The writer of this blog-site Donald McLean Elley of Bellingen.


My name is Donald McLean Elley.


The McLean Crest. Virtue Mine Honour. My clan motto.


My Scottish clan is McLean

McLean was my maternal grandmother’s surname and clan.

My parents gave me my clan name as my middle name, and my mother taught me the clan motto and ingrained in me the virus and values of the Scottish clan.

My parents indoctrinated me in the values of being a Scot and the Presbyterian Church, the Church of Scotland from birth.

My mother taught me the McLean motto, “Virtue Mine Honor”, a quality lacking in the modern world, and it was lacking in the world of my forebears, especially amongst the English who betrayed and destroyed the people of Scotland and their Clans.



Donald is my first name, a very Scottish name, formerly Donal.

The name Donald means “leader” or “ruler”.

Scottish kings had the name Donald- “Donald I (Donald the first) and “Donald” II (Donald the second).

I live in Bellingen two hours south of the country town of McLean, New South Wales Australia. It is by coincidence I live near the small country town of McLean.

My paternal grandmother Georgina emigrated from Scotland to New Zealand in 1910 by sailing ship.

My maternal forebears sailed to New Zealand from Argyle in Scotland via the port of Glasgow, where all the Scottish emigrant ships sailed from, in the first settlement fleets in the 1840s, looking for freedom, land and a better life.

My distant great grandmother Mrs Elizabeth Brown hosted the first Scottish Presbyterian Church in Akaroa, a small port near Christchurch in New Zealand, in her home. The white timber weatherboard house still stands.


The old house owned by my great great…great grandmother Mrs Elizabeth Brown in Akaroa near Christchurch where the first Presbyterian Church was held


Scottish Presbyterian clergy pioneered and build timber churches all over New Zealand, as they did in Australia. They travelled about on horseback, through rivers, facing at times hostile native New Zealanders, the proud Maori.



My father was a leading New Zealand Presbyterian minister.




I named the newest road in Bellingen, where I live and own farms, after Mr T L McLean, a Bellingen police man circa 1900.



looking up the valley of my development farm in Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia


I am a McLean of the McLean clan in Argyle.



The English disposed us, raped our wives, slew our children, destroyed our language Gaelic, banned our tartans, banned assembly, drove us from our clan territory to distant lands. Burnt our houses, Stole our sheep. Burnt our churches. Threw our bodies on rubbish tips and hung them from bridges to humiliate us. I believe in Scottish independence.

I believe in an Australian republic.

I respect a dead king or queen of England.

I am Scottish and a McLean by origin and descent.


The MacLean Tartan. McLean, Maclean, MacLean, Maclean are all variants spellings of the McLean clan name. Mac means “son of”