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Trevor Tree with his wife Helen

Trevor Tree and his wife Helen

Trevor Tree of Bellingen died on Friday 5 May 2017 in Coffs Harbour Hospital.

Trevor had an heart attack while surfing and sustained brain damage during extended periods of heart malfunction during CPR on a Mid-North coast beach.

Trevor had the heart-attack while doing something he really loved-surfing.

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Trevor was never worried about anything out surfing, including sharks. We’ve had quite a few attacks on the North Coast of New South Wales, particularly near Byron Bay and Ballina, which is three hours north of Bellingen.

The news I’ve heard is that he had a heart attack and it wasn’t death by drowning.

Trevor pushed things pretty hard in his business, so it may be that his death was stress-related.

Bellingen is a small town south-west of Coffs Harbour, 10km inland from the coast. There are 6000 people in the Bellingen Shire.

Trevor is well-known in the Bellingen community, as a long-term resident and the owner of 20/20 imagineering, a IT/ computer install and repair company.

For many years Trevor ran the business from a shop in Church Street, Bellingen, a few doors to the north along from Cardow and Partners real estate agency. In more recent years he operated on a smaller scale from home and ran around doing the installs and repairs himself. He was a mechanic by trade and handy all round.

Trevor was aged 57 and was born on 25 August 1959.

Trevor is from Narrabeen on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. He attended Pittwater High.

Trevor married his wife Helen on 8 October 1983.

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The Trees- Trevor Helen and family

Trevor was a member of House of Hope church located in North Bellingen, part of the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) movement of which Hillsong is the largest and most dominant church.

I’ve known Trevor since the late 1980s.

Trevor was part of a group of close-knit ACC Christians, which included various Bellingen clans- the Trees headed by Helen and Trevor Tree, the Mates headed by Tess Oliver and Colin Mate, the Woolhouses, headed by Laurel and John Woolhouse and the Gales headed by Daryl and Robbie Gale.

I first met Trevor in 1989 through Tess Oliver and her husband Colin Mate, when they moved from Randwick Sydney to Bellingen, a small country town on Mid-Coast Northern New South Wales, Australia.

A little historic church in Bellingen Shire with the Gondwana-Dorrigo Mountains rising from the coastal plains near my wife Michelle’s and my farm

Trevor lived in Brierfield which is a farming area just south of Bellingen. Trevor and his wife Helen own a house Trevor build with his own hands on six acres of land. Not far from the house is a pool Trevor excavated and installed.

Trevor built the house out of mud-brick and it was a true labour of love.

I remember going to stay at a property nearby the Trees were renting with my first wife and young children, when Helen and Trevor were away.

Trevor was generous and left the keys for his trail-bike for me to ride around the property with my children riding pillion passenger.

Trevor has a strong Christian faith.

Here is an interesting exchange on Trevor’s Facebook Page.

Jim Quinlan to Trevor Tree

September 25, 2015 ·

 Well hello Mr Tree it has been at least 40 years how have you been?
Trevor Tree
Trevor Tree Very good thanks. And you?
Jim Quinlan
Jim Quinlan Oh surviving I suppose. And do you have a wife, kids and the how is rest of of your family going.Where are you living?
Trevor Tree
Trevor Tree Pleased to say 1 wife 4 grown up boys 2 grandchildren. Were in Bellingen mid north coast. Life is very good. We are blessed. We have a beautiful house on 6 acres, not finish but are they ever. The boys all live locally so we see them heaps. One of our grandchildren live in Sydney but we see her every holidays. I run a computer business. I married an Elanora girl. Helen Hughes. She is a gem. So there are 2 Helen Trees. My sister is well she lives in Melbourne. Colin is in Brisbane. Matt is in Open Shores north coast. Mum and dad moved to kurrajong. Dad’s starting to loose his marbles a bit. Mum’s crook in hospital. Needs a new poofle valve in her ticker. They say she’ll be good when its done. We go to church every Sunday and we have a strong faith in God. I can safely say God has led us through so much stuff and always made good from bad. I can still remember your mum pulling me in and giving me ear bashings. I don’t go for the jw stuff but every word from God. Any way how are you going. Wife, kids?
Jim Quinlan
Jim Quinlan Trevor
I have a wife Jody married 34 years, 3 kids 26 Ben,23 Jake,Amy 22
All live in Sydney,we live in Narrabeen
Roger my brother lives in Cowan,sister Vicky lives in the city,and I have two younger sisters in Foster where mum lives. Dad died about 4 years ago.I gave up the JWs about 25years ago disillusioned.
Trevor Tree
Trevor Tree I can understand that. Have you given up on God?
Trevor Tree
Trevor Tree Helen and I are coming up to 32 years next week
Jim Quinlan
Jim Quinlan Yes too busy anyway I run a large commercial plumbing company with my partner.
Trevor Tree
Trevor TreeThat answer was quite a cliche
So Trevor wasn’t shy to share his faith, and he definitely would not have expected to meet his Maker yesterday.
A large number of folks who knew Trevor in Bellingen and elsewhere with be very shocked.
It will be very hard for Trevor’s wife Helen.