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Here is my rating of the best cafes in Bellingen.

update: 16 January 2016


No 1: Amelia Franklin. It’s called “The Coffee Growers” 

Location: on Hyde Street, the main street, Bellingen, opposite Bellingen Police Station.

Coffee: Excellent.

Amelia is the the Queen of Coffee of Bellingen.

She is an expert on Coffee and Barista work.

All her barista’s have been trained by her. She holds courses, roasts her own beans and sells and services coffee machines.

She is THE expert in coffee and cafes in Bellingen. No one else is within a bull’s roar of her.

Beans: buys, roast and wholesales/ retail their own.

Owner: Amelia Franklin.

Product: Amelia Franklin (own coffee), Purple Carrot cakes, healthy cool drinks.

Mainly organic/ chemical free food and drinks.

Atmosphere: Good vibe, funky and welcoming.

Service: Excellent, friendly.

Fitout: Funky and contemporary.


Amelia 1 amelia 3

Amelia Franklin roasts and sells her own coffee beans.

Amelia Franklin roasts and sells her own coffee beans.


No 2: Purple Carrot 

Location: on Hyde Street opposite War Memorial at west end of town. On right before road to Dorrigo.

Owners: Steve. Formerly owned by Ronnie and Sharma.

Coffee, own herbal tea, organic drinks, alcohol.

Make own cakes and biscuits.

Mainly organic/ chemical free food and drinks.

Atmosphere: good vibe and welcoming.

Service: excellent, friendly, consultative.

Food: Ok

It is unfortunate that in Bellingen there are no funky organic cafes like in Byron Bay or parts of Sydney.


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No 3: Hearthfire 

Location: In cobbled pathway to east of the Federal Hotel on Hyde Street on Hyde Street, the main street, Bellingen.

Coffee: good

Product: own bread, cakes and savouries.

Breakfast and lunch.

Mainly organic/ chemical free food and drinks.

Atmosphere: friendly, welcoming.

Service: trying hard, friendly

I personally find all the food too oily and yeasty.

The breakfast is Ok depending on the chef. The turnover of staff is very high particularly in the kitchen.

I used to go there for breakfast regularly but the breakfast has gone downhill and I can’t eat it anymore.


hearthfire 1 hearthfire 2


No 4: no 5 Church Street

Location: North end Church Street, Bellingen on left, near river.

Coffee: good, friendly. Depends on the barista. Quality varies considerably.

Service: trying hard.

Atmosphere: friendly, welcoming.

Healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner. Full kitchen.

Some organic/ chemical free food and drinks.

I personally find the food substandard and can’t eat it. I eat all organic at home so my standards are very high.

The average person seems to eat it.

Serves alcohol.

Bands some nights. mainly weekends.


no 5 church st 1 no 5 church st 2


No 5: Black Bear Cafe

Location: Church Street, Bellingen, near corner Hyde Street.

Coffee: very good.

Service: excellent, friendly.

Atmosphere: friendly, welcoming.

Serves breakfast and lunch. Normal range. The food isn’t amazing.

Food and drinks not organic/ chemical free.


black bear 3black bear 2

Cafes to avoid in Bellingen

Hyde Cafe

Location: on the corner of Church Street and Hyde Street.

Coffee: average

Service: The young girls try hard.

Food: ordered in from elsewhere. Kept in the cooled display cabinets until its sold, sometimes for days.

Atmosphere: too big. Can be either very noisy or like a library. No vibe.

General: associated with Lifehouse Church Coffs Harbour who attacked the Coffs Harbour Gay Mardi Gras at Coffs Harbour Council. Gays don’t like it.

Shows favouritism to various businesses. For example, it has a real estate display board of one agent in the east window near the bus stop.

Plays politics and nepotism.

Has been known to black-ban people the management doesn’t like.

Pretend to be Christians but don’t follow the teachings of Christ inter actions in respect to ethics, compassion, tolerance and love.