Frank Houston. Shameless. Homosexual. Life-long pedophile. Sexual predator.

Frank Houston. Shameless. Life-long criminal pedophile. Sexually abused over 400 little boys and under-age teens throughout his lifetime. Gross deviate. Extremely evil. Out-of-control deviate and sexual predator. Developed a mystery illness in 1985.


In 1985 Frank Houston developed a mysterious illness and stopped attending Christian Life Centre (CLC) Darlinghurst, the church he founded in the gay area of Sydney for two years.

CLC Darlinghurst is the first name for Hillsong, which Frank Houston founded.

He didn’t come to church at all, not even on Sundays.

The running of the church was left to Gary Canham, Sean Stanton and Paul de Jong, who was the Youth Pastor.

Sean Stanton was a Senior Pastor and one of the “Bishop’s Boys”, I think only in a spiritual sense.

Sean Stanton. Frank lover.

Sean Stanton. Frank lover.

Gary Canham was the long-time church administrator who became a pastor at CLC Darlinghurst. Gary was very believing in Frank Houston, extremely loyal and a big defender and supporter of Frank Houston, in those times.

Gary Canham

Gary Canham. Frank believer.

Gary is still pastoring today at an Australian Christian Churches church (ACC) in Victoria.

The Australian Christian Churches (ACC) is the new name for the Australian Assemblies of God (AoG) since 2007.

Brian Houston made this name change.

Brian: Do i love gay people. Well I love my dad don't I?

Brian. Frankie love.

The Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse’s barrister, Simeon Beckett, accused Brian of making this name change so that the Australian AoG could avoid legal responsibility in respect to compensation and support to the numerous boy and young male victims of the founder of Hillsong, Frank Houston’s sexual abuse.

The Royal Commission Barrister Simeon Beckett.

The Royal Commission Barrister Simeon Beckett. Made Brian Houston look like the goose, liar and fool that he is.

Simeon Beckett1


Brian. Goose.

Brian. Goose.

The congregation at Christian Life Centre, Darlinghurst, was told, “Pastor Frank Houston is very unwell with an illness that no diagnosis has been found for”.


Frank...enstein Hosuton...mystery illness

Frank…enstein Houston…mystery illness

We were assured that he was in the good hands of Dr Gordon Lee, a Christian of Chinese origin, who was a member of CLC Darlinghurst and Frank Houston’s doctor.

Doctor Phil. Regarded Frankie and his spiritual daddie.

Doctor Phil. Regarded Frankie as his spiritual daddie.

In this way the criminal pedophile Frank Houston did a snow job on a medical professional, the trusting believing and very faithful Dr Gordon Lee, his own faithful believing wife Hazel, the loyal and believing Gary Canham, Sean Stanton, his only church-going son Brian who still loves him and can’t get over it all, his three daughters Beverly, Maureen and Judith McGhie, his loyal son-in-law Steve McGhie, his innocent grandchildren, the ever loyal Pastor Jonathan Wilson who still calls the criminal pedophile Frank Houston “my friend”, the congregation at the first Hillsong church which he founded, and the whole darn world, as my dad used to say.

Steve McGhie. Another Frank believer and protector. Brian's goof-ball bro-in-law

Steve McGhie. Another Frank believer and protector. Brian’s goof-ball bro-in-law

The criminal pedophile Frank Houston, who at this point had abused over 400 little boys and young males in a devastating trail of destruction of innocent little children and teens, also conned the NSW Police, and Justice System, all of Sydney and all of Australia. This sounds like his son Brian too. Except Brian does it in many other equally evil ways.

Having been a lay leader at Christian Life Centre Darlinghurst since 1981, and in charge of ten home bible study groups, I felt very concerned about my pastor’s health.

The writer Donald Elley of Bellingen

The writer Donald Elley of Bellingen. Now 58. Aged 28 in 1985 and concerned about my pastor’s health.

Although I’d heard allegations of pedophilia by Frank Houston, I hadn’t really considered what this meant, and I don’t think I believed this man could do this.

The criminal pedophile Frank Houston’s carefully cultivated image was pure and holy.

Pastor Frank Houston. Total deviate and con-artist.

Pastor Frank Houston. Carefully cultivated image. Always dressed in smart suits like his son Brian does.

Brian Houston:

Brian Houston today. Well suited up. Looking good Brian.

The covert criminal pedophile Frank Houston had built up a reputation of a happening Christian evangelist. No one had any idea he was up to no good. No one picked he was living a double life as outlined in the previous articles in this series.

Frank Houston. Always immaculately attired.

Pastor Frank Houston. Always immaculately attired. A highly successful and famous Australian and New Zealand happening evangelist.

The criminal pedophile Frank Houston was always immaculately attired in suits. His hair was always neatly cut.

