Any sex acts or perversions against children should be punished strongly as a punitive deterrent to protect society.

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Teacher claims stocking fetish led to indecent recordings of students

15 May 2017

A music teacher who claimed his fetish for stockings led him to indecently record dozens of his young female students deserves a substantial jail sentence, prosecutors have argued.

Christopher Ryan Jones was charged after he left one of his mobile phones at a school and it was handed in to police.

Jones pleaded guilty to more than 60 charges, including 57 counts of indecently recording children and two counts of possessing child exploitation material which was found on his computers.

The District Court was told Jones recorded more than 40 girls, aged between 6 and 15 in the Perth metropolitan region and in the south and south-eastern regions of WA over a three-year period.

Most of the videos were made while he was teaching the girls in a classroom or talking to them during recess or lunch time.

One 13-year-old girl was secretly videoed when he asked her to get changed in a room where he had set up a hidden camera, while he also recorded an eight-year-old girl, who was not his student, at a shopping centre.

The court heard the recordings largely focused on the girls’ legs and thighs because Jones had a fetish for stockings, and he used the videos later, for his own sexual gratification.

Defence lawyer Katherine Dowling said her client did not enjoy making the recordings but his “anticipated future gratification” could not override his urges.

She said Jones was “not likely” to ever have touched the students and he was deeply ashamed and remorseful for what he had done.

Prosecutor James Mactaggart said a substantial jail term was needed to deter others from taking advantage of the innocence of children and recording them for sexual gratification.

Jones, who has been in custody since August 2015, will be sentenced next week.