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Frank Houston's abuse of these boys didn't leave scars. It was physical and it did leave scars in their minds and bides. we just can't see them. They're actually worse scars because they went far deeper than skin.

Frank Houston’s abuse of these boys didn’t leave scars. It was physical and it did leave scars in their minds and bodies. We just can’t see them. They’re actually worse scars because they went far deeper than skin.


Today is day 100 of 100 days I set aside to remember, mourn for, love and honour the boy victims of Frank Houston’s pedophile abuse.

AHA, WNZ1 and SA1. You are my heroes.


ANZ1, who committed suicide after Frank Houston’s abuse, you are my hero. RIP in God’s hands. For surely God saw you suffer, fall, then perish. 

Almighty Sinless Holy God, the Great Protector of the poor and downtrodden of the earth. He sent his angels to collect you and transport you safe to Heaven.


We honour the many other boy victims, probably 200 to 400. 


We honour the older male victims, and the victims of masked or low level homosexual assault by Frank Houston, who number thousands.


We honour you all today and every day from now on into eternity.

You are my heroes.

Brave men who have survived Frank Houston’s abuse and are now standing tall and defiant.


This man below, Iliafi Esera, is the current General Superintendent of the New Zealand Assemblies of God Church (AOG).

To my knowledge he is untainted by pedophilia, homosexuality or adultery.

Iliafi Esera is only the second AOG General Superintendent to be clean of pedophilia, homosexuality or adultery since 1965, when Frank Houston started his reign as the AOG head man in New Zealand. 


Iliafi Esera

Iliafi Esera

iliafi esera 3 iliafi esera 1


Iliafi Esera is the 12th General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in New Zealand.

He has a nice face and the Samoan people are generally lovely and warm hearted, especially the Christians.

In the Islands of the Pacific there is a great godly heritage thanks to the work of European missionaries, mainly of British descent who pioneered the work of God in the countries.

There are some big Pacific Island Churches in South Auckland.



Iliafi Esera

12th General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in New Zealand

Assumed office November 2011

Preceded by Ken Harrison

Personal details

Born Samoa in Lalomanu, Western Samoa

Spouse(s) Falefia-o-alii (Fia) Esera

Children Jason, Arohaina, Olympia, Susana, Faith, Tasha, Anneke, Grace

Iliafi Esera (Iliafi Talotusitusi Esera) is a Christian minister of the Assemblies of God movement.

Pastor Iliafi is an internationally renowned speaker amongst Christian organizations.

Reverend Esera is of Samoan birth and currently resides in New Zealand, but regularly speaks in America, Asia and Oceania.

He is a member of the Assembly of God in New Zealand Executive Presbytery and holds the position of the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in New Zealand.

He also held the position of Assistant Superintendent of the AGNZ from 2003 until his election to General Superintendent in November 2011.

Iliafi is the Senior Pastor of Faith City Church in Wanganui, New Zealand.

Reverend Esera is of Samoan birth and married to Falefia-o-alii (called Fia), they have eight children.

Iliafi ministers at conferences all over the world including Promise Keepers NZ & Youth of the Nation in Wanganui.


My comments

I have no personal knowledge of Iliafi Esera.

I was born in Whangaui, New Zealand where Iliafi Esera has his church.

I have no reason to think anything but good about him.

Does any one know this man? If you do, please provide your views in the comments section. Bad or good information is fine on this site. The Truth prevails. Freedom prevails.



There are close historic links between Samoa and New Zealand.

Samoa used to be part of New Zealand.

After 50 years of struggle for independence it gained it’s independence in 1962.

It has close ties with New Zealand.

Like New Zealand it is part of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

There is a large population of Samoans in South Auckland.


Rugby. Samoan All Blacks.

There are close links with New Zealand through rugby union.

The most famous Samoan All Blacks that come to mind are Bryan Williams, who was a rugby folk-hero in the 1960s when I was a lad and “Ice man” Michael Jones, the greatest flanker of all time.

Michael Jones was much faster and a far more agile flanker than the current All Black captain Richie McCaw.


Bryan Williams 2 Bryan Williams 3

Bryan Williams

Bryan Williams


Bryan Williams and Grant Batty, who was tiny but incredibly tricky were an amazing wing duo in a great team of the 1960s which included Brian Lochore, Sid Going and Colin Meads, all legends of New Zealand rugby. An incredibly talented outfit.

