Jewish Community. Exclude members who disagree with them

Jewish Community. Exclude members who report pedophilia to the Police or disagree with them

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Australian Christian Churches House of Hope, Bellingen and Dorrigo Life Springs Dorrigo: exclude people who disagree with them.

Australian Christian Churches. Hillsong, House of Hope Bellingen and Dorrigo Life Springs Dorrigo: Have all excluded people who disagree with them for decades.

Pastor Paul McGovern of the House of Hope Bellingen

Pastor Paul McGovern of the House of Hope Bellingen. Excluder. Master of the evil eye and heavy vibe-off.

John Woolhouse of Dorrigo Life Springs Church, Dorrigo, Mid-North Coast, NSW, Australia..

John Woolhouse (left) of Dorrigo Life Springs Church, Dorrigo, Mid-North Coast, NSW, Australia. Dropped his pal Colin Mate in trouble. Colin Mate. Fall guy for John Woolhouse. How can John Woolhouse sleep at night doing evil in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ?


The Jewish Community and Australian Christian Churches are equally evil at excluding anyone who questions them.


I have been excluded by The Australian Christian Churches (ACC) in Bellingen, where I live, and in Dorrigo, high on the mountain above, because I wrote seven blog articles on this site expressing my personal opinion about these two churches.

These ACC churches are the House of Hope in North Bellingen and Dorrigo Life Springs in Dorrigo.

You can read my articles starting on 27 February 2014 with the first article, “Pastor John Woolhouse of Dorrigo NSW part one: A toxic pastor to be avoided”.

Since I wrote those 7 articles I’ve been subjected for one year to the most horrid harassment, verbal abuse and exclusion by ACC Christians in Belligen and Dorrigo you can imagine.

This includes slander and character assassination on Facebook by Elizabeth Oliver, a GP of Urunga. God help us.

What kind of doctors are being churned out now? It’s often a choice between third world imports and people like her.

The perpetrators of hate, harassment, abuse, evil eyes and exclusion include Pastor John Woolhouse and his wife Laurel, Pastor Paul McGovern and his wife Kate, Colin Mate and his wife Tess, the Mate children, who I have known and help raise since they were born.

Tess’s son, Damian Oliver, who used to call me daddy before Tess met Colin and prides himself as thinker. To me, an experienced well-educated man with a Philosophy Degree, I cannot see any great thinking going on about this particular subject.

Damian Oliver might be good at making web-sites and the like, but he has limited education and certainly no grasp of theology, sociology or philosophy. Subjects which would broaden his outlook and enable him to understand what I am talking about. He has no idea.

Lauren, the youngest Mate child, sent me about 20 very abusive text messages and very loud abusive insane unhinged phone calls and voice messages. She only stopped when I threatened to take out an AVO.

I can’t really think of anyone else who has continued harassing me up to this day. Some others were doing it a bit but they seem to have relaxed about life now.

There has even been a low-level physical assault by one Colin Mate at the ACC Cafe, Hyde cafe.

Colin Mate operates North Side Auto quite near the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) Church, House of Hope, in North Bellingen.


Jenny, the owner of Hyde Cafe, is another excluding ACC Christian. Jenny and Elyse her daughter attend Lifehouse Church in Coffs Harbour.



Ellise. Black banner and excluder of old.

Jenny Bienefelt. Photoed from within.

Jenny Bienefelt. Photoed from within.

hyde 3 hyde 4

Jenny Bienfelt the owner of Hyde Cafe, Bellingen on left

Jenny Bienfelt the owner of Hyde Cafe, Bellingen on left. Nasty.


Jenny and Alyse black-banned me from Hyde Cafe.

My sin? 

Loving Christian Jenny one morning: “Donald, I don’t like the blog articles you wrote about my friends. You are not welcome at this cafe any more. I have been to the Police”.

Jenny is a joke. Been to the Police? Are you crackers or something. I’m only too pleased not to see your nasty excluding face anymore.

Jenny, a cranky old menopausal woman who wants to exclude Donald Elley of Bellingen.

Who cares?

The gays and lesbians have boycotted Jenny and Hyde Cafe because Lifehouse Church lobbied against the gay and lesbian Mardi Gras in Coffs Harbour. I’d rather hang out with the gays and lesbians and the people of Bellingen who are real and freedom loving than with stuffy old Jenny any day.


each to their own

Aussie gays

Aussie gays


The local real estate agents have all boycotted Jenny and Hyde Cafe because she favoured her favourite son, one of the local real estate agents John Simon of Open Homes On Line by giving him special treatment by allowing him to display his pin-board real estate advertising board in the window of Hyde Cafe near the bus stop.

The local real estate agents are my friends too. Peter Stone and Rain Foran of Real Estate of Distinction are great guys and friends of mine. Suzanne Atkinson and the others at Nathan Cardow are friends of mine and excellent agents. Lindsay Tutt of Bob Hamilton is the salt of the earth. A great guy and a friend.

