Alan Joyce CEO of Qantas, an open gay who lives with another bloke, should resign for trying to poison Australians with the bad airline food Qantas serves, which pigs wouldn’t eat, for perpetuating an arrogant culture among Qantas staff towards customers, and for trying to proselytise Australia to accept that men having anal sex with other men is good and acceptable in Australian society.

And, in the Hereafter, before the Judgment Seat of Christ and in Hades, a pie in the face will seem soothing compared to what is ahead for unrepentant gays and sinners.

ABC News Australia

Alan Joyce pie-thrower charged over attack on Qantas boss

11 May 2017

 “A man who smashed a lemon meringue pie into the face of Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce during a business forum in Perth has been charged over the attack.

Tony Overheu, a former farmer, walked onto the stage and rubbed the pie into Mr Joyce’s face earlier this week while he was addressing a crowd of about 500 people.

Police initially charged the 67-year-old with providing false details, but Overheu is now also facing charges of common assault, trespass and damage.

Overheu said he wanted to demonstrate his opposition to corporate support for marriage equality.

He is due to face a Perth court on June 7.”