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I’ve been contacted by a high up Hillsong insider who believes that Hillsong has gone off the rails and wants to tell their story.

This article is the 22nd in a series of articles publishing the eye-witness testimonies of this Hillsong insider.




27 October 2015

Dear Donald

“Bobbie’s treatment of Brian is like a god.

But I did hear an account of a fight between Bobbie and Brian from a Hillsong driver. He told me that one night on the way from the Hills Campus to the City Hillsong Church Campus Bobbie and Brian had a barney.

Please note that Hillsong now calls the various Hillsong Churches “Campuses”. Now the word “Church” looks to be faded out. That’s cultural cult stuff right there.

On the way from Hills Church to the Hillsong City Church, Bobbie and Brian got into a barney. They were fighting about the Colour Conferences. About all the gifts and money payments and they got very heated.

This driver is not at the Hillsong Church now. I know him from my time at Bible College at Hillsong.

Bobbie treats people like a stuck up pastor’s wife, with her head up in the air, and she acts like she thinks in her mind, ” I am beautifully made. I am woman. Hear me roar! I am amazing!”

I heard from a mate’s wife about Bobbie saying at a Woman’s Hillsong Colour Conference: “This is my woman’s conference. I do what I like and no one can stop me”.

I’ve never seen Bobbie showing any heart for the poor and the needy. I don’t think she gets her hands dirty doing real work for God.

Bobbie knows a lot about Brian’s dad and past.

The only humility for Bobbie and Brian is the day Brian confirmed about his dad being a child abuser and the day Pat Mesiti was caught playing at adultery.

And the day that Brian’s mate’s son was faking cancer and got caught out. Michael Guglielmucci, son of Edge Church founder Danny Guglielmucci, the big faker.

Getting up on stage and on television saying he had cancer. This was properly swept under the carpet and shut down quickly and the Church forgot about it by the Hillsong leaders saying that he had a mental problem.

I meet the man and he was a scammer and a liar”.


My comments:

The Hillsong Insider says about Bobbie: “She treats people like a stuck up pastor’s wife with her head up in the air and acts like she thinks in her mind, ” I am beautifully made. I am woman. Hear me roar! I am amazing!””

This is nothing new. Bobbie Houston has always had huge tickets on herself.

That’s why Brian and Bobbie get on so well. It’s the marriage of two extreme pathological narcissists. A symbiotic relationship where they’re joined at the hip and entangled like two vines on a trunk of narcissicism.


“Hear me roar”.

This seems to be a sub-anthem of Bobbie’s, borrowed from the 1960s and 1970s Feminist Movement.

Bobbie Houston is the anti-thesis of all the Feminist Movement stands for. Bobbie is the anti-intellectual mutated Prosperity Gospel sub-species version of Feminism.

Germaine Greer would puke if she heard Bobbie lather on with her home-spun Houston/ Hillsong Feminist views.


Bobbie and Hillsong’s Feminism is all roar and tokenism, with no reality of the emancipation of women in Hillsong.

Brian is happy for Bobbie to run her thing with Hillsong women and ACC women, her Colour Conferences, the Sisterhood and all her other inane lifeless attempts at rescuing women from her idea of bondages and slavery, but where the rubber hits the road there’s not one woman in sight at Hillsong.

I’m referring to the real power and real decision-making at the Hillsong Eldership and Board level.

A brief scan down the list of Hillsong Elders on the Hillsong.com website comes up with no women. Quite remarkable really in this day and age.


The Hillsong Elders. All men.

Hillsong Elders:

Brian Houston – Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church

Nabi Saleh is Executive Chairman of Gloria Jean’s Coffees worldwide and Chairman of Praise International USA which operates It’s A Grind coffee houses. His drive, passion and belief in people coupled with his strong business acumen and godly wisdom have enabled him to sit on several boards for large, non-profit organisations.

George Aghajanian is General Manager and a director of Hillsong Church Australia and its international entities. Upon leaving university he entered the private sector where he gained extensive experience in management, customer service, sales and marketing. George possesses a wealth of senior management experience working with both Australian and international organisations, and brings a strong balance of faith and practical business application to his role. George is married to Margaret and they have four children.

Joel A’Bell is the Lead Pastor of Hillsong Australia alongside Senior Pastors Brian & Bobbie Houston. Joel is an innovative thinker, leader and communicator. He is passionate about building and growing the local church. His fresh leadership ideas and style have helped shape Hillsong’s flourishing multi-campus church. Joel is a team-focused leader dedicated to seeing all involved reach their full potential. He has been married to his best friend Julia for 20 years and is a dedicated father to Harmony & Eli.

