’re amazing.

Amazingly dim.

I see you every day driving around delivering nails, bags of concrete and timber for builders like me, with your Gomer Pyle cap covering the frown on your forehead.

By the way, next time Wilair Timber sends you out to my farm, please drop the correct order at my place.

Did you like the cucumbers and cool drink on that boiling summer’s day, two years ago, when you lost the plot with the orders, and left the wrong order at my farm and I was kind to you.

Was I not kind and gracious to you?

Have you forgotten my kindness to you, like so many other ACC Christians in Bellingen I’ve been generous to, and helped, over many years?


thinkingaboutjane December 10, 2014 at 8:25 am
Thanks Paul, I agree, about Dad anyway 🙂

My comment:

Another little Lizzy nasty put-down of me.

Helly December 9, 2014 at 10:54 pm
Lizzy.. I’m so ridiciuloudky proud of you.. Good things come from bad situations and this is testimont to this.. You’ve replied with honesty, humour and grace( much like you dad). It’s all our odd little dysfunctional families that are held together with the kind of love you express here, that keeps our community and bello family so tight.. This could be a big part of the problem.. Don just can’t maintain this is any form in any relationship, so he’s lashing out in hate at those of us who do.. It’s really very sad.. Well done you. Xx

My comment:

Helen Tree, another clan matriarch getting nasty.

I’d left the Trees out of this fight. 

Your husband Trevor Tree likes a pun.

So does Pastor Paul McGovern

To me puns are the lowest form of wit.

Unlike Pastor Paul McGovern of Bellingen House of Hope (see I don’t use puns), whose intelligence and grasp of the English language and idioms is tradesman-like, or not even tradesman-like. Is a delivery man a tradesman?

This is the problem with a lot of AOG/ Australian Christian Church/ Pentecostal Pastors. They didn’t bother listening at school and end up driving trucks, labouring or something. Then they see a better opportunity and try to be a pastor and usually fail, like they did at school. God help us.

I have some information about Trevor and he knows I know, so I suggest you Trees be very very careful what you write about me.

My comment:

You’re amazing Lizzy. So brave too. There’s about 20 of you paying out on me now.

Such great Christians.


thinkingaboutjane December 10, 2014 at 8:27 am
You being proud of me is worth earning 🙂

My comment:

Pontificous dribble.

Yes a badge of honour.

Mercilessly attacking the father of the Elley clan, who has been nothing but kind to your family for thirty years.

Just because I called John and Laurel Woolhouse to account for their dysfunctions.

You’re amazing. 

Daryl December 9, 2014 at 11:09 pm
Lovely Lizzy,
Your ability to inspire empathy and compassion and the grace that is evident in your words is such a precious gift.
I love your family with all my heart. Each one of you is so unique. You are all growing more into yourselves as each day goes by.
Verisimilitude,’seeing clearly’, clarity of thought is a rare and precious thing. Xxxxxx beautifully said.

My comment: Daryl Gale again

thinkingaboutjane December 10, 2014 at 8:31 am
It’s interesting, I tend to avoid public family gush because I think it can cause pain and alienation to those without a family, (or without a close one), but I couldn’t help it on this occasion. And Helly is right – family is of course more than blood.
Also, I’ve been practicing saying that word for five minutes. Nearly got it. Four i’s! Seven vowels total!

My comment:

Lizzy, you’ve lost me here. Must be some kind of secret clan code language.

Esme December 9, 2014 at 11:20 pm
Lizzy, this beautiful post made my heart happy. We are so blessed to have happy, perfectly imperfect, loving and passionate people in our families. It’s truly the greatest gift.

My comment:

Esme, Esme. Esme (Gale daughter).

You’ve made my day. I was hoping I’d be able to say “hello” to you again.

Esme December 10, 2014 at 6:26 am
Also, I just wanted to let you know that your beautifully edited words were an antidote to the venomous and jumbled misgivings of a troubled man.

My comment:

Ease up Esme. 

This comment is straight out slander and you deserve to be sued.

I’m doing a multi-million dollar development here in Bellingen. 

Melbourne, where you live in that inner city flat in South Yarra is still in Australia.

This is my very last warning to you and all who libel me.

The next person who slanders me will be sued by me using the best defamation lawyer I can find in Sydney.

If you slander my reputation or company you could be sued for possible millions.

Can you afford to lose your house?

The same applies to your mum and dad, Robbie and Daryl.

The same applies to John and Laurel Woolhouse.

