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Court to rule on City Harvest Church leaders’ appeal next Friday

The six church leaders were sentenced to jail terms of between 21 months and eight years in November 2015 for misusing S$50 million of church funds – the largest amount of charity funds ever misappropriated in Singapore. The money was used to bankroll the secular music career of church founder Kong Hee’s wife, Sun Ho.

All six launched appeals, arguing their convictions should be overturned.



Prosecutors have urged the High Court to not only uphold the convictions, but to increase the sentences as follows:

Kong Hee: From 8 years to 11 to 12 years’ jail

Tan Ye Peng: From 5 years and 6 months to 11 to 12 years’ jail

Chew Eng Han: From 6 years to 11 to 12 years’ jail

Serina Wee: From 5 years to 11 to 12 years’ jail

John Lam: From 3 years to 8 to 9 years’ jail

Sharon Tan: From 21 months to 5 to 6 years’ jail

The prosecutors said the six “committed fraud of the worst kind” and that the judge had given “undue weight” to mitigating factors by noting that the offenders caused no permanent loss to the church and did not gain personally from their crimes.