Dr. Gordon Lee is a highly respected General Practitioner, and operates successful medical practices in Sydney. He also pastors the Hillsong Chinese Extension Services.

Robert Fergusson is a Senior Associate Pastor at Hillsong Church. Originally from the UK, Robert Fergusson is one of the key team at Hillsong Church where he has been on staff for twenty years. He is passionate about imparting practical life principles from the Bible and his primary responsibilities involve pastoral oversight, preaching and teaching. Robert is married to Amanda and they have three married children and currently four beautiful grandchildren.

Gary Clarke and his wife, Cathy, are Lead Pastors at Hillsong London and oversee its fast-growing extension services in the UK and Europe. Originally from Hillsong Sydney, Gary works closely with the lead pastors of our international Hillsong Churches to facilitate Hillsong’s growth and ministry globally.

Steve Dixon is married to Joyce and they have two children. Steve and Joyce are the Campus Pastors of Hillsong Brisbane. Originally from the UK, Steve spent nine years in Spain as a church planter and founding president of the ‘El Faro’ charity rehabilitating substance abusers, followed by 13 years in the UK as a leader in the Kingsnet network; founder of Heathrow Gateway Church, Bible school lecturer and mission director. Steve ministered in such diverse places as China, Estonia, Spain, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. Steve holds a Masters Degree in Missiology from the University of Wales.

Craig Coles and his wife, Amy, have been active members of Hillsong Church since 1992 and are both graduates from Hillsong International Leadership College. Craig is National Product Manager for a logistics equipment manufacturer and has an equal passion for the house of God as he does business. Craig and Amy currently have two children.

Dr Jo Thomas (MBBS, FRACGP) and his wife, Leanne, have been part of Hillsong Church since the mid-eighties. They have two children. He and his wife are volunteer Service Pastors at one of the City Campus services, in Sydney. Jo works as a general practitioner and runs several practices within the Sydney region.

Andrew Denton is an Executive Director of Hillscorp and director of a number of other companies involved in property development. He was a licensed plumber and worked for a multinational building company before moving into developing over ten years ago. In over 30 years of working, Andrew gained considerable experience in senior project management, joint venture and client relationships. Andrew and his wife Susan and their three children have been active members of Hillsong Church since 1991.

My comments:


The writer Donald Elley of Bellingen

The writer Donald Elley of Bellingen. Wondering why Bobbie’s roar hasn’t produced any lionesses amongst the Hillsong Elders and Board.


Sure the men are mentioned on the Elders list as wives, but they’re not allowed any real power.

The Hillsong Elders and the Hillsong Board, which are the same thing, are 100% void of women.

It seems that at Hillsong the woman’s side of things is still in the Dark Ages and the real politics and power in Hillsong is a male bastion.


The attitude of Australian men to women.

The overall attitude of men on the planet to women is poor.

In Australia its not as bad as say Saudi Arabia, where the women are banned by Law to drive, and if they have sex outside marriage they get buried to the neck in the blanche sands of Arabia and have dry desert rocks tossed at their head, and are spat on, until they die.


Bobbie uses Hillsong cash to pay for boob jobs so she looks good.

Bobbie uses Hillsong cash to pay for botox, boob jobs and other “nip and tuck” cosmetic surgeries so she looks good “for the ministry”. Bobbie: “This is my woman’s conference. I do what I like and no one can stop me”. (Except God)


Does Bobbie’s penchant for material things and the material world make her a great icon for Christian women?

Yes if you’re an unenlightened painted-up bogan.

Any sophisticated woman or discerning man, sees through Bobbie in an instant.


Bobbie Houston. Trendy. Hip. Funky. Wowing it for Jesus.

Bobbie Houston. Trendy. Hip. Funky. Wowing it for Jesus. Drunk?


Bobbie really doesn’t do anything to help people’s perceptions of her.

Every time she opens her mouth she utters inane nonsense that doesn’t help her cause. Does she ever open her Holy Bible? Does she ever read it? If she reads it does she understand it?

Does Bobbie ever read passages like, “Do not love the world nor the things in the world”.

In context:

“15 Do not love the world nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life, is not from the Father, but is from the world.…

1 John 2:15-16


Bobbie’s Books

Brian has written 14 books.

I’ve spent $37 of my precious money to buy his latest “Live, Love, Lead”, meaning to review it.

