Going straight to jail today

“Pastor ” Kong Hee

“Doctor Phil” Pringle- another Prosperity Gospel crook who is to blame for “Pastor” Kong Hee going to Changi Prison Hell-Hole today. Empowered and mentored  the errant “Pastor” Kong Hee of Harvest Church Singapore who has been sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for breaking Singapore Church Trust laws and for fraud and for deceiving and ripping off his congregants of $35 million USD. Singapore Prosecution are appealing and his original sentence in 2015 over 8 years may be reinstated.

“A cell-room at B2 contains a maximum 4 inmates (Prisoners are addressed as “inmates”). There is 1 “doorless” toilet and shower tap in every cellroom, room size about 120 sqf. No fans nor aircon provided. No windows but only small tiny holes through the wall that only enable you to see whether if it’s day or night-time.”

(Extract from a Chinese inmates account of life in Changi Prison)

Kong Hee head pastor of City Harvest Church Singapore. Changi Prison Part one. What will Changi Prison be like for Kong Hee? This is what Australian Phil Pringle head pastor of C3 Church has led his spiritual son Kong Hee into.

Changi Prison is notorious as a World War II hell hole where the Japanese locked up Allied prisoners during WWII after occupying Singapore. Changi Prison was already a hell-hole before the Japanese took it to a new inhumane level.

“Pastor” Kong Hee has been sentenced to 3.5 years in Changi Prison hell-Hole for breaching Singapore Church Trust laws by secretly siphoning over USD $35 million from the Harvest Church building fund and using it to finance and promote his wife Ho Yeouw Sun’s pop-star career. She is also known as Sun Ho and her pop-star name is “Geisha”. Asians particularly men have this fantasy about Japanese Geishas.

“Pastor” Kong Hee is also convicted of fraud charges because him and the five other Harvest Church leaders concealed information from and lied to the Singapore investigators during their long investigation dating back to 2010.

Since the mid-1990s “Doctor Phil” Pringle has been “Pastor” Kong Hee’s mentor and spiritual father, although Kong Hee recently said another crook, David Yonggi Cho of Yoido Full Gospel church South Korea is his spiritual father. There seems to be a conflict of fatherhood here.

Kong Hee

Throughout the pop-star career of Sun Ho, “Doctor Phil” Pringle was encouraging, empowering and prophesying over “Pastor” Kong Hee and Sun Ho saying God was with them and stuff like that.

By any assessment “Doctor Phil” Pringle is responsible for the next passage in “Pastor” Kong Hee’s life.

“Pastor ” Kong Hee. Heading for a new life in Changi Prison Hell-Hole today 

kong hee a1

I looked on-line for a prisoner’s description of life in Changi Prison and found the following account of a young Singaporean who spent two months there.

Below is the first episode of this prisoner’s story.

Please note there can be up to four prisoners in a small cell with no windows and no air-conditioning in sub-tropical Singapore.

“A cell-room at B2 contains a maximum of 4 inmates (Prisoners are addressed as “inmates”). There is 1 “doorless” toilet and shower tap in every cellroom, Room size about 120 sqf. No fans nor aircon provided. No windows but only small tiny holes through the wall that only enable you to see whether if it’s day or night time.”

One doorless toilet and a shower. So all four inmates see the other three going to the toilet and showering.

This is what “Doctor Phil” Pringle of C3 mega-church has done to “Pastor” Kong Hee.

English is spoken in Singapore as the official language but as a second language by Chinese Singaporeans whose main language is Mandarin.

Chapter 2.1: In-process at CPC (Changi Prison Complex)

“Though out the long journey from subordinate court to CPC (my edit: Changi Prison Complex) I still feel hot and stuffy although the air-cons are on.

Observing around, I can see some convicts chatting with each other happily, some closing their eyes and sitting quietly, while some are in depression. For me, in my mind I keep wondering what’s coming next and what are my beloved family members are doing now? Have they eaten? Can they sleep well? Why am I hurting them so much? Will everything be the same, worse or better after my release? Why are they still supporting me and are by my side until the very end and why I have committed a crime which had brought shame to them? Is it the end for me? Do I still have a future? Can I survive in the prison with all these offenders? What is the meaning of life in this world? How and why did I end up in this situation which I always thought it’s impossible? There are just too many ?????????????? in my mind!

