Pastor John Woolhouse with his wife Laurel

In 2010 when I first bought my farm in Bellingen, Pastor John Woolhouse of Dorrigo Life Springs daughter Phoebe and her husband Jai approached me and asked if they could use my farm for their wedding.

At the time I’d known Pastor John Woolhouse and his wife Laurel for 24 years.

In 1986 Tess and Colin Mate, who were close friends of mine in Sydney from 1982, moved to Bellingen, a small country town with a population in the Shire of 6,000.

I fell in love with Bellingen too, as many people do, and in 2010 after two years of a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome work-related stress burnout illness I sold up all my assets in Sydney and moved there.

With the cash from selling multiple assets I bought two farms. One a large hobby farm of 55 acres looking out towards the stunning Dorrigo-Gondwana Mountain Range and a second 175 acres farm one kilometre farm zoned for large lot residential subdivision.


The writer Donald Elley of Bellingen

The writer Donald Elley of Bellingen. Likes people to say thank you when he helps them out.


I bought the second farm as a business which would be slow and suit my recovery. I’ve successfully completed Stage One but the National Australia Bank has not kept it’s commitments to me so Stage 2 is on hold until I earn further cash through other means.


our farm

our real estate farm


The wedding

The wedding was held on my farm and unfortunately I couldn’t attend because I was too sick from a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome illness and was in Sydney at my former home. At the time I was moving up and down between Sydney and Bellingen.

Jai and Phoebe, who are a young couple aged in their late 20s now, got married in a beautiful Lord of the Rings type clearing near the pristine waterhole on my farm.


peaceful waterhole

Our peaceful waterhole


No charge

To use a farm and farm house for a wedding would normally cost $5,000 in Bellingen and double that near Sydney.

Because Pastor John Woolhouse and his wife Laurel were friends of mine for 24 years and I attend their church in Dorrigo I didn’t charge them for using my farm. I had also known Phoebe all her life since she was born.


No use of farm house except toilet and kitchen. No use of my kitchenware

I specified that there was to be no use of farm house except the toilet and kitchen, and there was to be no use of my kitchenware or household gear including expensive equipment and knives. Laurel who was organising things with me agreed.

Laurel also agreed not to move any of my gear.

This commitment was dishonoured like every other commitment a Woolhouse has ever made to me.

Pastor John Woolhouse is a liar and dishonest. I have experienced this on many occasions. He does not keep his word. Nor does his wife.

They have a sense of entitlement and their friends have always told me the same thing privately to me.

Living in Bellingen the past five years since I moving up there full-time has confirmed this to me. It is one of those things with some people. They try hard in some areas within their limits but fall short in many ways as Christians. It’s all about them.

The house was trashed, my gear moved around and not repositioned and the house was not cleaned properly. I had to get a cleaner in to bring it back to a clean condition.

Another friend of theirs, who used to be a friend of mine before the whole church cult, which is aligned to Hillsong, ostracised me in 2014 after various articles I wrote on this site, told me that every room in the house had dishes piled up and people were walking everywhere with dirty shoes. They told me a rushed clean was done on Sunday.

It was very evident they’d trashed the house and worse all my kitchen gear and other gear had been moved about and some things like expensive knives were missing.

I asked Laurel about the situation but as usual she was highly defensive, entitled, smug arrogant, dismissive and very rude.

Despite living in relative poverty and not being successful as pastors, John and Laurel have big tickets on themselves and their assumed godliness.

I was too tired from my illness to argue and Laurel was also overwhelming and quite rude when I raised the issues of promises being broken, the whole house being used and trashed and knives and other gear being missing.

I got a cleaner in and moved on.


No thanks for anyone for letting them use my house and farm for the wedding

No one thanked me for letting them use my house and farm for the wedding. This was the thing that got up my nose the most. I don’t like ill-mannered, dishonest people who don’t keep their word and people who don’t say “thank you”.

I’d known John and Laurel for 24 years but they were more acquaintances than friends and I hadn’t stayed at their home or known them like Tess and Colin Mate and Robbie and Darryl Gale.

Laurel Woolhouse didn’t thank me.

On a subsequent visit after the wedding I indirectly mentioned no one had thank me, including Phoebe and Jai, the bride and groom, but Laurel in her normal entitled way, brushed me off, didn’t thank me properly and gave me some left over cheap tea candles from the wedding as “a present” for letting them use my farm, adding insult to injury.


To this day Phoebe and Jai, the bride and groom, have not thanked me

To this day Phoebe and Jai, the bride and groom, have not thanked me, despite me mentioning it to Luke Woolhouse, John and Laurel’s only son.


Jai wanted to borrow my trailer

Jai wanted to borrow my trailer. Luke asked me if this was Ok. Luke worked for me for two years.

I said to Luke that Jai must thank me for using my farm for their wedding.

Luke told me he’d told Jai this but Jai still didn’t thank me so I said he can’t borrow anything off me until he thanks me.

Jai, Phoebe and Pastor John Woolhouse haven’t thanked me to this day.


Pastor John Woolhouse and his wife Laurel don’t know how to say “thank you”

Pastor John Woolhouse and his wife Laurel don’t know how to say “thank you”. It’s part of their sense of entitlement that they think the world revolves around them and everyone around them are their servants.

This is the opposite of the Christian gospel.