Pastor Frank Houston in the 1940s with his wife Hazel. A hardened pedophile who even married and had children as a disguise to commit pedophilia.

Well-suited. Pastor Frank Houston in the 1940s with his wife Hazel. A hardened criminal pedophile, even then, who even married and had children as a disguise to commit pedophilia. Conned his faithful believing simple straight-forward wife for over 50 years. I knew Hazel. I spent some time with her at CLC Darlinghurst building and fitting out her beloved Hillsong Church bookshop. The criminal pedophile Frank Houston even let her write a book entitled, “Being Frank”, extolling his virtues, even though his life was completely and utterly rotten. The book was yet another criminal pedophile disguise and foil.

The criminal pedophile Frank Houston used to say from the pulpit in Darlinghurst things like, “I want to please God and do my very best for Him. I even shave twice on Sunday mornings before I’m going to preach so I’m more holy for God when I preach”.


The criminal pedophile Frank Houston, Liked surrounding himself with young males and boys.

Frankie. Haha…lied through his teeth about shaving twice on Sundays to please God. Should have cut his own throat after the first boy he abused. Liked surrounding himself with young males and boys.

Frank Houston forgot to mention that on Saturday night’s before he preached, he and Peter Laughton were engaging in homosexual activities late at night in his wife Hazel’s and his apartment, overlooking the Lane Cove River.

Peter Laughton on left. Had a homosexual tryst with Frank Houston for four years from 1980,

Peter Laughton on left. Gay lover of Frank the Great Christian Evangelist and Faith Healer. Was he abused or just having a gay time?

He forgot to mention that he’d just finished over two decades of sexually abusing hundreds of little boys and young males.

He forgot to mention that he fancied young men and that he was a secret rampant out-of-control covert pedophile and covert homosexual.

Frank Houston. Secret pedophile and secret homosexual life. No one ever picked it. No one knew.

Frank Houston. Secret pedophile and secret homosexual life. No one ever picked it. No one knew.

I was so concerned for my pastor that one day, when  I was working in an office building in Gordon doing a fit-out near Frank Houston’s home, I popped around there to visit him and check he was OK.

In 1984, due to the success of CLC Darlinghurst, there was quite a lot of cash in the church’s bank account. Gary Canham, Sean Stanton and Frank decided to use the funds to buy a home for Frank and Hazel in Gordon. Sound familiar?

When I came to the front porch and knocked on the door, Hazel, his wife came to the door.


Pastor Frank Houston. Founder of Hillsong Church, with his long-suffering wife Hazel.

Pastor Frank Houston with his wife Hazel, who he conned for over 50 years. Frank: carefully manicured suit. Stylish 1980s tie. Silk handkerchief in suit pocket. Large 1980s designer spectacles. He said he shaved twice on Sunday mornings to look more holy and “be pleasing to Almighty God” when he preached up to four times.  Eyes black as Hades. If you look at his skinny grasping hand squeezing her strong fleshy arm, you can see his dominance over her. She was a larger and stronger person. If you look at his eyes and his teeth simultaneously you can see the prince demon, one of thousands upon him, and in his life, looking out at the world through him. She helped him immensely for over five decades, even when he got found out. She used to run his private life, doing the family finances, washing his underpants. Faithful. Very loyal. Very hard-working. Brain-washed? Frank-love? Loyalty? Love? Criminal? Guilty of criminal complicity in sheltering a pedophile.

I said I was concerned about Frank and could I see him? Hazel said that he wouldn’t want to see me because he was very unwell. I asked her to go and ask Frank if he’d see me. She came back and answered in the negative.

Frank Houston wasn’t unwell but he was hiding.

From the 1960s to the 1970s he’d had an out-of-control pedophile spree in New Zealand, Australia and elsewhere on “mission trips” in third world countries like Chile and Sri Lanka.

From 1980 to 1984, when he was 58 to 62 he had a secret homosexual affair with his 23 year old worship leader Peter Laughton.

By 1985, he was under intense pressure.

The prophet Philip Powell

The prophet Philip Powell. Frank-outer. 

The prophet Philip Powell was on to him and sending heaps of faxes in the night to Christian Life Centre (CLC) Darlinghurst’s administration office.

These faxes were arriving at CLC Darlinghurst’s administration on the ground floor at the corner of Goulburn and Riley Streets. The staff would find them in the morning.

There was nothing Frank Houston could do to stop these faxes because, in those days, before the Internet, every business had a facsimile machine and that was how things were done. Phone and fax.

In 1983 the administration had moved to the new offices on level 10, 162-166 Goulburn Street just down the road. The Bible College IICM was founded there too.

The faxes kept on coming.

The prophet Pastor Philip Powell wasn’t giving up in his mission to out Frank Houston as a pedophile.

