(Photo: Reuters/Edgar Su)City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee (R) and his wife Sun Ho, also known as Ho Yeow Sun, arrive at the State Courts in Singapore, October 21, 2015, where a verdict is expected to be delivered for their trial of misappropriating S million (.5 million) of church funds and falsifying the church's accounts.

City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee and his wife Sun Ho, also known as Ho Yeow Sun, arrive at the State Courts in Singapore, October 21, 2015, where a verdict was delivered for their trial for misappropriating Singapore $50 million (USD$32 million) of church funds and falsifying the church’s accounts.


Pastor Kong Hee of City Harvest Church Singapore faces court tomorrow for Final Hearing. I’m predicting he’ll be led away for ten long years

Pastor Kong Hee, head pastor of City Harvest Church in Singapore which has 16,000 congregants, was sentenced to eight years in Changi Prison Complex Hell-Hole in November 2015.

The church had 25,000 members before the current scandal and lengthy trial- the second longest in Singapore’s history- and hardly a good testimony for the Christian message. The longest was a drug importation case.

Following the verdict, the Prosecution considered Kong Hee’s sentence of eight years was too light, given the gravity of the offences, multiple frauds to try to cover things up. At an appeal hearing in September last year, the prosecution argued for twelve years jail for Pastor Kong Hee.

I thinking ten years is likely.

If Pastor Kong Hee gets ten years he’d be 62 or 63 which he’s released.

Pastor Kong Hee was born on 23 August 1964 and is aged 52.

Pastor Kong Hee may not survive jail if he gets raped in Changi Prison Complex Hell-Hole and contracts Aids/ HIV. He’d better pray his Prosperity Gospel angels protect him in there.


Prosperity Gospel angel named Dr Phil

Prosperity Gospel angel named Saint Phil


I recommend Kong Hee not bending over in the communal shower to pick up the soap if he drops it.


The Christian Post

Pastor Kong Hee May Serve More Than 8 Years in Prison


Jan 19, 2016 | 8:17 AM

“City Harvest Church leader Pastor Kong Hee and the five other members who were sentenced to prison for misusing millions of dollars of church funds have been dealt a new blow with news the prosecution has officially appealed that they be given harsher sentences.

Singapore’s Business Times reported on Monday that the prosecution has filed the Petition of Appeal, arguing that the sentences imposed on the six CHC accused members are “manifestly inadequate, in all the circumstances of the case.”


All Six Convicted City Harvest Church Leaders Appeal Prison Sentences

Kong Hee to Fight Conviction, Prison Sentence for S50 Million Church Fraud Case

Megachurch Pastor Kong Hee Jailed for 8 Years for $50 Million Fraud

Kong Hee Should Spend 12 Years in Prison, Prosecution Says

All six members were found guilty in playing a part in the misuse of close to US$35 million in church donations, which went to the music career of singer and fellow CHC Pastor Sun Ho, who also happens to be Kong’s wife.

Despite maintaining their innocence throughout the trial, all of the accused received various prison sentences. Kong was handed an eight-year sentence punishment, the harshest of the six, while the others received sentences of between 21 months and six years in prison.

The case looks set to continue, however, as all six accused persons also filed their notices of appeal against both the convictions and sentences back in December.

Kong and Ho founded CHC in 1989, and led it over a period of growth in which it became one of the largest megachurches in Singapore.

The prosecution argued throughout the trial, which began in 2013, that the accused CHC members intentionally funneled the money into a shell company called Xtron, which in turn used the money to fund Ho’s music career.

The CHC lead pastor has argued, however, that the only way the church supported Ho was through the Crossover project, aimed at bringing her music to others around the world as a means to share the Gospel message.

Back in December, Kong said that he respects the court’s decision, but found points that are “erroneous and warrant appeal.”

“I will therefore be preparing to file an appeal against both my conviction and sentence. Earlier today, I was informed that the prosecution has also filed an appeal against the sentence imposed by the court,” the pastor said in a statement.

“My lawyers will also address the prosecution’s appeal at the appropriate time. I sincerely need your prayers during this process for a favorable outcome. The road ahead is long and arduous, but God’s grace is sufficient for me,” he added.”