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The article below was published on this site on 17 October 2015. All articles on this site are written by me, Donald Elley, and any quoted material or reprints of media articles are clearly shown to be such.

I have no reason to believe that anything I have written in this series of over forty articles is not as relevant and accurate as it was about one year ago.


Blog article 17.11.15

I’ve been contacted by a high up Hillsong insider who believes that Hillsong has gone off the rails and wants to tell his story.

This article is the third in a series of articles publishing the eye-witness testimonies of this Hillsong insider.

Hillsong Insider speaks:

“Dear Donald

In 2005 Hillsong City pastors, Pastor Steve McGhie and Pastor Darren, manhandled and abused a young lady at Hillsong City Church, who was gay. She was told, “your type is not needed here at Hillsong”.

She was sitting on the floor of the Hillsong City Church front foyer, with her back to the wall. This incident took place as the church sermon was going on. Pastor Brian Houston was preaching. It was at the 5pm service.

Steve McGhie and Pastor Darren spoke to her, and in her defence, after being told “a lesbian is gay and not needed here at Hillsong”, they went to grab her and manhandle her to the front door.

The lady at this time was sitting on the floor. As the pastors tried to get hold of her, by extreme rough handling, she said, “Please stop, you are hurting me”.

Pastor Steve McGhie and Pastor Darren were saying, “It’s time to go lady lover”.

She slapped the pastor so hard that the crack was heard inside the auditorium.

The two pastors gave this women no rights of removal under the act, and twisting her limbs behind her back, they pulled her up. She was yelling abuse at the pastors. She was taken outside and then thrown to the ground outside the door. By this stage she was a crying mess and she was bleeding a little. She would have gotten bruising after all this rough handling. I didn’t see her return.

This was one incident where the reports were shredded or never made. This lady was acting in self-defence. Yes the lady was gay, but this was plain bullying and rough handling, whatever you like to call it.

I saw this all happen and did not a thing. I was told by Steve McGhie and Pastor Darren, “It’s not your place, we will handle it”.

The security team can be very rough, and they can be very aggressive, doing pay-back and stuff like that. They can be very aggressive in protecting Hillsong and throwing out dissenters like this poor lesbian who got shown the door. They also spy on people and track them. For example Tanya Levin, the Hillsong watch lady”.

My comments:

The writer Donald Elley

The writer Donald Elley of Bellingen

I knew Steve McGhie, who is Brian Houston’s brother-in-law, in the 1990s at Christian Life Centre (CLC), Waterloo. I was there a decade before he turned up in Sydney with his wife Judith, Brian Houston’s youngest sister, from New Zealand.

CLC Waterloo is the second name for Hillsong. The first name was CLC Darlinghurst. I was present at the first two incarnations of Hillsong at Darlinghurst and Waterloo, two inner city suburbs of Sydney.

When I was a lay pastor at CLC Darlinghurst in the 1980s, under my watch, gays and lesbians were welcome at CLC services and at the Inner City home groups, which Pastor Laurie Murphy and I oversaw. The were handled with sensitivity, care and respect. A number of homosexuals came to know the Lord Jesus Christ and forsook their sinful gay lifestyle for something far greater.

I was responsible for ten home groups which Pastor Laurie Murphy and I pioneered throughout the Inner City of Sydney. Hillsong City church is located near home groups I pioneered. Two or three streets away from the current location of Hillsong City church in Waterloo, three home groups I pioneered in the early 1980s were located. Michael Driscoll, a friend of the artist Brett Whiteley, ran one in Regent Street, Robert “Bob” Harris, a published poet who won a National Award, ran another in Baptist Street, and I ran one in Great Buckingham Street.

It was not an issue for homosexuals, drug addicts and Aborigines to attend our home groups. We had plenty of these types of people coming to our numerous home groups, which by 1987 numbered 15 throughout Inner City Sydney.

I had Aboriginals coming to my home group in Great Buckingham Street, Redfern, from nearby, and from ‘The Block’, an Aboriginal slum area, from 1982. In those days things were much rougher than the gentrified conditions of Redfern today. Redfern was challenging, dangerous and rough in those days. In fact, many at CLC Darlinghurst were scared to go south of Cleveland Street. At the time I was praying two hours a day, was very full of the Holy Spirit to overflowing, and had ‘no fear’.

Lesbians and homosexuals were not only welcome at CLC Darlinghurst, unbeknown to us, the greatest homosexual of all was our leader. That is, the famed Pastor Frank Houston, the Great Secret Gay Lord and the founder of Hillsong, and Pastor Brian Houston’s father.

