John F Kennedy. Iconic American President, both in the 1960s, when I was young, and now

Bob Dylan wrote the song below after the assassination of John F Kennedy, an event in 1963 which defined America at the time.

I was seven in 1963.

“I stole away and cried”. I was too young to understand John F Kennedy’s assassination.

I have researched that period since: the Kennedys, Jackie Kennedy, her later marriage to Aristotle Onassis, learnt about Onassis, learnt about JFK, the Bay of Pigs missile crisis, Kennedy’s women, his relationship with Marilyn Munroe, his health issues, his father Joseph Kennedy, the conspiracy theories about his death, Lee Harvey Oswald, and so on.

I hope Donald Trump doesn’t get assassinated like Kennedy.

Some might think otherwise- but is this the kind of world we want? A world of cynicism, hatred, division and violence?