BBC should fill it’s dirt bucket with everything it knows about Cliff Richard, his homosexuality and his perversions, and dump it all on him by publishing it in the public domain.

Cliff Richard aka Harry Webb  has used super-injunctions to hide his untold sins and perversions, including allegations by twelve victims of pedophilia assaults by him when they were children and teens.

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BBC attacks Sir Cliff Richard for ‘grossly unreasonable’ legal fees

The BBC has attacked Sir Cliff Richard over his legal bills on lawyers for his legal action over the broadcaster’s coverage of a police raid on his home.

Shahid Khan

9 May 2017


“The BBC’s lawyers have claimed in a preliminary High Court hearing that the singer has run up ‘disproportionate’ legal costs of more than £500,000 in his efforst to sue the BBC and South Yorkshire Police over coverage of the 2014 raid. However, lawyers for Sir Cliff previously said he had suffered ‘profound and long-lasting’ damage from the incident and if his claim succeeds, and he wins damages, the BBC could be ordered to cover all of his lawyers’ bills. He was investigated over historical sexual assault allegations, which he denied, and the case was dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service in June last year because of insufficient evidence.


BBC editors have previously apologised for distress but have said they will ‘defend ourselves vigorously’ saying that the broadcaster had reported Sir Cliff’s ‘full denial of the allegations at every stage’. In June, South Yorkshire Police apologised ‘wholeheartedly for the additional anxiety caused’ by the force’s ‘initial handling of the media interest’ in its investigation into the singer.”