In the previous run of music I’ve published on this my personal blog-site, I’ve published songs by musicians who’ve really given themselves, or really gave themselves, over to all kinds of lusts and addictions.

Peter Moon of the Who is a good example, as is Jim Morrison. Jimi Hendrix was the same. Patti Smith, who I never listen to, has badly given herself over to over to Satan and her lusts and addictions. She even writes anti-Christ poetry and lyrics. There is material of hers on-line far worse than what I’ve published.

This site is an outreach site to unbelievers amongst many other things, so regular readers should be aware of what I’m doing when I publish certain material or articles.

If you read the comments under the articles by these musicians who have decadent and even Satanic messages, you’ll see many comments that exalt in their hero musicians’ debauchery and extremities. This is because these listeners are also given over to many and various lusts.

As Christians, we have the answers for the problems and issues those who don’t know Christ face. So we should be understanding and compassionate towards those who don’t know Jesus.

The Holy Spirit Presence is here on earth to help people with their problems.