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I’ve been contacted by a high up Hillsong insider who believes that Hillsong has gone off the rails and wants to tell their story.

This article is the 32nd in a series of articles publishing the eye-witness testimonies of this Hillsong insider.

This article is the follow-on from the recent article “Hillsong Insider part 31” about the extravagances of Hillsong.


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Hillsong insider speaks:

27 October 2015

“Hi Donald

Here are some more details about the extravagances of Hillsong Pastors and the Hillsong elite.

In the Pastor’s Lounge after the services red and white wine is served. I have seen Cocktails served with fruit, ice and mango daiquiris and strawberry daiquiris.

The prettiest students are picked by someone in the Hillsong Bible College who is a lecturer of most of these students.

These are very good-looking young men and women, but most of the time women.

The banquets are almost like Roman Banquets and the students are always told to dress up in their nicest dresses, makeup, hair, and heels.

The extravagances are always present in the food, drink, music and the furnishings that have been ordered.

We think all the pastors might have a lust problems because why are you having the prettiest woman and the best looking young men serving the pastors and their wives?

When you look into the room and see it all happening I heard my female associate say, “That’s just debauched”.

They all flirt, scam and boast about themselves. The Hillsong members never see any of this. These are highly inappropriate things.

A lady friend of mine told me how she had to serve there, and that she didn’t like the sleaziness of it all, and all the money spent there.

Some of the Bible College students are forced to play music at times there.

Most of the left-over food is binned, or if a driver or someone outside is lucky they get the scrapings from the tables in a doggie-bag. Then the slaving students have to clean up the mess in the Pastor’s lounge from top to bottom. They don’t get paid a cent.

Another thing is how people are picked to go to a big party at Brian and Bobbie Houston’s mansion. it’s all about patronage, nepotism and favours.

If you’re a pastor’s child you get invited over to their house when they have a party for the pastors, the elite and their friends on Hillsong money.

These parties are all another flash turn-out paid for by Hillsong Church cash.

For them it’s the marketing of Hillsong, rubbing shoulders, pleasing the pastors and the elite and making contacts.

This all comes out of the fact that Hillsong is a big cashed-up church.

Poorer churches can’t live extravagantly like Hillsong does.

Yes it’s business marketing at its Hillsong Christian best”.


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My comments:

It’s clear Hillsong has lost it, if it ever had it.

What started from humble, yet, in hindsight, highly dysfunctional origins in Darlinghurst, inner-city Sydney circa 1980 has metamorphised into something even more extremely dysfunctional and seriously over-the-top and out-there.


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The pastor’s lounge circa 1983. The founder of Hillsong, pedophile Frank Houston celebrating his birthday with Christian Life Centre staff in the early 1980s. Peter Laughton aged in his early twenties, who Frank Houston, aged 60, was having a secret homosexual affair with, is the young man to the left of Frank Houston with his hand raised. Simple bread rolls with ham. Simple iceberg lettuce salad. Cold chicken. Cherries. Orange juice in plastic cups. Cakes and little sandwiches. A Coles birthday cake. Plain jane secretaries modestly dressed. Frank Houston looking weird with a knife in his hand.


I feel for today’s Hillsong Bible College students.

So young. So innocent. So believing. Thinking they’re serving God and all that stuff, when they’re really serving a very corrupt religious Apostate monster.


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“Pastor” Frank…enstein Houston. Founder of Hillsong. Molester of little boys.

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“Pastor” Brian McScrooge Houston. The Prosperity Gospel King- raking it in for himself and his errant family at the top of the Hillsong religious pyramid organisation.

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“Pastor” Pat Mesiti of Hillsong Church and C3. Millionaire maker and wife-basher.

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“Pastor” Brian Houston. Gay lover. The world’s most famous gay-loving Pentecostal pastor.