The same applies to anyone of you.

The next person (s) who slanders me will be sued.

Colin Mate thought he was clever harassing me and pushing me in the back.

The Magistrate wasn’t impressed.

Go talk to a  defamation lawyer yourselves.

If you damage the reputation of a multi-millionaire doing a multi-million development, you may end up paying millions.

Do you really want to go there?

Esme (continuing)

I’m going to read this every time I need my heart cleansed. xx

My comment: 


thinkingaboutjane December 10, 2014 at 8:32 am
Wow Esme, so glad I could be of such service! Heart cleansing is totally undervalued. Hope to see you soon?

My comment:

You scratch my back, I’ll scatch yours.

Then we’ll dance together.

Helga December 10, 2014 at 10:31 am
My Dear Lizzy, wow! How very proud I am of you! As many others, I have not read the comments about mum and dad, nor do I really want to.

My comment:

Helga, you need to read my blog articles. Don’t be shy. No one will know unless you tell them.

Your words made me ‘chuckle’, you have such a gift in putting down on paper how we all feel about your family. We have and always will, love the ‘Mates’, xoxoxoxoxo

My comment:

Re-write: “Your words made me chuckle, you have such a gift for putting Donald down. Hee. Hee. Hee!!”

And I understand you’re a House of Hope elder. 

Daryl December 10, 2014 at 5:09 pm
Ha ha my room too!!! Laurell describes it well. Clothes mulching down well!

My comment:

Yeah. it’s all such a big joke. Clothes on the floor. Ha ha.

More clothes for poor old hubby Robbie to pickup off the floor. 

Poor old Robbie, Mr Whanganui. Really under the thumb. Hard for me to see another Kiwi “under the thumb”. Real hard.

Lindy December 11, 2014 at 7:03 am
Thankyou for writing this. You express what we all feel for your family. In fact I love all our extended family here in Bellingen (and Dorrigo) and who all have had an attack or likely will. As for Don, though I get very angry with what he says, it always comes back ( once I’ve settled down) to a sadness for a so obviously unhappy man and for the damage he’s done especially to his family. I continue to pray for him

My comment:

Lindy Sailor.

Contrary to your little put-downs, we’re very happy and very blessed.

Lindy you write:

“so obviously unhappy man”

My comment:

Lindy, I know you’re on anti-depressants and are seeing a counsellor for depression. 

Isn’t it a bit rich accusing a happy man like me of being miserable like you? Get a grip.

I see you going about gossiping and interfering. It says in the Holy Bible not to do that.

You write: 

“and for the damage he’s done especially to his family”

What damage? My family aren’t involved and Michelle knows what I’m writing and is supportive.

My family is none of your business anyway.

We’re a Lindy-free zone.

Why don’t you just take care of your dogs and leave other’s business alone.

I know you made a big fuss with Jenny at Hyde Cafe and helped get me black-banned.

You’re a nasty lonely person. 

Please stay away from me and don’t approach me.

Lindy you write:

“I continue to pray for him”.

Whatever you do, please don’t pray for me.

I need bitter bad prayers for me like a hole in the head.

My closing comment:

Well that wraps it up folks.

Quite exhausting. 

Before I sign off for the day St Peter, former Brian, the ACC Pope wants to bring a message for the ACC Christians of Bellingen and Dorrigo.


St Peter of Baulkham Hills, what is your position on gays? St Peter (former Brian).

My name is not Brian but Pope Pete, the Pope of hip Christians and St Peter of Baulkham Hills. Now listen up my little flock in the mountain fortress of Dorrigo and my beloved son in the faith, Pastor John Woolhouse in particular. You may be small in number, but you’re loud in heart and voice. I love Laurel Woolhouse’s prophecies of malice and doom for Donald Elley of Bellingen. Hyisssssterical. And that Evil-eye of Pastor Paul McGovern of Bellingen. Hyisssssterical.  See Paul. That’s How we do it. Bobby, fair sweet innocent lady of the night, it’s nearly time for my afternoon nappy. Please do that impersonation of Meg Ryan in “When Harry meets Sally”, like in your book. Hyisssssterial. You’ve only done it 40,000 times already for me, but it turns me on every time. What’s that? Hazel’s on the phone. Did you say Hazel? But mum’s dead. Hazel. Mummy. Frankie. Daddy. Joel. I’m fading now. Those pills you gave me fair lady of the night, my dear sweet innocent Bobby, are doing it for me. Bobby…Bobby…Bobby…