Amber Harrison, Tim Worner’s jilted lover. 


Tim Worner jumped before he was pushed and resigned from the Sydney Swans Board.

It’s just a matter of time before Tim Worner is forced to resign as CEo of Seven Media. Women across the commercial world and media world want his head to roll- not just his jilted lover Amber Harrison.


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Tim Worner resigns from the Sydney Swans board


Seven Network boss Tim Worner has resigned from the board of the Sydney Swans.
Seven Network boss Tim Worner has resigned from the board of the Sydney Swans. Louise Kennerley

“After nearly four months of being at the centre of the biggest sex scandal in corporate Australia history, Seven West Media CEO, Tim Worner has resigned from the board of the Sydney Swans.

In a statement to media late on Thursday night, Worner said: “Please be advised that today I have tendered my resignation from the Board of the Sydney Swans and that my resignation has been accepted, effective immediately.

“My hope is that by standing down, I can relieve pressure on the Board and the Club and let them concentrate on the business of football, and a successful home and away season in 2017.”

Worner had been under pressure to resign from the Swans board since former Seven EA, Amber Harrison revealed she had had a long-standing affair with the married executive. She alleged the pair regularly took drugs together.

 Worner admitted to the affair but has denied the charges of drug taking.

The disquiet felt by fellow Swans board member, one-time AFL commissioner and noted champion of women in the league, Sam Mostyn, was an open secret.

Worner is close to AFL CEO, Gil McLachlan. Seven is the free-to-air broadcaster partner of the AFL and one of the sport’s major sponsors. Last year, Seven signed a six-year, $2.5 billion deal to broadcast the league.

In a statement to the AFR on Thursday afternoon, before Worner announced his resignation, Swans chairman Andrew Pridham paid tribute to the Seven CEO.

“I have enormous respect for Tim and it is fair to say he has always acted entirely appropriately and effectively as a director of the Swans. He has consistently offered to put the interests of the Swans ahead of his personal situation,” Pridham said.

The pressure now will be on Kerry Stokes to act.

Rumblings that Worner’s tenure at the helm of Seven West Media was coming to an end have been growing louder in the past couple of weeks, with some suggesting Stokes, to date Worner’s staunchest supporter, had come to accept his lieutenant’s position was no longer tenable”.

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