I don’t recommend buying it. On the cover of this book Brian looks more like a satanic master sitting in darkness than a loving Christian pastor.

That alone is a reason not to buy the book.


"Live, Love, Lead". The folly of Brian. To choose a title the opposite of what he does. This is pure Brian Houston from the life of Brian.

“Live, Love, Lead”. The folly of Brian. To choose a title the opposite of what he does. This is pure Brian Houston from the life of Brian.



Brian’s new hair transplant, paid for with Hillsong tithes, really does look fake in this close up. Surely they could have air-brushed it up so it doesn’t look so fake, like Shane Warne’s hair transplants.


Shane Warne. Australian cricket legend. Text king. Hair transplant salesman. Pants man.

Shane Warne. Australian cricket legend. Text king. Hair transplant salesman. Pants man.

shane warne 4shane warne 3shane warne 2shane warne 6shane warne 7shane warne 8shane warne 9 shane warne 11


I’m quite sure that my review of Brian’s book, when I find the time to read it, is not going to be favourable.

The Houstons have a habit of writing books that are for the deaf and dumb.

Take Bobbie’s books, “Kingdom women love sex” and “I’m having what she’s having”, which is a borrow from the Meg Ryan and Billie Crystal movie, “When Harry met Sally”.


Meg Ryan faking an orgasm in the cafeteria scene in "When Harry mets Sally".

Meg Ryan faking an orgasm in the cafeteria scene in “When Harry mets Sally”.

Bobbie Houston c Bobbie Houston d


Bobby houston: "Revival has made me horny"

Bobbie Houston: “Revival has made me horny”

darlene; "We're it...I love Brian cos he made me rich".

Darlene: “I love Brian cos he made me rich”.

Bobby Houston: "Get over it. Of course Josh and Reed are welcome at Hillsong Church. Bring it on. We love gayness and gays".

Bobbie Houston. Likes sexy books.

Bobby Houston

Bobbie Houston


Bobbie’s book “I’ll have what she’s having” must be the sluttiest book a Christian female pastor has ever written.

Under the book title, “I’ll have what she’s having”, Bobbie has written the words “The ultimate compliment for any woman daring to change the world”.

Sometimes, in fact, almost always, when I see or hear Bobbie putting it out there to the world, I wonder why there is a disconnect in her head, as a female Christian pastor, between the Biblical view of a woman leader, as a strong emancipated warrior for God, and Bobbie’s view of a Christian woman as an emancipated vamp.

Madonna and Bobbie have more in common than the Holy Bible and Bobbie.



Madonna. The consequence of botox, plastic surgery and debauchery.

madonna 2 madonna 3 madonna 4


The Feminist Movement

The Feminist Movement didn’t start in the 1960s, and it certainly hasn’t been enhanced by Bobbie Houston.

The Feminist Movement started in the 19th century. These early feminists took on the male-dominated society at the time and fought for woman’s rights, and in particular the right to vote.

The first country to give women the vote was New Zealand in 1893. The Electoral Act 1893 gave all women in New Zealand the right to vote.

The second was Victoria in Australia followed by NSW. These regions weren’t officially “Australia” at the time in a governmental sense. It was pre-Federation times.


The Feminist Movement in New Zealand

Bobbie Houston comes from Auckland, New Zealand. My father also comes from there and my mother’s side from Wellington, the capital. Auckland is by far the largest city.

New Zealand has always led the world in woman’s rights.

Bobbie Houston’s philosophies of women take Christian women’s causes back at least 125 years, possibly even to the Medieval Dark Ages of the 5th to the 15th centuries AD.


Women’s suffrage in New Zealand

From Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia



Kate Sheppard. The most prominent member of New Zealand’s Women’s Suffrage. What a beautiful looking woman.


“Women’s suffrage in New Zealand was an important political issue in the late 19th century. In early colonial New Zealand, as in other European societies, women were excluded from any involvement in politics. Public opinion began to change in the latter half of the 19th century, however, and after years of effort by suffrage campaigners, led by Kate Sheppard, New Zealand became the first self-governing country in the world in which all women had the right to vote in parliamentary elections.

The Electoral Bill granting women the franchise was given Royal Assent by Governor Lord Glasgow on 19 September 1893. Women voted for the first time in the election held on 28 November 1893 (elections for the Māori electorates were held on 20 December). In 1893, Elizabeth Yates also became Mayor of Onehunga, the first time such a post had been held by a female anywhere in the British Empire.



