My immediate ancestors did not gamble at all on anything.

I was brought up not to gamble on anything, even seemingly harmless school raffles and still refuse to gamble on anything today.

Biblically, and in life, that is the safest and best policy.

I once read about a man who shared how he was passing an RSL club on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and something “in the air” drew him into the premise. He’s never played “the pokies” (gambling slot machines) before and he started doing it then and there. Something entered him (a demonic gambling spirit) and he was hooked on gambling from that day. He lost $40,000 on gambling ¬†over a period of time. He went to a Christian pastor for help and received prayer and deliverannce from a Satanic spirit of gambling.

I’ve never felt comfortable with the horse racing and dog racing industries, which are very big in Australia.

I don’t like casinos, and feel it’s appalling how the New South Wales government is so supportive of Australian billionaire Jamie Packer building Barangaroo, his latest mega-casino on the shores of inner Sydney harbour.

It’s all about revenue for the governments who are supportive of gambling, but what about the gamblers and the families whose children are left poor by gamblers and wives and children whose homes are often lost by gamblers.

It is socially irresponsible for the New South Wales government and other governments throughout the planet to allow gambling in any form.

If there was a real outpouring of the Holy Spirit, like in the days of the Welsh Revival, gambling houses and pubs would all close through lack of clientelle.