Michael Jones is a committed Christian. He wouldn’t play rugby on Sundays, even for the All Blacks. He missed out on quite a few tests but New Zealanders respect Samoans who do this. It’s part of their religious culture and ethos.


Michael Jones. Humble.

Michael Jones. Humble.

michael Jones 3 michael Jones 4


Colin “Pine Tree” Meads

Colin Meads is rated as the best rugby player of all time in New Zealand.

He is still alive and lives in Te Kuiti, in the hills about 100km north of Wanganui in remote part of New Zealand called the King Country.

I’m starting to digress off topic…whatever the topic is.


Going backcountry from Stratford to Ohope Beach, dad’s way.

One summers day in the 1960s my family was on holiday near Stratford, South of New Plymouth. We were staying at the Chesswass’s farm.

Stan Chesswass was a great man. Tough as teak. Honest. A great farmer.

He was also an inventor, like Fred Dagg, and invented some random equipment in his Shed to make farming life more interesting.

The Chesswass’s had a 1000 acre mixed farm.

Mum and Dad knew them from Whanganui. The Chesswass’s were in dad’s congregation at Whanganui East Presbyterian church in the late 1950s. I was born there in 1956.

A mixed farm in New Zealand farm speak is a cattle-sheep farm. If you had 1000 acres which was part hilly, like most of New Zealand, and part flat, like some of New Zealand, you could put woolly white sheep on the hilly part, like Fred Dagg did, and beef cattle or dairy cows on the flat.


Fred dagg 8 Fred dagg 7 Fred dagg 5 Fred dagg 4 Fred dagg 3

Fred Dagg

Fred Dagg

Fred Dagg 1


In the 1960s, my father, who was highly eccentric, highly free-spirited and adventurous, especially while on holiday, got out the map.

Dad decided that instead of going on the main roads from Stratford to Ohope Beach, near Whakatane, he would go the back way.

Dad carefully drew a pencil route, winding through countless back roads, which ended at his target: Ohope Beach near Whakatane.


This is my all-time favourite  foto of dad: on holiday, wind-blown hair, his hairy eyebrows, his trusty binoculars, that quizzical "who-me" look. The ultimate free-spirit.

This is my all-time favourite foto of dad: on holiday, wind-blown hair, his hairy eyebrows, his trusty binoculars, that quizzical “who-me” look. The ultimate free-spirit.

my dad Donald Dagg

my dad Donald Dagg

Dad. A gentle and loving father. Dad used to think it was funny to wear silly hats and glasses.

Dad. A gentle and loving father. Dad used to think it was funny to wear silly hats and glasses.


Mum, who was very conservative, and the straight man in the relationship, was aghast at the thought.

Mum wasn’t even a funny straight man. It was all very dark and very serious when mum wasn’t into one of dad’s plans.

Dad, as always, was undeterred. Mum knew best not to argue. A good New Zealand wife. Why can’t these Australian fillies be like that?

We set out and things went well. Winding winding and more winding through those windy windy gravel roads of back country New Zealand. Past Colin Meads house. We were hoping he would be mowing the hedge with his lawn mower but he’d already mowed it.


Colin Meads

Colin Meads

Colin Meads 9 Colin Meads 7 Colin Meads 5 Colin Meads 4 Colin Meads 3 Colin Meads 2


If you’re not a New Zealander it would be hard to understand but we’re talking about a New Zealand icon here.

In rugby terms, a legend. Holy ground. The greatest rugby player. He broke Springboks forwards fingers. A total legend. In human terms, the salt of the earth. In Christian terms, well, I couldn’t find his religion. His father Vere’s grandmother Elizabeth Meads (née Lazare) was the daughter of an Irish minister who had educated freed slaves on the island of Mauritius before emigrating to Whanganui. Like a lot of New Zealanders I presume his religion is rugby union.

Wynne Gray of the New Zealand Herald, is rated as New Zealand’s no 1 rugby writer. I find his writing style awkward, dour, uncreative, not reflective enough and too dogmatic.

In Wynne Gray’s analysis of All Blacks he rates Jonah Lomu no 1, Sean Fitzpatrick no 2 (a fellow Herald columnist. What a suck up), Richie McCaw no 3 (another suck-up) and Colin Meads no 4. I wonder what Colin Meads did to ruffle Wynn Gray’s feathers.

Wynne Gray, you’re a tosser.

