Doctor Phil with Kong Hee

A much younger “Doctor Phil” Pringle with his errant spiritual son “Pastor” Kong Hee. “Doctor Phil” taught “Pastor” Kong Hee all he knows, just like he taught “Pastor” Pat Mesiti the Hillsong and C3 sex addict pastor all he knows.


I recall hearing “Pastor” Kong Hee preach at Christian City Church in 1997.

Christian City Church is the old name for C3 Church Global.


C3 Global web-site


Our movement is committed to healthy relationships and connection between ministers and churches. As an international family our members are able to walk into any of our C3 Churches around the world and know they’re home. We are united with Christ in His vision, and therefore our mission, to save the lost, make disciples and build His church.


With a passion for Jesus and desire to see this world won for Christ, Phil and Chris Pringle came to Sydney in 1980 to start a church. With just 12 people attending an Easter service, Christian Centre Northside began and the C3 Church movement as we now know was birthed. This church grew to over 400 in 4 years and soon began planting within Sydney and beyond to cities and countries outside of Australia.


With over 400 churches in 64 countries, we are rapidly moving towards the 2020 Vision of 1,000 churches with an average membership of 500 people planted by the year 2020.


My comments:

This is why Prosperity Gospel churches like Hillsong mega-church and C3 Global mega-church are so dangerous. They’re so big and people “around the globe” and Christians, especially the young who know no better or different, think that these End-time Apostate churches are the real-deal.

Nothing could be further from the truth, Biblically speaking.


“Pastor” Kong Hee preaching at Christian City Church in 1997

A young “Pastor” Kong Hee seemed a pleasant young Asian man. I wasn’t clear on the strong link between “Doctor Phil” Pringle and young “Pastor” Kong Hee at the time. I just assumed that “Doctor Phil” Pringle had a heart for missions and a heart to mentor young pastors, and this was probably the case.

“Pastor” Kong Hee’s preaching at Christian City Church was Ok but not amazing and I thought at the time that it was thoughtful of Phil to give him run at preaching there.

In time, “Pastor” Kong Hee’s City Harvest Church Singapore grew far larger than the 5000 at C3 Oxford Fall, the main C3 Church.

At its peak City Harvest Church Singapore had 26,000 congregants. This number has declined markedly since the court case involving “Pastor” Kong Hee and five of his leaders, the second longest court trial in Singapore’s history after a major drug case. It is about 16,000 now-still a very large church.


The Court Case

I’ve published articles on this site explaining the “Pastor” Kong Hee and City Harvest Church court case and the reasons for it.

The bottom-line is that all six City Harvest Church City Harvest Church leaders were convicted of breaches of Singapore Church Trust Laws and for frauds for covering things up during the long investigation by the Singaporean Authorities.

The Court case was the second longest in Singapore history. Hardly a good testimony for the Christian gospel and Christianity in a traditionally Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim society.

In November 2015 “Pastor” Kong Hee received a sentence of eight years in Changi Prison Complex and the other leaders received lesser sentences according to their culpability.

They all appealed the sentences and the appeal is scheduled to start in a week and run from 19-23 September.



“Doctor Phil” Pringle should smuggle “Pastor” Kong Hee out from Pittwater Harbour in Sydney out on the billows of the vast blue Tasman Sea and hide him on Stewart Island or something. Rice wouldn’t grow there just off the tip of the South Island of “Doctor Phil’s” native New Zealand. But there are great Bluff oysters, good fishing and no one would expect a Singapore Chinese Christian felon to be hiding out there.


“Doctor Phil” Pringle’s prophecies over “Pastor” Kong Hee and his wife Pastor Sun Ho


Pastor Kong Hee head pastor of Harvest Church Singapore and his wife Sun Yeow Ho who will be head pastor of Harvest church when Kong her goes to jail on 23 September this year.

Pastor Kong Hee head pastor of Harvest Church Singapore and his wife Pastor Sun Yeow Ho going to court. Sun Yeow who will be head pastor of City Harvest Church when Kong Hee goes to jail very soon.


All through the past more than a decade “Doctor Phil” Pringle has encouraged, mentored, empowered and prophesied over “Pastor” Kong Hee and his wife “Pastor” Sun Ho saying that God was with them in their Asian and America pop-star venture. In the end all the money was spent and lost. That is all the money that was supposed to be safely in the City Harvest Church Building Fund which was secretly siphoned off elsewhere for promoting Sun Ho’s pop-start career. That is over US$30 million.


The greatest false prophecy of the false prophet”Doctor Phil” Pringle 


"Pastor " Kong Hee of City Harvest Church Singapore: "Can I intervene here>

“Pastor ” Kong Hee of City Harvest Church Singapore. Going to jail soon. Please read the small print under the above photograph.


The false prophecy of “Doctor Phil” Pringle written under the above picture reads:

“We pronounce deliverance in Jesus name. Not one night will this fair head spend behind bars”.

“Doctor Phil” Pringle is officially a CHC (City Harvest Church) Advisory Pastor.

This prophecy is true to date. “Pastor” Kong Hee has not spent one night in jail.

It is untrue that “Pastor” Kong Hee has a fair head.

It is true that sometimes his wife “Pastor” Sun Ho has a fair head.


"Pastor" Sun Ho's fair head

“Pastor” Sun Ho’s fair head


The only way “Pastor” Kong Hee wont spend one night in jail is if he suicides, gets run over by a bus or dies suddenly from natural causes like a heart attack before he goes to Court to hear the Appeal Decision and is led away to serve his sentence.

Since “Pastor” Kong Hee and “Doctor Phil” Pringle view Kong Hee as a martyr going to prison for his fine Christian faith and the prison sentence being an attack of the devil, it is likely Kong Hee will start his eight plus years in Changi Prison Complex in fine Christian martyrdom faith.

In a recent series I outlined how a Chinese Singaporean felon found a brief two months in Changi Prison Complex very hard. Asian jails are no walk in the park. They make the conditions tough so felons aren’t keen to return there once released.

Think about it. Compared to a mere two months, Kong Hee has eight plus years to serve.

The Singaporean Prosecution believes the sentences of all the six convicted are too light and it has appealed them. They are seeking twelve years prison for Kong Hee. The Singaporean Authorities want to teach Kong Hee and City Harvest Church a lesson.

The Singapore Authorities are unhappy the six CHC leaders tried to cover up their crimes.

Before the sentencing “Doctor Phil” Pringle was calling the Singaporean Courts and Judges “agents of Satan”.

The Singaporean Courts and Judges should have “Doctor Phil” Pringle arrested when he next steps foot in Changi Airport and charge him with contempt of court and sedition offences and throw him in jail with Kong Hee.


"Doctor Phil" Pringle in front of City Harvest Church cameras outside Singapore Courts ranting and making false claims and false prophesies.

“Doctor Phil” Pringle for City Harvest Church cameras outside Singapore Courts ranting and making false claims and false prophesies about “Pastor” Kong Hee and his five leaders. All to no effect. They were all convicted and left the court with ashen faces. “Doctor” Phil Pringle flew back to Australia with egg all over his face.

"Doctor Phil" Pringle. Does baby painting to relax.

“Doctor Phil” Pringle. Does baby paintings to relax.

The Great "Doctor Phil" Pringle paints his Graet Yacht beating all and sundry on the mighty billows of Pittwater.

The Great “Doctor Phil” Pringle paints his Great Yacht beating all and sundry on the mighty billows of Pittwater. A kid could paint better.

phil pringle 2

phil pringle c5

“Doctor Phil” Pringle’s abstract modern art. Intense, whimsical and vibrant but more Ken Done than Jackson Pollack.