Phil Pringle. Is Phil Pringle a false prophet?

The Final Hearing for Kong Hee and the five City Harvest Church Singapore leaders convicted of misappropriation of charity (in this case- church) funds and multiple frauds was held on Friday in Singapore.

In 2015, Phil Pringle head pastor of C3 Global Church based in Sydney and City Harvest Church Singapore Advisory Board member, which has over 1000 churches linked to it globally, prophesied over Kong Hee that “not one night will this  fair head spend behind bars”.


Phil Pringle City Harvest Church Singapore Advisory Board member: “We pronounce deliverance in Jesus name. Not one night will this fair head spend behind bars”


The only way this prophecy will come to pass is if Kong Hee dies, suicides or is run over by the proverbial bus in the next two weeks. This is the reprieve time the Singapore Courts have given to Kong Hee. In Australia, where I live, felons are always led immediately to the cells. This is because of the temptation to abscond. Maybe in the very small country of Singapore the borders are more secure than a large country like Australia.


Is Phil Pringle a false prophet because Kong Hee was found guilty again on appeal and is due to be led away in two weeks to spend  in three and a half years in Changi Prison Hell-Hole?




The answer to my rhetorical question is this?

Phil Pringle is already a false prophet because hundreds of his prophesies have fallen like rotten pineapples to the ground.

In fact, sometimes I wonder if Dr Phil Pringle has a pineapple for a brain.

Dr Phil Pringle is a false prophet because he preaches the false and heretical Prosperity Gospel.

Phil Pringle is no more a prophet than a witch peering into a crystal ball or reading tea-leaves in her palm.


Dr Phil “lying” (in his bed). Doctor Phil: “Lucifer you really are a bad ole devil possessing the whole of the Singaporean legal system and those bad-ass Singaporean judges who sentenced my dear spiritual son Kong Hee and his five CHC church leaders to eight years in Changi Prison Complex. But tell me Lucifer, when did you learn to sing and play music as bad a Kong Hee’s wife Sun Yeow Ho? And please can you stop playing that fiddle so loud. I’m suffering from one of my severe migraines and that screeching sound your making is sending me to hell”


In 2015, before the guilty verdict delivered to Kong Hee in a Singapore Court, Phil Pringle was getting very emo outside the court on video, and he was ranting and raving like the prophets of Baal and accusing the Singapore Courts of being “agents of Satan”.


Dr Phi Pringle head pastor of C3 Global Church spouting off outside Singapore Courts last November after Kong Hee was sentenced to eight years in Changi Prison Hell-Hole: “Rave…Rave… Rave…The Singapore Courts are agents of Satan”.


Since then Dr Phil Pringle the false prophet has retreated into his conga-hole with egg all over his face, and said hardly anything.

The trouble with people and preachers like Dr Phil is that they live in a cushy bubble of their own creation; demi-gods in their own little spiritual universe.


Kong Hee. Soon to be behind bars in Changi Prison Hell-hole, Having lived a pampered honoured life, Kong wont know what hit him when he starts his sentence in Changi Prison Hell-Hole


What if Kong Hee had received Dr Phil Pringle’s miracle and was miraculously cleared on all charges.

My assessment was always that it wasn’t going to happen. Even if the judges found Kong Hee and the five other CHC convicted leaders were somehow innocent in taking USD$30 million from the CHC Building Fund and blowing it on Kong Hee’s wife Ho Sun’s pop-star career “for the Christian gospel”, there was still the sticky problem of multiple frauds, cover-ups, lying, and deceptions including cover-ups, lying, and deceptions of the Singapore Police and Authorities who were investigated the matter.

If a miracle had happened, Phil Pringle would have emerged from his conga-hole at Oxford Falls Sydney and ranted and raved and gloated about the great victory.


DR PHIL CAN SWIM UNDER WATER BUT HE CAN’T WALK ON WATER.”The Singapore Courts and Authorities are agents of Satan”