China Wine Featuring Sun Ho, Wyclef Jean & The Elephant Man

Please watch the above video of “Pastor” Kong Hee’s wife Sun Yeow Ho, “the CHC Singaporean Geisha” singing her manufactured “hit” ‘China Wine’ and tell me this, is this the worst musical sound you’ve heard since you last heard your husband, wife, dad, mum, brother, sister, flatmate or friend trying to sing like Whitney Houston in the shower?


Is this as bad as Yoko Ono doing her primal scream songs accompanied by a troop of monkeys dancing and screaming on a hot tin plate?


A young Yoko sings badly in the video below:



An older Yoko sings worse in the video below:



Below is an ironic John Lennon and Yoko Ono song from 1972.

It’s quite ironic prophetic…”Instant Karma is going to get you”.

Small mercies Yoko Ono is only playing the electric piano. Quite ably it seems. I like her big 70s sunglasses and long flowing hair.

John Lennon has his trademark circular sunglasses on.

Eight years later on 8 December 1980 he was assassinated by a nutter fan outside their Manhattan, New York apartment.



Is Sun Yeow Ho singing in the above video ‘China Wine’ as bad as Frank Sinatra at 82 on his death-bed surrounded by his family, many ex wives, many ex lovers, and old mafia bosses, wearing an oxygen mask and with plastic tubes entering every limb of his body, singing “I did it My way”?


frank-sinatra-3 farnk-sinatra-2 marilyn-munroe-f1 frank-sinatra-1


Or Is Sun Yeow Ho singing ‘China Wine’ as bad as a troupe of drunken sailors at 2am loudly singing karaoke?


drunken sailors 4drunken sailors 3 drunken sailors 2 drunken sailors 1


Please read the article below.

City Harvest Church Singapore fund manager Chew Eng Han claims he was brainwashed by Kong Hee.

“He had been brainwashed into thinking pop singer Ho Yeow Sun would be “a megastar” like American singer Whitney Houston as her husband, City Harvest Church (CHC) founder Kong Hee, had regularly played up her success.

That was why he had thought the church investments in the financial bonds he had structured to fund her music career were genuine and profitable, former CHC fund manager Chew Eng Han, 57, told the High Court yesterday.”


Did Dr Phil Pringle brainwash Kong Hee?

Did Dr Phil brainwash Kong Hee?

Certainly Kong Hee hasn’t uttered a word of condemnation about Dr Phil and his role in encouraging him, mentoring him and empowering him in the highly errant and fraudulent Cross-over Project which will shortly land him in jail for eight to twelve years.

In Kong Hee’s mind and soul Dr Phil is forever a hero.


phil pringle a16


Dr Phil, in Kong Hee’s mind, and in the minds of many other disciples of Dr Phil, can do no wrong.

For Kong Hee and all the devotees of Dr Phil at C3 Global like “Pastor” Tim Lowe of C3 City Church down to the plebs who pay the bills, Dr Phil is high up on a lofty pedestal.




Even Dr Phil’s role in the downfall of Kong Hee will be rationalised and diminished by Dr Phil and his disciples.

Even say, Simon McIntyre, Dr Phil’s right hand man, now head pastor of C3 London, will go along with it all and say nothing.


brian houston b1brian-houston-hm1brian houston bw1


It’s the same at Hillsong Global Church where the Hillsongees think “Pastor” Brian can do no wrong and the congregants there call Brian Houston and his wife Bobbie, “Papa” and “Mama”.

This sounds very cult-like.

And it is.


cult 1 cult 2


It’s the same at City Harvest Church Singapore. Its nothing but a cult.


kong hee s33kong-hee-bv1kong-hee-rt18kong-ho-yq


Perhaps Kong Hee didn’t have a proper father. Or perhaps his father wasn’t spiritual enough.

Whatever, for two decades Kong Hee has put Dr Phil up on a pedestal and hero worshipped him like nothing else.





My wife Michelle doesn’t know Dr Phil but when I showed her the above photograph of Super Phil she said “not a face you’d trust”.

I once showed a picture of Brian and Bobbie Houston to a non-Christian builder friend and his comment about Brian was “Not a man you would trust. Slimy salesman.” and he thought Bobbie was hot.


