Hillsong's gospel of greed and avarice.

Hillsong’s gospel of greed and avarice.










I’ve been contacted by a high up Hillsong insider who believes that Hillsong has gone off the rails and wants to tell their story.

This article is the fifth in a series of articles publishing the eye-witness testimonies of this Hillsong insider.

Hillsong insider speaks:

“Dear Donald

Pastor Steve McGhie and his wife Judith (Brian Houston’s sister) are the most corrupt people in the Hillsong church.

Steve McGhie has a hatred towards Aboriginals. He treats them badly and has rough-handled them at times, when they’ve misbehaved inside Hillsong premises at Waterloo. (Hillsong City Campus).

Pastor Steve McGhie

Pastor Steve McGhie. Great White Hunter. Steve proudly framed by the antlers of a deer he slew in New Zealand. Hates Aboriginals.


Pastor Joel A’Bell, formerly a Hillsong Youth Pastor, and now head of Hillsong Australia, is a snake. He’ll be nice to you and stab you in the back. Pastor Joel A’Bell has a love of power.


Joel A'Bell

Pastor Joel A’Bell. Head of Hillsong Australia. Back-stabber.


It’s all ‘jobs for the boys’ at Hillsong. A “if you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” culture, where morality and ethics take a second place.

Mateship and nepotism are the currency of the Hillsong culture. This culture revolves around money and finance. Pastor Joel Houston, Pastor Bobbie and Brian Houston’s eldest son, before he became prominent in the Hillsong Youth Band, and later become co-pastor at Hillsong New York City, had a printing business. He was given all of Hillsong’s printing business which is massive. This is blatant shameless nepotism.


Joel Houston. Mummy and daddy look after me financially.

Joel Houston. “Mummy and daddy look after me financially”. It’s the Houston and Hillsong way.


There was a big fallout between Darlene Zschech and Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston before Darlene and her husband Mark left Hillsong to form their own church on the Central Coast, an hour north of Sydney. Darlene didn’t want the high rock and roll Hillsong was getting into under its Hillsong Alive band run by Pastor Joel Houston. Darlene wanted worship to be more worshipful and she wanted to be there for the people. Pastor Brian Houston is led by money not love for people. Pastor Brian Houston, his wife Bobbie and his son Joel wanted the high rock and roll. Now Hillsong has to beg and scrap to Darlene if they want her to sing, because they want to trade on her name still in their promotions by having her sing occasionally for them.

In respect to Bobbie Houston, Pastor Brian Houston’s wife, I don’t know how Brian puts up with her. She’s just a nag. Bobbie is a princess who can do whatever she wants. In fact at one Colour Conference she said, “This is my conference and I’ll do whatever I like”. Who pays for Bobbie’s cosmetic surgery? Hillsong does.

Hillsong is just corporate now. It’s about business, business, business. It’s a job for the full-time staff rather than a Christian ministry of heart-felt service, like the Lord Jesus Christ wanted the Church of Jesus to be.

Joel Houston is a bit of a fool. Joel’s best mate made out he had terminal cancer and achieved fame throughout Australia for it. His name is Michael Guglielmucci. Then he was found out to have lied about it.

Joel is out for fame. I knew Brian’s kids in the pram. All the Houston kids are power-mad. All their spouses married into money.

Joel Houston has an immense sense of entitlement. Joel’s attitude is “I’m in Hillsong. I’m Brian Houston’s son”.


Pastor Joel Houston. Great sense of entitlement. Joel Houston:

Pastor Joel Houston. Immense sense of entitlement. “I’m Joel Houston, I’m Brian Houston’s son”


All the young Hillsong City church pastors have homes and apartments in the beach-side Eastern Suburbs of Sydney bought with Hillsong church financial assistance. If they need money to buy an apartment, cash gets put into their account to help them get the loan, and then it is moved out once the loan is approved. All the young pastors at the Hillsong City Church get helped in ways like this. It’s “jobs for the boys”. Hillsong Bible College teaching is all about the Hillsong business and about milking the system.

Brian Houston has a very bad temper. His overall attitude is “I’m the great Brian Houston”. Bobbie and Brian Houston live a life of luxury and excess.


