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Entrepreneurial S’pore company turns Kong Hee’s trip to suicide forest into marketing opportunity

“They saw an opportunity, they took it.

The City Harvest Church founder had earlier talked about plans to spread the word of God to Japan.

On March 30, he posted a video showing him praying in Aokigahara forest in Japan.

The forest is colloquially known as “Suicide Forest” for the high number of people who take their lives there.

Kong Hee, along with his family, and a Japanese acquaintance, Naomi Matsuda, took time to invite the holy spirit to “dispel the spirits of death” in the forest.

Here they are.



Like with anything the pastor does nowadays, the scrutiny is very real.

By far, one of the more popular sentiments was the idea that the forest itself wasn’t exactly Christian in nature.

Although another barrier could be that of language.

But within from the usual strain of comments, there was one that absolutely stood out.

The comment was made by Lost SG, a company that specialises in escape room games.

Check out this masterful segue from legitimate comment to advertorial.

However dear friends, if you are looking to travel to feel how the real Aokigahara forest has become, do not book your ticket just yet. Because you may want to check out the Aokigahara in LOST SG 迷の密失 Singapore’s Next Gen Real Escape Game.

And that advertorial wonder was applauded by onlookers.

Absolutely brilliant.”