Trevor and his wife Helen- married 30 years

My friend of almost thirty years, Trevor Tree of Bellingen, where I live on a farm with my wife Michelle, died six days ago, last Friday.

I’ve written a few blog articles about Trevor since he had a very serious health drama, while out surfing two weeks ago, and ended up on life-support in Coffs Harbour Hospital, and I’ll write some more blog articles about Trevor, as more memories come to me.

Trevor- very buff and fit- liked surfing

Please could you spare a thought for Trevor’s wife Helen, who has lost her husband, close friend, soul-mate and partner of thirty years. How many Bellingen or modern marriages make it to 30 years?

I’ll have to live to 86 to make it to thirty years marriage and by then my wife Michelle might be visiting me in an old folks home or worse.

my beautiful wife Michelle

Please pray for Helen, Trevor and Helen’s sons, the grandchildren and the Tree extended family.