Pastor John Woolhouse with his wife Laurel


Below is a blog article I published on this site on 1 March 2014.


Blog article 1 March 2016

Pastor John Woolhouse was my pastor at Dorrigo Life Springs church in Dorrigo NSW for 3 years until mid this week.

During an exchange of text messages between myself and Laurel Woolhouse, Pastor John’s wife, I wrote certain things that upset John.

I’d rather not share the exact details on the Net but they were not intended as insults.

However Pastor John took exception to my comments and put the boot in to me by black-banning me from his church. Nice work John.

My conduct was hardly worthy of any reprimand but something about what I wrote must have sent Pastor John into orbit. Touchy, touchy.

A very interesting fact also emerged during my exchange of text messages with Laurel Woolhouse. Laurel stated that she’d been listening to my phone call to John in August 2013 as they must have had the phone on speaker.

Laurel had been listening and in the following transcript of the text message Laurel verifies in writing that the Woolhouses said they would not to help me during my time of extreme suffering with Chronic F atigue Syndrome.

Pastor John was my pastor at the time. In terms of Christian pastoral help  this was appropriate channel for help. But I was turned down point-blank by Pastor John.

Here is the text extract written by Laurel Woolhouse at 10.06am this past Wednesday

Laurel Woolhouse: “…I listened to the conversation which you had with John on the phone. John said he couldn’t help you, which is the truth. My prayer for you is that the kindness of God will lead you to repentance and that your change of heart will be seen in your works. You are responsible for all the choices you have made. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome affects your physical systems not your character”.