Kerry Stokes said he was proud of Tim Worner's performance during the fallout from an affair.

Channel Seven Turd polishers? Kerry Stokes said he was proud of Tim Worner’s performance during the fallout from an affair.


I’ve never heard of this phrase “turd polishing”.

I own farms and know cattle quite well and have a dog and the idea conjures up certain images.

I do know that polishing turds would never work.


Australian Financial Review

Seven results call a masterclass in turd-polishing

by Bryce Corbett

“It’s hard to know where to start with the much-hyped Seven half-yearly results call on Wednesday. Surely there are only two possible conclusions to be drawn.

The first is that they’re world champions in the art of turd-polishing. A 91 per cent drop in interim net profit was spruiked as a formidable achievement in Australian business (such is the nature of these calls). The Olympics were not a dud investment but rather a long-term strategy play with a halo effect that might not be immediately reflected on the bottom line. And a flurry of credit-card fraud and expenses scandals was not the result of a culture problem, but rather a direct consequence of more stringent internal auditing procedures. Ohhhhkay.

The second conclusion is that walking through the doors of Seven’s Pyrmont headquarters in Sydney takes you to an alternate universe: a place where reality is indefinitely suspended and the affair between CEO Tim Worner and former employee Amber Harrison – and the subsequent shit-storm it has unleashed and reams of newsprint it has filled – is a piddling matter unworthy of board or executive attention.

“It happened 2½ years ago,” Kerry Stokes said on multiple occasions, as if there were a statute of limitations on questionable corporate behaviour.

Our favourite moment was Stokes denying a suggestion that his own newsrooms had run dead on the story because of a directive from on high.”