The Moonflower Karaoke Club, Yokohama, Japan

The Moonflower Karaoke Club, Yokohama, Japan


Robbie Gale and I travelled to Yokohama, Japan, a few years ago, so we could get some traditional Japanese horimono  tattoos. Robbie got a koi on his arm.

My tattoo sensei (master), Horiyoshi III is one of the top traditional tattoo artists in Japan.


Horiyoshi III

Horiyoshi III


When we were in Yokohama I took Robbie Gale to the Moonflower Karaoke Bar.

You pay $30 per hour plus you’re obliged to buy your Phillipino hostess a beer or a whisky.


Each client is assigned a Phillipino hostess who entertains you for the evening.

You drink beers and whisky, have fun with the Japanese clients and the Phillipino ladies and sing Karaoke.


The Japanese men like Japanese romance songs that they sing often badly and sometimes good. These songs sound like the Japanese versions of Barry Manilow.


At the Moonflower Bar, I prefer Bon Jovi’s “Keep the faith”, “You give love a bad name” or “Lay your hands on me”.


Or Jimi Hendrix.

Jimi, the greatest blues guitarist of all time. A prodigy.

Have you ever watched the clip of Hendrix at Woodstock. Unreal. The Americans should used this version for their National Anthem. Wow Zowwie. Go Jimmy.

Shame you O’Ded at a mere 27. A candle that flickered briefly and brightly in the wind, like Marilyn Munroe (drug OD), Janice Joplin (drug OD), Stevie Ray Vaughan (chopper crash) and so many others.


I like singing Jimi’s “Hey Joe” or “Foxy Lady” at the Moonflower Club.


“Hey Joe, where you’re goin with that gun in ya hand…gonna down to shoot my old lady…caught her with another man”.


Or Bob Marley’s “No woman, no cry”.

Did you know Bob Marley died from a cancer to his leg? He had a growth and didn’t treat it. Just goes to show we have to treat our maladies, or they’ll grow so much we won’t be able to control them, or worse, they’ll kill us.


Or Bryan Adams: Have you ever really loved a woman”.


Or Deep Purple’s “Woman from Tokyo”.


It can sound real bad when the Japanese men sing these English songs when they’re drunk. They really get loaded up sometimes.

Japanese men and women are generally good natured and fun.


Daryl Gale often says that Robbie Gale, her husband, is so innocent she would trust him in bed with one of her girlfriends.


These Philipino ladies aren’t 50-60 year old anglo-saxon ladies from Bellingen, Northern, NSW.

These are hot-blooded, friendly and attractive Phillipino ladies with latino blood.


the latino woman

the latino woman


I was wondering how Robbie Gale would handle things and I had the above saying of Daryl in the back of my mind.


I had another saying in my mind too, “beware the charms of the latino woman”.


I was a single man at the time and could do what I like, accountable to God only.

My life was right with God on that the visit.

In the past I’ve experienced the charms of the latino woman.


Robbie handled things well the first night and the second time he went ok too.

But a particular latino Phillipino was really taken with Robbie and she started romancing him and he loved it.

I’ll let Robbie tell what happened.


Robbie was really enjoying the attention, but I was thinking of Daryl back home and I felt responsible for there not to be any bad stuff happening.

Robbie was falling for the charms of the latino. It was all heading for a disaster.


I got Robbie Gale out of the bar and wiped the lipstick off his cheek.


Robbie asked me not to tell Daryl about this little experience.


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