When you think about it, the devil couldn’t have invented a greater pantomime and camp charade than Hillsong Darlinghurst in the 1980s. We had a secret High-Camp Head Priest, Rev William Francis “Frank” Houston, affectionately known as ‘The Bishop’, jumping on seats, throwing glasses of water over the congregation, as what he comically called ‘blessings of the Lord’, while he was secretly homosexually abusing Peter Laughton, his young gullible needy worship leader, with coke bottles and other accessories. Frank Houston, who used to yell and rail against gays as he preached, yet he was the greatest gay of Darlinghurst, the gay capital of the Southern Hemisphere. “Receive the anointing”, he proclaimed as he threw a glass of water across the assembled masses. “Homosexuals must repent of their sins or they will go to hell”, he jumped up on a vacant chair in the congregation and shouted.

Pastor Frank Houston. Total deviate and con-artist.

Pastor Frank Houston. Hillsong’s founder. Secret High Camp Gay Lord from Hades. Homosexual and lifelong pedophile. Father of five children and many grandchildren. Total moral and sexual deviate and camp con-artist.

In his son Brian, this Great Gay Lord Frank Houston has metamorphosed into a monster from Hades. A Gay-Loving, Gay-lifestyle-tolerating narcissistic High Priest of Note. That is, Pastor Brian Houston, CEO of Hillsong International: Gay Lord of multitudes, even stretching to it’s most openly gay outpost, Hillsong New York City, where for over five years, one of the main worship leaders Josh Canfield, who is openly gay, and who lives with his male partner Reed, has been leading worship in Hillsong NYC services. Although they live together, Josh helpfully points out that their relationship hasn’t yet been consummated, whatever that means.

Hillsong NYC. Open gays leading the choir

Hillsong NYC. Josh Canfield and Reed. Josh- open gay leading the choir. Reed in support in the choir too. Relationship ‘not consummated’, whatever that means.

Pastor Steve McGhie is a New Zealander like me. He’s married to Judith McGhie, Pastor Brian Houston’s sister.

I was informed Pastor Steve and Judith McGhie had gone back to New Zealand, but Pastor Steve’s Facebook page says he still works at Hillsong.

Judith McGhie’s Facebook lists her location as Timbuktu. It may be safer in Timbuktu than in New Zealand, although Ecuador has given Julian Assage, the Wikileaks whistleblower, asylum, so if the NSW Police were potentially interested in Steve and Judith for serious criminal offences, if I was them, I think I’d be looking at moving to South America, or maybe even Siberia, as options.

The NSW Police may be interested in both Pastor Steve McChie, and his wife Judith, because they failed in their duty as Hillsong Church leaders to report a pedophile for five years. That is Judith and Brian Houston’s father, Frank Houston, a secret life-long pedophile, who was found out in 1998/ 1999 and confessed to pedophilia. He admitted to the very minimum and lied through his teeth. Frank Houston flagged that he was a long-time pedophile, but wouldn’t tell much re the details. He never admitted the huge number of boy and teenage male victims or the sordid details of his secret extremely dark, devilish and corrupt secret pedophile and homosexual life.

Along with Pastors Bobbie and Brian Houston, Pastors Judith and Steve McGhie not only didn’t report Frank Houston to the Police, but they sheltered and protected him. These are both serious criminal offences under NSW and Australian Law.

The Australian Royal Commission barrister Simeon Beckett recommended last December that Pastor Brian Houston be criminally charged under NSW Law with not reporting and sheltering a pedophile.

Smug. Heartless. Zero care factor fro the victims of his dad's abuse.

Pastor Brian Houston. CEO of Hillsong. Criminal charges pending?

I’m not sure if those who colluded in the not reporting and sheltering Pastor Frank Houston, the founder of Hillsong, are in the sights of the NSW Attorney General’s Department and the NSW Police for the criminal charges of not reporting and sheltering a pedophile.

NSW Police

NSW Police

These Hillsong church shelterers of Pastor Frank Houston include Pastor Brian Houston, his wife Bobbie Houston, George Aghajanian the Hillsong Business Manager, Nabi Saleh the former owner of Gloria Jean Coffee, an extremely wealthy man, Pastor Steve McGhie, his wife Judith McGhie, Pastor John McMartin the NSW President of the Australian Christian Churches (formerly known as the Australian Assemblies of God (AoG), and Pastor Keith Ainge, the Australian AOG National Secretary in 2000-2004 when Frank Houston was not reported and sheltered.

Pastor Steve McGhie

Pastor Steve McGhie. Great white hunter and lesbian basher.

That’s a pretty big deer you shot in New Zealand Steve. I hope you have a New Zealand or Australian Fire Arms license. Oh well, those are minor details. Just like not reporting a pedophile to the Police, a criminal offence. “She’ll be right mate”.

This incident of roughing up a lesbian and showing her the Hillsong door is pretty rough Steve.

Don’t you think it’s hypocritical that you and the Houstons love Papa Frank, a life-long secret homosexual and pedophile, yet you rough handle a poor defenceless lesbian and throw her out the Hillsong door.

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