Aboriginal children

Aboriginal children

I’ve been contacted by a high up Hillsong insider who believes that Hillsong has gone off the rails and wants to tell their story.

This article is the 12th in a series of articles publishing the eye-witness testimonies of this Hillsong insider.

Hillsong insider speaks:

16 October 2015

“Dear Donald

I’ve just met up with an old friend from Hillsong.

The Hillsong Security Teams used to be called Venucontrol. Now they are called Ven u safety.

We were chatting and we remembered the time when three Aboriginal children aged under 16 broke into the Library at Hillsong City Church in Danks Street, Waterloo.

Edit: Waterloo is an inner city Sydney suburb on the central city perimeter to the south of the city on the way to Sydney International Airport.

Aboriginal children used to break into the Hillsong City Church library sometimes.

But this time Pastor Steve McGhie, a senior Hillsong City Pastor, two Hillsong Youth Pastors and the property manager Darren caught these three Aboriginal children.

Edit: Pastor Steve McGhie is married to Judith, Brian Houston’s youngest sister. There are five children in the Houston family. Graeme, Brian’s older brother, Beverly, Maureen, Brian and Judith. I’m not sure of the order but I think this is the correct order.

These pastors caught the kids, manhandled them roughly, gave them a slap in the head around the ears, and abused them verbally.

This is extremely wrong treatment of Aboriginal people by the Hillsong Church.

It is amazing that it happened.

It came to be known that the overseeing pastors did not like the kids because of their Aboriginal background.

Aboriginal children and adults are still treated wrong at Hillsong to this day .

Pastors Steve McGhie’s wife Judith knows that Steve, two youth pastors and the property manager Darren did this to these three Aboriginal children.

Darren was Pastor Steve McGhie’s assistant.

All the Hillsong Security Team know about this incident of extremely poor treatment of these three Aboriginal kids.

I know the children were trying to steal stuff, but that’s no excuse to manhandle, abuse and hit Aboriginal children.

There is no video evidence because the cameras which recorded what happened were cleaned of this incident from the Hillsong Security cameras hard-drive”.

Pastor Steve McGhie

Pastor Steve McGhie. Aboriginal Hater. Likes manhandling Aboriginal kids, belting them around the ears and verbally abusing them. Yeah Steve, you’re such a tough guy. Bashing up Aboriginal kids. Maybe Anthony Mundine and his mates will look you up sometime. You’d better hope Anthony doesn’t read my blog-site. Or maybe just the bros and uncles will come and visit you sometime. You gutless coward. Danny Geale has Aboriginal blood too.

Anthony Mundine Proud Aboriginal Australian boxing champion.

Anthony Mundine. Proud Aboriginal Australian boxing champion. Lives not far from Waterloo…

Danny Geale and Anthony Mundine. They stand talkl regarding their Aboriginal heritage. They domn'yt like shearing about Aboriginal kids getting bashed, especially when they're attending church.

Danny Geale and Anthony Mundine. Champion Australian boxers. They stand proud and tall regarding their Aboriginal heritage. They don’t like hearing about Aboriginal kids getting manhandled, bashed, and verbally abused, especially when they’re attending church.

Anthony Mundine. Looking for a sparring partner for some bare knuckle down at 'The Block

Anthony Mundine. Looking for a sparring partner for some bare-knuckle down at ‘The Block”. Tough guy Pastor Steve McGhie, are you up for it?

Pastor Brian Houston

Pastor Brian Houston. CEO of Hillsong. Says he likes a bit of biffo. Has a bad temper and anger management issues.

Anthony Mundine 6 Anthony Mundine 7

Anthony Mundine Proud Aboriginal Australian boxing champion.

Aboriginal children

Aboriginal children

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Pastor Brian Houston CEO of Hillsong International

Pastor Brian Houston CEO of Hillsong International. Why does he tolerate a goose like his bro-in-law Steve McGhie on staff causing havoc and alienating the community? Answer: because Pastor Brian Houston taught Steve McGhie every bully trick he knows.