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“You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting”.

Daniel 5:27


Colin Mate of North Side Auto Bellingen and about 10 Australian Christian Churches (ACC) Christians from Dorrigo and Bellingen abused and harassed me for a year in response to me writing a series of seven blog articles critiquing the performance, or lack of it, of so-called Pastor John Woolhouse of Dorrigo Life Springs Church in February last year.


The first article was published on this site on 27 February 2014 and is entitled, ‘Pastor John Woolhouse of Dorrigo NSW part one: A toxic pastor to be avoided’. The other 6 articles follow this article.


Pastor John Woolhouse shouldn’t be a pastor and should resign and be on the dole and a muso, instead of being a pastor, a muso and on the dole.

The reason why John Woolhouse is on the dole is because his church is too small to support him, being 15 people half of which are his family and he doesn’t like working.


Pastor John Woolhouse with his wife Laurel

Pastor John Woolhouse was the main perpetrator of harassment and abuse in the sense that he promoted and facilitated the harassment and abuse. John is a coward who would never stand up for anything worthy. A true shrinking violet.

At every Court case of Colin Mate, who was the only ACC Christian to over-step the mark and use physical violence against me, either John or his wife Laurel were present along with about six other ACC Christians from this tight-knit cult-like group.

I used to go to Dorrigo Life Springs Church because two former friends of mine went there and I liked playing tribal drums there.


Tess Mate, or Tess Oliver as she calls herself, Colin Mate’s wife, was a friend of mine for 33 years since 1982.

I don’t blame her for not using the Mate surname after what Colin Mate has done to me in the past year. Who’d want his surname?


Tess and I aren’t friends anymore because I don’t want to be her friend because I don’t like sycophants who don’t have any principles in the area of freedom of speech and who blindly follow the cult-like ACC Christian group.

Tess was not really a friend anyway because when I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and was in bed for 2.5 years from May 2008 and later 7 months in 2013 she never visited me. No, not once. What kind of friend is this?


As for the other members of this group I honestly don’t miss their friendship. I’d rather hang out with real people than with fakes and phonies.


The rot in the ACC Churches runs all the way from the top.

The late Pastor Frank Houston, the life-long pedophile, is the spiritual father. Most of the ACC Christians still don’t really own what he did to little boys. He abused scores of them over his lifetime. He gained access to innocent little boys mainly aged 7-12 from Christian families while pretending to be a great holy pastor.

I’ve tried to talk to Pastor John Woolhouse about it but all I get is a blank stare. I don’t think John is entirely unintelligent. I just think it’s selective consciousness or unconsciousness, like with a lot of things he does.


What happened to Colin Mate in Court on 18 March 2015 just over two weeks ago?

It was his third appearance. Magistrate Walker was starting to get to know Colin Mate and he started questioning his agitated and heightened mood and mental states. He questioned his penchant for harassment and abuse of me.

Magistrate Walker recommended that Colin Mate see a mental health professional.

Magistrate Walker said that it was Colin Mate’s word against mine whether he deliberately pushed me in the back at Hyde Cafe or not. Colin Mate walked 1.5 metres out of his way, and I was aware of him there and watching out for him, and he shoved me in the back.

Colin Mate is a liar. He did the shove deliberately.


At the first Court appearance he admitted to pushing me in the back and apologised for doing it. Then, later, after he realised the seriousness of what he’d done, he started lying.

Sound familiar? How many lies has Pastor Brian Houston of ACC Church Hillsong told about how many little boys his dad abused?

These ACC Christians lie through their teeth.


Anyway I hope the errant Colin Mate takes Magistrate Walker’s advice and goes to spend some time talking it through with a mental health professional. There’s no shame in that.


As for lying. Well my mother Valerie used to wash out my mouth with that nasty old-school soap when I lied but Colin Mate’s probably too old for that.

I think Colin Mate is just another victim of a church movement which has lost its morality and thinks it’s Ok to lie, bully and harass people with different ideological views to them.


Colin Mate was ordered by Magistrate Walker not to bully or harass me at anytime in the future. He was ordered to give an undertaking to behave himself or he’d be in serious trouble with the Law.

Colin Mate gave this undertaking to Magistrate Walker.

Magistrate Walker warned Colin Mate not to harass me again or he’d be walking the plank.


I hope Colin Mate has learned from this experience not to mess with Donald Elley of Bellingen.


I also raised the subject with Magistrate Walker about the other ACC Christians who’ve been harassing me.

Magistrate Walker assured me that if I supply evidence of future harassment I can take an AVO out against any ACC Christian and sort them out too.

I already knew that but I just wanted the portly Pastor John Woolhouse and the other ACC Christians to hear that message.

John Woolhouse wasn’t there because Colin Mate is his fall guy so why should he be there. Fall guys always get dropped in it by mafioso dons at a distance.


I hope Pastor John Woolhouse reads this article.

I’m sure he will.

My message to all the ACC Christians in Dorrigo, Bellingen and Coffs Harbour is this: If you harass me, especially if you physically assault me, I’ll take out an AVO against you like I did to Colin Mate.

If you defame me even on Facebook or yours or someone else’s personal blog-site, I’ll sue you.

Defame means to say or write lies about me and my good character, honesty and good reputation.


The writer Donald Elley of Bellingen. Now coffee and food critic.

The writer Donald Elley of Bellingen. Doesn’t like liars. Thinks it’s a good idea for Colin Mate to spend some time with a mental health professional.


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