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Hyde Cafe. Sleepy atmosphere for grannies.


Hyde Cafe Bellingen is the winner of the wooden spoon award for Bellingen cafes in 2016


Hyde Cafe Bellingen

Jenny Bienfelt and her daughter Alisse run the Fawlty Towers of Bellingen cafes.


Jenny Beinfelt v1

Jenny Bienfelt and her daughter Alisse


Jenny Beinfelt is an errant Black Banner

Jenny Beinfelt and her daughter Alisse black-ban people they don’t agree with.

They are members of Life House Church based in Coffs Harbour, Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia.

Life House Church is part of the same errant cult church organisation as Hillsong Church.

That is the Australian Christian Churches movement.

The leadership of both Hillsong Church and the Australian Christian Churches sheltered the founder of Hillsong Frank Houston, who was a secret lifelong secret pedophile, from the NSW Police for five years from 1999 to 2004.

Many of the leaders of Hillsong Church, including the current head pastor Brian Houston, and many leaders of the Australian Christian Churches movement have been recommended for prosecution for pedophile protection crimes by the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Jenny Bienfelt is a member of this errant church movement.


Life House Op Shop 1


Life House Church lobbied Coffs Harbour City Council to try to stop the Coffs Harbour Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

Life House Church an Australian Christian Churches church based in Coffs Harbour Northern NSW which Jenny Bienfelt the owner of Hyde Cafe attends lobbied the Coffs Harbour City Council strongly and tried to stop the Coffs Harbour Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.


Gays have rights of assembly and rights of protest

Gays have rights of assembly and rights of protest like any other organisation or group in the Australian society.

What does Jenny Bienfelt want in Australia, Coffs Harbour and Bellingen- a Police State?

Jenny Bienfelt thinks just because she operates a large cafe in Bellingen town she can dictate what goes on in Bellingen and who does what. It doesn’t work like that.

Where’s the love?

Where’s the freedom of speech.

Where’s the pathos?

Where’s the humility?


Jenny Bienfelt the owner of Hyde Cafe, Bellingen on left

Jenny Bienfelt the owner of Hyde Cafe in Bellingen (on left) and friends. Likes black-bans.

Ellise, Jenny's daughter and co-owner. also party to the black-ban.

Allise, Jenny’s daughter and co-owner. Also party to the black-bans and other dysfunctions.


Hyde Cafe steals charitable donations to Life House Care which is next door to them and sells these donations in Hyde Cafe at high inflated prices

Hyde Cafe takes charitable donations to Lifehouse Church located next door and sells them in Hyde Cafe at high inflated prices.

Jenny Bienfelt picks the eyes out of charitable donations given by the Bellingen community and then moves them next door into her smart shop Hyde Cafe and flogs them off at greatly inflated prices.

Is this honest?

Is this right?

Is this a big fat scam?

Hyde Cafe used to be called Vintage Cafe and it was owned and operated by Life House Church based in Coffs Harbour.

Lifehouse Church wanted to quit owning the cafe so they sold it to Jenny Bienfelt.

Jenny Bienfelt renamed Vintage Cafe as ‘Hyde Cafe’ which is a borrow from the main street of Bellingen- Hyde Street.

Jack Hyde an early Bellingen settler and timber cutter who Hyde Street is thought to be named after would be appalled if he were still alive by his name being used on such a blatantly corrupt cafe.


Life House Op Shop 3


Hyde Cafe and Life House Care, the Life House op shop next door to Hyde cafe, are two separate businesses.

Jenny Bienfelt has some kind of link with Life House Op Shop and can assess all the donations from the Bellingen community.

Jenny Bienfelt picks the eyes out of donations from the Bellingen community to the Lifehouse Care op shop and sells the selected goods at very high prices in Hyde Cafe.

This is fraud, theft and deception.

All the product and second-hand goods at Hyde Cafe command extremely healthy prices.

Taking goods given in goodwill to a charity and hocking them off at inflated prices in a smart cafe next door is a very shonky practice and a scam, if not fraudulent.

Jenny Bienfelt is a very shonky operator and dishonest.


Life House Op Shop 2Life House Op Shop 6


Jenny Bienfelt of Hyde Cafe conducts nepotism

Jenny Bienfelt the owner of Hyde Cafe plays nepotism games with the locals.

For example Open Home On Line, a local real estate company, has a sign board in the side window of Hyde Cafe. Why favour one real estate company over all the real estate agents?

The other agents regards this as blatant favouritism and nepotism and most have boycotted Hyde Cafe.

Jenny Bienfelt sees nothing wrong with this kind of nepotism and favouritism. In fact its her modus operandi.


cult 2


Jenny Bienfelt is not a Bellingen person

Jenny thinks she is being clever by half with all her tricks and scams but she doesn’t understand that a true business-woman has integrity, is honest, isn’t a scammer and conducts business playing a straight bat.

Jenny Bienfelt’s bat is so twisted that it looks like a wooden walking stick snake.

Jenny Bienfelt doesn’t understand that Bellingen people are street smart and see right through her.

Jenny Bienfelt is not a Bellingen person. She lives in Coffs Harbour, attends Life House Church in Coffs Harbour and moved to Coffs Harbour in recent years from Tasmania.

In Bellingen we treat the locals right. Don’t black ban them and play nasty politics in our shops and businesses. Those who do these things don’t last long.


Hyde Cafe exploits school kids by paying them third world wages cash-in-hand illegally

Hyde Cafe pays cash in hand to school kids working for them which is illegal.

The rates Jenny Bienfelt and her daughter Alisse pay these kids and immigrants are also very low. Really third world stuff going on here.

This is actually a crime and a scam to use very cheap labour.

Cash in hand is illegal and part of the very dishonest black market.

Because its illegal to pay cash in hand, Jenny Beinfelt’s actions are illegal and yet another scam.


Hyde Cafe is really for old people and grannies

Hyde Cafe is really for old people and grannies who don’t care any more about politics, are too old to worry about freedom of speech and democratic rights, can’t taste the food and coffee very well and who like a sleepy atmosphere to nod off in and have their grannie nap.


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