Finally we’ve reached our destination! Alighting at the basement car park, we are then being escorted by a few officers and their patrol dogs to a place for in-process. Our handcuffs and shackles were removed, then we are made to wear a blue-colour waist band with our inmate ID number printed on it. Throughout our in-process we were made to strip naked for checking, height/ weight check, prison clothes issued ( We are to wear white t-shirts, blue shorts, transparent plastic slippers), photo taking, declaration of our belongings, etc…

Once all of us are done we were then escorted to another destination, walking in pairs and with our hands at our back. We strip ourselves naked again for checking by another take-over officer when we reach him. Thereafter, everyone received 1 big plastic box, 1 soap, 1 drinking plastic mug with cover, 1 round plastic basin with cover, 1 special-made tooth-brush, 1 toothpaste (gel type), 1 roll of toilet paper, 1 plastic spoon (those plastic spoon when we pack takeaway food), 1 small towel, 1 straw mat and 2 gray blanket.

With our items on hand, we were then being escorted to Cluster B2 (For new intake and remands – Inmates claimed Cluster B2 to be former Queenstown remand prison). At B2, we receive 6pcs of breads (apply with jam) from the cookies before we enter our cell room.

A cell-room at B2 contains a maximum 4 inmates (Prisoners are addressed as “inmates”). There is 1 “doorless” toilet and shower tap in every cellroom, Room size about 120 sqf. No fans nor aircon provided. No windows but only small tiny holes through the wall that only enable you to see whether if it’s day or night-time.

I am the last one entering my cellroom. There were other 3 Chinese inmates staying in the same room. We start to settle down, putting our items on floor arranging them, then one by one, my room mates took off their shirts as it’s hot and stuffy at that moment, All I can see are different types of tattoos on all over the 3 room mate’s body! All of a sudden, breaking the silence, one starts to speak and suggests we finish our dinner first then to shower before lights off at 9pm as the water supply will be off by then. As suggested, we sit on floor together, eat our bread and from there we start to communicate with each other and 4 of us start to get along very soon.

I never expected that my room mates are friendly and easygoing. They spend time guiding and explaining to me what to do and expect in CPC (my edit: Changi Prison Complex) when they find out that I am a first timer.

Heres a short intro of my roommates:

ID: 5XX1
AGE: 26
BIO: He is a guy with tattoos all over his upper body, a 2nd timer to jail. Married and now have a baby girl age about 10 months. He was caught for assisting loan sharks distributing namecards. Not much to comment on him and I hope he will find his right path back after his release. Here I have questions for all readers and let’s see if you are smart enough to understand my message through these questions!

1) Who will be the one end up supporting the expenses and taking over of his wife who is a housewife and his baby girl for these 6 months?

2) Who is the one suffering the most and is it fair for them?

ID: 5XX3

AGE: 40



BIO: He is guy with tattoos all over his body till his leg, a 4th timer to jail. Used to take drugs, rioting, fighting since young. Nothing much to share and comment about his cases and his underworld background. What really interest me to share with you readers is his personal life.

He’s got a brother and both of his parents are still around. But his only brother (whom he told me every month he makes good money at work, but only gives and spends for his wife) do not take care and visit their parents for years. Both of his parents are old, one suffering long-term sickness while another hardly walk and move, yet got to go pickup and collect empty cans/ paperbox for survival. 5XX3 is the only one who have support and take care his parents for years. As he is already a ex-convict since young, he can hardly find any job’s salary which is never enough for the three of them to survive.

To some of the readers here may think 5xx3 is a hopeless freak, some may think he never tries hard enough to change and walk the right path, some even think where did he find money and how they managed to survive till now!

After spent time chatting with him, learning about his past and background, I started to think about it myself and do soul-searching. Below are the points that concern me:

1. Do he ‘really’ have a choice to do what he wanted to?

2. Who’s to blame? Himself or the society that led him returning to jail again and again?

3. Even with the help of SCORE and yellow ribbon, can he really get a job that is able to support him and his parents?

4. What can he work and will he walk the right path after his release next year?

5. Can the society really accept him without doubts inspite of his numerous offence records and his image appearance (a body full of tattoos) if he want to change a new life?

ID: 5XX5

AGE: MID 40s



BIO: A guy whom never reveals much on himself nor his offence so I got not much to share about him. But he is always the one encouraging and giving advice to the room mates. All I know is his cheating offence did published in the news paper in mid July 2011.


In prison, inmates normally do not ask the names from each other from the beginning. Normally inmates will start conversations with each other by asking their offences, how long are their sentences, etc.. From then inmates start to chat with each other and will become friends without knowing each other name. Most inmates practise remembering the person’s ID number instead of names. Prison Officers in CPC addressed inmates by their ID number as well instead names.”