The faxes contained accusations of child abuse and gave specific cases like Peter Fowler’s abuse. I read one of them and I talked about them with Frank Houston and Gary Canham.

Frank Houston had demonised the prophet Philip Powell to Pastors Gary Canham, Sean Stanton and Paul de Jong.

Every time a fax came in from Philip Powell it was shredded and removed from the church.

As the Hillsong Insider has reported to me recently, this practice at Hillsong of shredding documents has continued without abate until this day.

hillsong Church 1

What has Hillsong got to hide?


There’s a Pandoras Box of secrets, scandals, cover-ups, manipulations, abuse, out-of-control greed, misuse of church funds on worldly pleasures, use of Hillsong tithes to buy homes and beach-side luxury apartments for the Houstons and the Hillsong pastors, abuse of gays, abuse and manhandling of Australian Aborigines, coercion, forced resignations, threats of AVOs. The list is endless.

These days, there’s almost enough shredded paper going out of Hillsong to keep a Pulp and Paper Mill in business with raw material.

In this circumstance of exposing the  pedophile Frank Houston, faxes were more effective than anything else, apart from getting Frank Houston charged by the Police.

The known offences were in New Zealand so getting him charged was very difficult. Most of the offences were also the victim’s word against Frank Houston and extremely difficult, if not impossible to prove.

Its only in recent years that children have been believed and empowered to give victim statements, be believed and to be sensitively treated by the Courts. NSW Courts are trying but are very short-funded, overloaded and congested.

The NSW Police are still to this day Neanderthals in the sensitivity stakes.

NSW Police wish Bellingen cannibis growers would use letterboxes as good as Summerville Road's so they could find their crops more easily

NSW Police. Insensitive, Poorly trained. Duplicitous. Look after their own. Not empathic to minorities or the abused.

The NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione has been accused of sheltering Brian Houston from getting charged as a pedophile protector. Andrew Scipione is a friend of Brian who attended the Hillsong Convention this year in July.


Andrew Scipione

Andrew Scipione. Brian-lover. Attended Frank’s funeral. Not good for his squeaky clean and carefully crafted Police image to associate with Pedophile Protectors like Brian Houston, who has been recommended by the Royal Commission barrister Simeon Beckett to be charged with the criminal offences of not reporting a pedophile while the Head of a Religious Organisation and sheltering a pedophile for five years. That is, his old life-long pedophile father the child rapist Pastor Frank Houston. Frank Houston founded Hillsong in 1977 in Sydney NSW Australia. Andrew Scipione is the NSW Police Commissioner. Simeon Beckett is a barrister who worked for the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. The Commission has been running for three years throughout Australia. He worked on the Hillsong pedophile case of its founder life-long covert pedophile Frank Houston. Frank Houston: guilty of sexually abusing possibly over 400 little boys and young teens.

Frank Houston was extremely cunning, extremely canny and extremely aggressive if cornered or wronged in any way.

These negative attributes feature strongly in his son Brian Houston’s life and ministry.

All the smiles and spin we see on Television and in the Media are not the real Brian Houston.

Brian Houston, like his father before him, is a very heartless, evil and troubled soul.

“Pastor” Brian Houston. The riches of Egypt haven’t made him happy. He’s on medication and an inner mess. Constant liar. A pathological liar.

The covert criminal pedophile and covert homosexual Frank Houston spent two years at home, sitting by the swimming pool reading, playing Mario and Luigi on his Playstation, cradling his grandchildren on his lap, and generally eating, drinking and lying low.

In 1987, well-rested, bored and with the strong encouragement of Pastor Gary Canham, Sean Stanton, Paul de Jong and his son Brian, Frank Houston emerged from his self-imposed exile at his Gordon home, on Sydney’s leafy affluent North Shore, and went back to work.

Not only did he go back to work as a pastor and preacher he went all out. He worked very hard and he did big things. Everything was now on the line.

Why did he do this?

During his sabbatical beside the pool at Gordon he’d decided that the best form of defence is attack. With the naive and believing support of the above-mentioned leading pastors and loyal and trusting family members, particularly his ambitious son Brian, the cunning old covert pervert pedophile decided to build a mega-church as a defence and protection against his accusers.

What greater defence could there be from his accusers about his pedophilia activities than to build a “Great and Holy Church?”

The cunning old pedophile Frank Houston decided to build a mega-church to hide in and from which to ward off his accusers.

The cunning old pedophile Frank Houston decided to build a mega-church to hide in and from which to ward off his accusers.

The criminal pedophile Frank Houston, Liked surrounding himself with young males and boys.

The criminal pedophile Frank Houston, Liked surrounding himself with young males and boys.

The Criminal Pedophile Pastor Frank Houston:

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