Why in the name of freedom, democracy and joie de vivre would I want to spend any time near grumpy old Jenny of Hyde Cafe. Yukko.


House of Hope Bellingen

House of Hope Bellingen


The right to free expression and freedom of speech is fundamental to the Australian Constitution and Rule of Law. It is also enshrined in the Common Law System.

It is fundamental to Western democracy.

It is enshrined in the Constitution of every great democracy in the world. Great Britain, France and American all regard these freedoms as fundamental and sacred,

Many very brave men and woman have fought for the right of freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, the right to bear arms (don’t try it in Australia), freedom to peacefully protest, the right to public assembly and all the wonderful freedoms of Christianity and the western world.

For Christianity set the world free to be free-spirited and enjoy those freedoms that oppressors like the Roman had denied the people of the world for so long.


The recent Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris is emblematic of this evil phenomena of trying to shut down basic freedoms.


je suis Charlie 1 je suis Charlie 2 je suis charlie 3 je suis charlie 4 je suis charlie 5 je suis charlie 7 je suis charlie 9 je suis charlie 11 je suis charlie 12 je suis charlie 13 je suis charlie 14 je suis charlie 15


By behaving like they do to those who question them, the ACC Christians of Bellingen and Dorrigo betray their humanity and Western heritage and ethos.

Instead they behave like the Aboriginal tribes that roamed the plains and mountains of Bellingen and Dorrigo for tens of thousands of years prior to European settlement in the region.

Th local Gumbaynggin people used occult practices including the evil eye, cursing and excluding others.

The behaviour of the ACC Christians of Bellingen and Dorrigo is no different. Instead of opening themselves up to the Spirit of God, the Most Holy Spirit, rather they have opened themselves up the the spirits of the lower earth, the spirits and demons that have roamed and possessed people in this land where I live for tens of thousands of years.


 aboriginal 8 aboriginal 7 aboriginal 6 aboriginal 5 aboriginal 4 aboriginal 3 aboriginal 2 aboriginal 1


Yes, indeed, we have to be careful what we open ourselves up to.

The lesson to be learned from the ACC Christians in Bellingen and Dorrigo is that if we don’t get properly born again, baptised in the Holy Spirit and get deliverance from all demons, we’re going to end up like them. Haters, abusers, harassers, masters of the evil eye and bad vibe and excluders.


The problem of hate and exclusion has also surfaced at the Royal Commission this week. Here is an ABC News article.


ABC News

Manny and Zepheniah Waks tell Royal Commission about sex abuse ordeal at Yeshivah Centre.

7.30 By Jessica Longbottom and Norman Hermant

Posted Wed 4 Feb 2015, 9:44pm

For Manny Waks it has been a long road to the Royal Commission investigating Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse.

The only survivor of abuse within Melbourne’s Jewish community to speak publicly, he has become a name synonymous with the fight against sexual abuse in the Jewish community worldwide.

However it has come with a cost.

Mr Waks has felt so ostracised by the ultra-orthodox Chabad Jewish community that he moved his family to France to start a new life.

Only days ago he returned to Australia to give evidence at the Royal Commission, as it hears for the first time allegations of abuse in Jewish institutions.

“You know on the plane ride on the way here I had to pinch myself to say, ‘Wow, I’m actually coming to Australia because the Royal Commission is happening’,” he said.

“I’ve literally been working towards this goal, even subconsciously, for decades.”

Mr Waks, 39, was sexually abused by security guard David Cyprus at the Yeshivah Centre in Melbourne in the 1990s.

He reported the abuse to senior staff at the centre but he says nothing was done.

It was only years later, when he disclosed the abuse to his father Zephaniah, that they went to police.

“There is still a significant group of rabbis, mainly within the ultra-orthodox community, within the Yeshivah Chabad community, who would not support victims to go to the police,” Mr Waks said.

“It causes untold damage.

“The reality is we don’t even know how much damage it does because we don’t know how many victims are out there thinking, ‘I’d better not go because it causes all sorts of things’.”

Yeshivah school transferred teacher accused of abuse to US

It was not the first time Zepheniah Waks had had to deal with sexual abuse claims within his family.

At the Royal Commission this week, he disclosed publicly for the first time that two other sons had been abused by a Yeshivah Centre teacher, David Kramer, in the 1990s.

Zephaniah Waks testifies at the abuse royal commission in Melbourne

He tried to have it dealt with within the community, bounded by the concept of mesirah, a code of silence that prevents Jews informing on other Jews to the police.

“It wasn’t that I thought I wanted to report it to police but I can’t because it’s mesirah,” Zephaniah Waks told counsel assisting the commission.

“This was the reason – mesirah and the whole community culture is the reason.”

However he said the Yeshivah Centre failed to deal with it effectively.

