In my father's house there are many mansions. The House of Brian.

In my father’s house there are many mansions. The House of Pastors Bobbie and Brian Houston

Brian Houston's house. Where all your tithes go happy young innocent gullible Hillsong devotees.

Pastors Bobbie and Brian Houston’s house. Where all your tithes go happy young innocent gullible Hillsong devotees.

The Houston Palace

The Houston Palace


2 I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.

3 “You shall have no other gods before Me.

4 “You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth”.

Exodus 20: 2-4


In my last blog article on this site I asked the question, is it right for Christian pastors like Bobbie and Brian Houston to have net assets of over $30 million?


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And what does the Holy Bible say about wealth and riches?

On the one hand we have the parable of the rich man who asked the Lord Jesus how he could have eternal life?

Jesus’ answer was to tell the rich man to go and sell all he had and distribute it to the poor and then he’d enter the kingdom of heaven.

On the other hand we have patriarchs and kings like Job and King Solomon having great wealth.

The issue of wealth and Christianity is a vexing age-old problem.

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To me Christianity is all about the heart and the fruits of our life. This is what the Holy Bible teaches.

I’ve been a millionaire since I was 40. I’m by no means wealthy on the level of Bobbie and Brian Houston. Nor do I currently live their luxurious lifestyle. Nor have I ever lived that lifestyle. I did own top end Porches for a decade and I owned one of the best coastal sites in Australia at Bronte Beach, but I never allowed riches to take over my heart. Nor did I involve myself in graft like Bobbie and Brian Houston have.

The word ‘graft’ implies criminal activity such as theft. I’m not using the word in that context.

What I’m talking about is spiritual graft. In my last article on this site I outlined one of the ‘get rich’ schemes Brian Houston and his mate, Jonathan de Jong, devised in 1990.

In my mind, taking royalties from worship DVDs is an abomination before Almighty Holy God. It’s stealing from a Holy God and it’s a very serious form of theft from God and spiritual graft.

The pillage of the House of God by Bobbie and Brian Houston doesn’t end there. It only starts there.

Not only do Bobbie and Brian Houston benefit daily from spiritually dirty income from Hillsong DVDs, they also pay themselves immense salaries from Hillsong tithes and think nothing of it. This practice is the same at C3 church or any other prosperity church. In the big prosperity churches the pastor (normally a male) draws an income of say $200,000 to $300,000 or more and his or her spouse is also ‘on staff’ and draws a separate salary of say $150,000-$200,000.

On top of this salary there are the perks of the job. Two luxury church cars, home phone, electricity and other bills paid, home domestic staff, personal assistants ‘in the ministry’, overseas holidays which conveniently coincide with ‘ministry trips,’ and which are paid for out of church funds.

One of the Houston’s favourite holiday destinations is the playground of the rich and famous, Italy’s Amalfi Coast. The Houstons like Positano in particular.

Then there are the series of luxury apartments at Bondi Beach which the Houston family members, including Joel Houston, Bobbie and Brian’s eldest son, have bought using tax-free Hillsong church trusts. The use of Hillsong church trusts avoids capital gains tax and other burdensome government fees.

In other words, on every level the Houstons and their coterie have their snouts in Hillsong’s cash in every way possible.

On top of this avid covetousness and greed, Bobbie and Brian Houston refuse to help the boy victims of Hillsong’s sexual abuse. By deductive logic on any level, moral or legal, Hillsong and Bobbie and Brian Houston are liable to help the boy victims of Brian’s father, Frank Houston, who are now men in their 50s and early 60s.

But Brian Houston openly refuses to do this.

At the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Response into Child Sexual Abuse last October, under intense questioning from the Royal Commission barrister Simeon Beckett, Brian point blank refused to offer any help to these poor victims of Hillsong’s sexual abuse.

Shame on you Bobbie and Brian Houston. You have such great wealth. You have accumulated the riches of Egypt. Yet you refuse to help anyone who was abused by Hillsong’s founder, Pastor Frank Houston. Shame on you.

Pastor Frank Houston. Lifelong pedophile. Answerable to God.

Pastor Frank Houston. Snake eyes as corrupt and cunning as lucifer’s. Founder of Hillsong. Lifelong secret self-confessed pedophile. The worst pedophile Pentecostal pastor since the day of Pentecost. Deceased November 2004. Answerable to God.