Leila Gygnell

Leila McKinnon. Co-host of Channel Nine’s Inside Story.


On Thursday Night 11 February 2016 Leila McKinnon hosted a Sydney-based Australian Channel Nine television program ‘Inside Story’ which specialises in human stories like ABC Australia’s ‘Australian Story’.

Compared to ABC Australia’s ‘Australian Story’ I’d have to say that Channel Nine’s ‘Inside Story’ is fairly lightweight. Which is a shame because Brian and Bobbie Houston and Hillsong Media who produced the program for Channel Nine, gave Channel Nine the soft sell. In fact, sadly they pulled the wool over their eyes.

How do I know Hillsong media produced the program. Because that’s the way it always runs with Hillsong.

Hillsong are only going to feed to any media outlet what they want them to know. Any cult works this way. No transparency. No honesty. The manipulation and abuse of innocent naive human beings who lack the tools in their intellectual tool-box to think for themselves. These are the signs and symptoms of an errant religious cult.

Below is a link to the Channel Nine ‘Inside Story’ television program about Hillsong Church in case you missed it or live outside Australia.

Wonderful isn’t it how we can stay tuned with all these interesting things via the internet.

Before the internet crooks and their cronies could hide for years or even decades and no one would find them out.

Not these days- it’s all there for us to all see- if we want to- if we want to know the truth.

Now let me help you if you want to know the truth about Hillsong. There are hundreds of articles about the Houstons and Hillsong on this site. Happy reading if you’ve got the time or are hungry for truth or both.

Here is the link to the ‘Inside Story’ program. I’ll leave it with you for a day.

Tomorrow I’ll begin a spiritual, societal, philosophical, comparative religion, psychological and above all Christian analysis of this Channel Nine ‘Inside Story’ television program about Hillsong Church.





Leila Gygnell. Hoodwinked by Hillsong.

Leila McKinnon of Channel Nine. Hoodwinked by Hillsong.