“The following day, on the Monday, I noticed that Kramer was still teaching at the school.

“I confronted Rabbi Glick [Yeshivah principal] and asked him, ‘What’s going on? How is it possible that he’s still here?’

“I thought this was absolutely outrageous, however, if I reported matters to the police I would be in breach of the Jewish principle mesirah.”

Zepheniah Waks told the commission that eventually Yeshivah College’s solution was to send Kramer overseas.

He was later jailed for sexually assaulting a 12-year-old victim in the United States.

Confusion over Jewish code of silence

Zephaniah Waks said that since his son had gone public with his abuse, he and his other family members had also been frozen out of the Jewish Chabad community.

“It’s mindboggling. I get emotional just thinking about it,” he said, breaking down in tears while giving evidence.

“We felt suddenly reduced to nothing and had lost all our friends.”

The more we can punish those who have done wrong, but more importantly find those who may be currently damaging our children.
Rabbi Moshe Gutnick
Revelations that students in Chabad communities in Melbourne and Sydney had suffered sexual abuse divided opinions among leading orthodox rabbis.

Not all believed mesirah should apply in cases involving sexual abuse.

The commission heard from senior orthodox rabbi Moshe Gutnick, a member of the rabbinical court in Sydney.

Rabbi Gutnick testified that he regretted not treating a previous abuse allegation in the 1980s seriously enough.

He said his thinking changed dramatically after learning of another abuse case in 2011.

Now Rabbi Gutnick says most orthodox rabbis believe abuse allegations must be taken to the police.

“The more we publicise issues of abuse, the easier it is for people to come forward,” he said.

“The more we can punish those who have done wrong, but more importantly find those who may be currently damaging our children.”

Call for international inquiry into abuse in Jewish community

As for Manny Waks, his appearance before the royal commission would not be the end of his fight.

He is now trying to take his campaign global by seeking backers to establish a worldwide inquiry into sexual abuse in the Jewish community.

The Australian royal commission is the model.

“I’ve felt the incredible empowerment and validation that it gives me as a victim and I’ve seen the same for every victim I’ve spoken to who’s gone through that process,” he said.

“So, what it shows me is that this model is something that we should seriously consider in setting up in the global Jewish community, in Jewish communities around the world.”


I’d now like to welcome the dark Prince of the ACC Christians, Saint Petropolous the Great, Coitus Copulous II, His Holy Emissary, formerly little grey suited Brian of Lower Hutt grey fibro Primary School in New Zealand, but now the King of Glitz and Light Show Christianity, the Holy Lord of Hillsong New York, London and Moscow. The three Great Babylons of the Ancient Earth.


Thank you Donald Elley of Bellingen, my old builder pal from Darlinghurst days and now my greatest holy heretic.

Donald Elley of Bellingen, “Welcome Brian…err St Pete, also known as Coitus Copulous II the first Gay (Happy) Pope”. Brian …err St Pete: “Ha hahaha holy hahas”. Donald Elley of Bellingen: “Your Most Holy Eminence, What’s so funny? Share the joke”. Brian…err St Pete: “It’s just the titles you give me. How do you know all my secret titles. Are you spying on me?” Donald Elley of Bellingen: “Your Perfect Holiness, did you read today’s article about the Jews and the ACC Christians of Bellingen excluding people?” Brian…err St Pete: “Haha hahahahaha holy hiating half-bred high-five mating horses..ha ha ha holy’re hyissssterical Donald Elley of Bellingen”. Donald: “Your Perfect Holiness, But there are people suffering greatly from being excluded here”. Brian…err St Pete: “I apologise to all my holy flock, which includes everyone on the planet…Jews, ACC Christians of Bellingen and Dorrigo, Blacks, Espanics, of course Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Cross-dressers of course, Transsexuals. did I miss anyone out? Donald; “No, Your Most Excellent Gayness, you certainly have the spectrum covered of human delights and pleasures. I admire your metrosexual urbanity and tolerance”. Brian…err St Pete: “I’m working on it”. Donald: “Who do you feel does a better job at excluding, the Jews or the ACC Christians of Bellingen and Dorrigo?  Brian…err St Pete: “Me, of course”. Donald: “But, Your Most Holy Fragile Pontifical Presence, you say that so bluntly and without feeling, have you Your Eminence ever been excluded?” Brian…err St Pete: “When I was at Lower Hutt Primary School in New Zealand, the kids would tease me and exclude me because I was a preacher’s kid. They said dad was mad”.  Donald: “So Your Holy Most Perfect Personage, what did the kids do?” Brian…err St Pete: “They wouldn’t let me play marbles with them, they splashed me with water from muddy puddles and they pulled my pants down and rubbed gravel in my testicles”. Donald: “So Your Eminence, what did you do?” Brian…err St Pete: “I told dad to go and get them”.