Here is Donald Elley of Bellingen’s top ten rugby players since 1965 which he has personally seen play and he has no allegiance, suck up or pay-back towards.

no 1: David Campese. Sorry New Zealanders but Campo was “Amazing”, as Brian Houston of Hillsong Church or Stephen Fry, the British intellectual who recently married a lad, would say 1000 times day.

no 2: Mark Ella. Sorry another Australian. “Mark Ella you were Awesome”, as Phil Pringle of C3 Church would say 500 times a day.

no 3: Colin Meads: no 1 New Zealand rugby player of all time.

no 4: Brian Lochore

no 5: Sid Going

no 6: Bryan Williams

no 7: Jonah Lomu

no 8: Zinzan Brooke

no 9: Buck Shelford

no 10: Michael Jones.

No Richie McCaw or Sean Fitzpatrick in my top 10.

Sean Fitzpatrick was good captain but he was too small and he didn’t have the power, presence and skills of these men in the top 10. He wouldn’t make my top 30. Like Phil Waugh, a tiny Wallaby. Too small for the forwards.


Where was I?

In pursuit of Ohope Beach through the dust, sheep and cows and cow shit on the paddocks and roads of back-country New Zealand.

We missed out on seeing Colin Meads mowing his hedge with his lawn mower and I can’t remember if we met the great man. Maybe he was on his farm? I think I knocked on his door but there was no answer. Dad wasn’t really into rugby and he didn’t want to drive out to his farm.

We set off again across country on those windy dusty narrow roads. Those roads can take forever to navigate. After 8 hours dad was running low on sugar (diabetic) and mum was getting impatient and starting to moan and blame dad for bringing her on this adventure. They started arguing as they did all the time. Mum was having a hissy fit melt-down in the front passengers seat, Dad, a clergy was using up all his Christian swear words and phrases in his diabetic haze. “When will this ruddy road ever end”. “Oh Val look at the ruddy map will you and get us directions”. So it went on. Mum refused to drive, “You got us into this Don and you’re going to get us out of it”. It went on and on as the night fell and everything descended into a black starry sky in the middle of whoop whoop, with sheep bleating and the occasional cow moo. Eventually we made it to Ohope Beach in pitch black. It was one of those days…


ohope 5 Ohope 3 ohope 2

Ohope Beach

Ohope Beach


I’ve invited a very Emminent and famous New Zealander to come and be interviewed on this site.

Meet Saint Kapiti Koitus Kopulus Little Piti, formerly from grey old fibro prefabbed Hutt Valley Boys High 1967- 1972 and now world famous as a Holy Christian Rock Show and Special Light Effects Pope.


Thank you Donald Elley of Bellingen, my old builder pal from Darlinghurst days and now my greatest holy heretic.

“Thank you Donald Elley of Bellingen, my old friend from Wellington, New Zealand and now my greatest holy heretic for inviting me on to your blog site. What divine holy pearls of wisdom would you like me to impart to your readers today?” Donald Elley of Bellingen: “Your Holy Eminence, do you ever travel back to New Zealand?” Brian..err St Pete: “I used to be popular and travel there regularly until the holy shit hit the fan about dad’s pedophilia. Now I’m like Tony Abbott or the Pauline Hanson at a State Election. Robert Mugabe would be more popular”. Donald Elley of Bellingen: “Who is your favourite New Zealander”. Brian…err St Pete: “Me of course”. Donald Elley of Bellingen: “Who is the greatest New Zealander?” Brian…err St Pete: “It was dad, but I think it’s now me”. Donald: “Who is your favourite All Black?” Brian…err St Pete; “The New York Yankees. Carl Lentz and I are big fans of everything New York and everything America”. Donald: “I see. who is the greatest New Zealand singer. Kiri Te Kanawa or John Rowles?” Brian..err St Pete: “Darlene Zschech. Have you heard her latest album. She’s awesome”. Donald: “You say you met your foxy wife Bobby on the beach when she was with some friends and she was in a bikini and you thought she was hot and you said to your mates, I’m having what she’s wearing. Do you like to cross-dress?” Brian..err St Pete: “I like to put on that Joe Cocker song, “You can leave your hat on but get your gear off”. Bobby and I dress up like this in the Holy Robes of Rome, then we play spin the bottle. It’s a bottle of holy jim beam. Whoever it points to drinks a shot of holy jim beam and takes off a single most holy piece of the holy layers of the most holy Roman robes. It can take a couple of hours. By that time Bobby is laid out with only her scanty holy inner pieces to cover her foxy, sexy, holy pre virgin white little bits…” Donald: “Phew. Brian…err St Pete, I must go but thank you for sharing that with me”.