Brian. Slimy salesman?

Brian. Slimy salesman?

Bobbie- hot?

Bobbie- hot?


Where was I? That picture of Bobbie put me off my breakfast. I like the American auto though. It’s hot.


The Hillsong brainwashed

When I consider men and women who have been at Hillsong for many decades and aren’t dummies, like “Pastor” Robert Fergusson and his wife Amanda who are quite bookish, intelligent and well-educated, Dr Gordon Lee- Frank Houston the lifelong secret pedophile founder of Hillsong’s long-time doctor- and a Hillsong elder, Dr Jo Thomas, a successful Sydney Eastern Suburbs doctor and a Hillsong elder, and many other people I knew from my time at Hillsong before 2000, I can’t for the life of me understand why they’re still there.

Can’t they see through it?

Can’t they see the blatant corruption in Hillsong?

Don’t they read my blog-site?

No, they can’t or don’t want to see through it. They can’t or don’t want to see the corruption. And I have no idea if they read my blog-site.

When I was at C3 I thought the C3-Hillsong church watch-site were a bunch of disillusioned wounded ex-C3 and ex-Hillsong folks. When I was at Hillsong in the 1980s if someone had criticised it I would have thought they were bitter or deceived.

So it is with people and organisations. It is very hard not to become captive to the “group dynamic” which is a psychological concept meaning the influence and effect of a group on individuals in that group and how the ‘group dynamics’ hold people captive to a group and colours their opinions and world-view.

It’s a big subject.


Chew Eng Han

It may well be that Kong Hee’s accountant, Chew Eng Han, was brainwashed by Kong Hee as he claims, because Christian pastors like Dr Phil Pringle and Kong Hee are highly convincing and charismatic individual.

I’ve never found Brian Houston at all convincing but there’s plenty of people in Sydney’s Western Suburbs who do. Personally, I’ve never been able to listen to the convoluted gabble Brian calls preaching.




The Singapore Courts

I don’t think the Singapore Courts give a toss about excuses like “I was brainwashed”.


The Australian Courts

When “Pastor” Brian Houston is arrested hauled before the Australian Courts on pedophile protection charges quite soon for protecting his highly corrupt father Frank Houston, I don’t think the Australian Courts are going to give a toss about Brian’s excuses like “I really felt I was acting in the best interests of the victims by sheltering my father Frank from the NSW Police” or “I really had a “conflict of interest” inside because on the one hand I love my dad so much and on the other hand a barrister had advised me if I reported my father Frank to the Police, he’d be arrested and go straight to jail”.


brian houston wNSW Police 14


Kong Hee

Kong Hee aged 45, Chew Eng Han aged 57 and the four other CHC leaders and staff convicted by a Singapore Court last November of Charity law branches and multiple frauds are scheduled to go to jail in two weeks.


“Pastor” Brian Houston

“Pastor” Brian Houston is scheduled to be arrested and charged with pedophile protection crimes quite soon.


Brian houston o2

Brian: poor excuses


The Courts aren’t interested in poor excuses

Both in Singapore and Australia the Courts aren’t interested in poor excuses. Whenever a felon commits a crime, however evil, the felon always has a raft of excuses.

The Courts in essence don’t care about poor excuses.


kong hee m1

Kong Hee and the other leaders of Harvest Church found guilty and sentenced to jail for varying terms.

Dr Phil

Dr Phil Pringle head pastor of C3 Global Church- “lying” (in his bed). Doctor Phil: “Lucifer you really are a bad ole devil possessing the whole of the Singaporean legal system and those bad-ass Singaporean judges who sentenced my dear spiritual son Kong Hee to eight years in Changi Prison Complex. But tell me Devil, when did you learn to sing and play music as bad a Kong Hee’s wife Sun Yeow Ho? And please can you stop playing that fiddle so loud. I’m suffering from one of my severe migraines and that screeching sound you’re making is sending me to hell”


The Straits Times Singapore

I was brainwashed by Kong Hee, says former CHC fund manager Chew Eng Han

SEP 17, 2016

reporters: Danson Cheong, Ng Huiwen

He had been brainwashed into thinking pop singer Ho Yeow Sun would be “a megastar” like American singer Whitney Houston as her husband, City Harvest Church (CHC) founder Kong Hee, had regularly played up her success.