Pastor Brian Houston. Bad temper. Sometimes violent.

Pastor Brian Houston. Anger management issues. Has a bad temper. Sometimes violent.

The life of Brian

The life of Brian


“Hillsong keeps records on members, just like a cult”.

My comments:

The writer Donald Elley

The writer Donald Elley of Bellingen (and Bondi).


I’m not surprised by these comments by this Hillsong insider. I’ve sensed these things and heard about Hillsong greed, avarice, corruption and nepotism for over three decades, since Pastor Brian Houston launched out in Sydney’s Western Suburbs under the banner of Christian Life Centre Baulkham Hills. It was later renamed Hillsong. It’s gotten worse and worse over the past three decades.

In the early days in the early 1980s, Brian Houston, who I knew personally and built his first office out west, wasn’t harmless but he wasn’t evil like he is today. He was always pushy, arrogant and a bit of a block-head. But more of a bone-headed wombat than any serious threat. Now he’s an out-of-control monster from Hades the devil has unleashed on the earth to deceive and torment Christendom. The Pope is less harmful. Not really they’re both the same. Deceived. From the House of Babylon. Religious frauds. No Protestant should believe a word Pope Francis or Pope Brian Houston say. They’re as dumb as each other.


Finally the great man, Pope Pete of Baulkham Hills. Welcome again to my blog site

Pope Brian Houston of Hillsong. A fraud. Don’t believe him. Don’t listen to him. Don’t buy his books. Don’t buy Hillsong CDs, DVDs or anything else. Don’t waste your precious hard-earned cash. Whatever you do don’t tithe to Hillsong. Don’t help the Great Babylon. Let it rot.


Brian is now a bully. A wilful, stubborn, arrogant, pushy, bad-tempered, conceited, incredibly greedy, heartless and unkind man.

Brian slammed the phone down on his father Frank Houston’s boy victim AHA, who is now in his 50s, when he lost his rag with him.


Brian Houston. Phone slammer. Outbursts of anger. Bully. Stubborn. Rude. A lot of dysfunction behind the spin and smiles.

Brian Houston. Phone slammer. Outbursts of anger. Bully. Stubborn. Rude. A lot of dysfunction behind the spin and smiles.


There are zero fruits of the Holy Spirit in this man, Brian Houston’s, life. He is one of the greatest con-artists and charlatans, like his father the corrupt life-long pedophile Pastor Frank Houston, to ever have walked on God’s earth.

I’m sure these kinds of thoughts, comments and observations of this Hillsong insider are shared by many astute people, who are either still in Hillsong, and are feeling kinda disillusioned, or have left Hillsong and are feeling traumatised by their experiences there, feel it was like being in a cult, but are glad their out, or they have relatives or friends who go to Hillsong and feel that something is very wrong.

If you’d like to offer some comments about your experiences with Hillsong, please feel free to comment in the comment’s box at the bottom of any article on this site. It would be more helpful to readers of this site to comment on this series of articles about the Hillsong inner culture. If you have a longer story to tell, I’m happy to publish any bona fide stories of Hillsong scandals, corruption, or of the dysfunctional Hillsong culture and activities.

This site, my personal blog-site, is the most influential and widely read blog-site about the Houstons and Hillsong. There are people from all over the world reading it. Please feel free to contribute.


Hillsong Bible college 2

Hillsong NYC. Open gays leading the choir

Hillsong NYC. Open gay Josh Canfield leading the choir. Attends Hillsong NYC with his partner Reed. Josh advises “Reed and my relationship is ‘not yet consummated'”, whatever that means.

Hillsong NYC. The Hillsong laser gospel. A=n emporium of soul-power with zero Holy Spirit.

Hillsong. The Hillsong laser gospel. An emporium of soul-power with zero Holy Spirit.

the laser gospel

Hillsong, the ‘other jesus’ laser gospel

I don't know what Nick Cave was doing at Hillsong.

I don’t know what Nick Cave was doing at Hillsong.

Hillsong's gospel of greed and avarice.

Hillsong’s gospel of greed and avarice.