That was why he had thought the church investments in the financial bonds he had structured to fund her music career were genuine and profitable, former CHC fund manager Chew Eng Han, 57, told the High Court yesterday.

He was one of six church leaders convicted last October of misappropriating millions in church funds to fuel the pop music career of Ms Ho, in a church mission known as the Crossover Project.

The court found that they had invested $24 million from CHC’s building fund in bogus bonds used to fund the Crossover Project. Another $26 million was used to cover up the initial misdeed.

Appealing against his conviction and sentence, Chew, who faces six years in jail, said Kong told church leaders Ms Ho would be more successful than pop stars such as Taiwanese singer Jay Chou and girl group S.H.E., and even tipped her to be the “next Whitney Houston”.

Although Kong faced only three charges of criminal breach of trust, Presiding Judge See Kee Oon said he was the key man behind the scandal.

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City Harvest trial: Prosecution calls for 11 to 12 years’ jail for Kong Hee and church leaders

Citing an e-mail in which Kong said they had “a singing diva” in their midst, Chew said: “If she was touted to be the next Whitney Houston, how would she not be a profitable commercial vehicle for us?”

Justice Chan Seng Onn, part of the three-judge panel hearing the appeals, asked Chew: “So you were brainwashed?”

Chew replied: “Yes, I was.”

He said if what he did was considered part of a criminal conspiracy, it would have been “the worst thought-out conspiracy ever”.

“It looks that way to me too,” said Judge of Appeal Chao Hick Tin, to laughter in the courtroom.

Chew also took issue with the decision of the lower court, which had ruled that using the CHC building fund for the Crossover Project was a “wrong use” of the money and, hence, the funds were misappropriated. The building fund could be used for only building-related matters or investment.

But Chew said even if the Cross- over was a “wrong use” of church funds, spending the money on it cannot be considered misappropriation as it was a “church mission”.

“No one has deprived the church of the benefit of using the money… As long as the money is applied to the owner’s benefit, it is not misappropriation,” said Chew.

Meanwhile, lawyer Paul Seah, who argued for the appeal of former CHC finance manager Sharon Tan, said Tan was “kept out of the loop in key discussions”, and pulled in only when she was needed “to provide facts and figures”.

He did not concede that spending the money on the Crossover Project was a “wrong use” and said that even if it were, “wanting to do something wrong or unauthorised is not the same as wanting to cause wrongful loss”.

He said that if the building funds were used instead to hold a Christian rally here – paying for overseas speakers, the rental of the National Stadium and other logistics – it would have been seen as a “wrong use”, but the church would have benefited from the thousands converted to Christianity.

Tan, 40, the fourth CHC leader to present her case, faces 21 months in jail, the lightest sentence of the six. Kong and former CHC finance committee member John Lam had argued their appeals on Thursday.

On Monday, the final two CHC leaders – deputy senior pastor Tan Ye Peng and former church accountant Serina Wee – will present their appeals.


DR PHIL CAN SWIM UNDER WATER BUT HE CAN’T WALK ON WATER. Dr Phil: “The Singapore Courts and Authorities are agents of Satan”. Dr Phil: “Haha haha ha…Donald Elley of Bellingen… it’s ridiculous to say that I brainwashed Kong Hee. Here I am swimming underwater in Singapore Harbour looking for that pretty little Asian mermaid Sun Yeow Ho and all you can talk about is brainwash, brainwash, brainwash. I’m the Great Doctor Phil Pringle. I can swim underwater and sometimes I even walk on water but if my disciples want to think that I’m Amazing I can’t help it cos I am Amazing.”

Sun Ho:

Sun Ho: “Dr Phil. Dr Phil. See See I’m the wife of Kong Hee and I can swim under water like you. Thank you Dr Phil for teaching me to swim like a pretty little Asian gold-fish. You see I have a tattoo on my pretty little Asian chest saying “Click”. Dr Phil…Dr Phil, thank you for teaching me everything I know. You’re amazing Dr Phil…Dr Phil…I love you…”