Portrait of an unknown New Zealand suffragette. At Charles Hemus Studio. Circa 1880. The sitter wears a white camellia and has cut off her hair, both symbolic of support for advancing woman’s rights.


Women’s suffrage was granted after about two decades of campaigning by women throughout New Zealand, including Kate Sheppard and Mary Ann Müller. The New Zealand branch of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union led by Anne Ward was particularly instrumental in the campaign. Influenced by the American branch of the Women’s Christian Temperance Movement, and the philosophy of thinkers like Harriet Taylor Mill and John Stuart Mill, the movement argued that women could bring morality into democratic politics. Opponents argued instead that politics was outside women’s ‘natural sphere’ of the home and family. Suffrage advocates countered that allowing women to vote would encourage policies which protected and nurtured families.

WCTU campaigners and suffragettes organised and delivered a series of petitions to Parliament: over 9000 signatures were delivered in 1891, followed by a petition of almost 20,000 signatures in 1892, and finally in 1893 nearly 32,000 signatures were presented – almost a quarter of the adult European female population of New Zealand.

From 1887, various attempts were made to pass bills enabling female suffrage, the first of which was authored by Julius Vogel, the 8th Premier of New Zealand. Each bill came close to passing. Several electoral bills that would have given adult women the right to vote were passed in the House of Representatives but defeated in the upper Legislative Council.

In 1891 Walter Carncross moved an amendment that was intended to make a new bill fail in the Legislative Council. His amendment was for women to become eligible to be voted into the House of Representatives and in this way Carncross ensured that the conservative Upper House would reject the bill. This tactic infuriated the suffragette Catherine Fulton, who organised a protest at the 1893 election. An 1892 Electoral Bill, introduced by John Ballance, provided for the enfranchisement of all women, but controversy over an impractical postal vote amendment caused its abandonment.

By 1893 there was considerable popular support for women’s suffrage. The 1893 Women’s Suffrage Petition was presented to Parliament and a new Electoral Bill passed through the Lower House with a large majority. During debate, there was majority support for the enfranchisement of Māori as well as Pākehā women. Lobbyists for the liquor industry, concerned that women would force the prohibition of alcohol, petitioned the Upper House to reject the bill. Suffragists responded with mass rallies and telegrams to Members of Parliament. They gave their supporters in Parliament white camellias to wear in their buttonholes. The Upper House was divided on the issue, and Premier Richard Seddon hoped to stop the bill.

Seddon needed one more vote to defeat the measure in the Upper House. A new Liberal Party councillor, Thomas Kelly, had decided to vote in favour of the measure, but Seddon obtained his consent by wire to change his vote. Seddon’s manipulation incensed two other councillors William Hunter Reynolds and Edward Cephas John Stevens, so they changed sides and voted for the bill, allowing it to pass by 20 votes to 18 on 8 September 1893. The two opposition councillors had been opposed to woman’s suffrage without the ‘electoral rights’ safeguard of postal voting; seen as necessary to allow all women in isolated rural areas to vote, although seen by the Liberals as making the vote open to manipulation by husbands or employers.

Eighteen legislative councillors petitioned the new governor, Lord Glasgow, to withhold his consent in enacting the law, but on 18 September 1893 the governor consented and The Electoral Act 1893 gave all women in New Zealand the right to vote.

Both the Liberal government and the opposition subsequently claimed credit for the enfranchisement of women, and sought women’s newly acquired votes on these grounds.

Further advances in women’s political rights

In 1893, Elizabeth Yates became the first woman in the British Empire to become mayor, though she held the post in Onehunga, a city now part of Auckland, only for about a year.

Women were not eligible to be elected to the House of Representatives until 1919 though, when three women, including Ellen Melville stood. Elizabeth McCombs was the first woman to win an election (to the Lyttelton seat held by her late husband, via widow’s succession) in the 1933 by-election, followed by Catherine Stewart (1938), Mary Dreaver (1941), Mary Grigg (1942) and Mabel Howard (1943). Melville stood for the Reform Party and Grigg for the National Party, while Stewart, Dreaver and Howard were all Labour Party. The first Maori woman MP was Iriaka Ratana in 1949; she also succeeded to the seat held by her late husband.

Women were not eligible to be appointed to the New Zealand Legislative Council (the Upper House of Parliament) until 1941. The first two women (Mary Dreaver and Mary Anderson) were appointed in 1946 by the Labour Government. In 1950 the “suicide squad” appointed by the National Government to abolish the Legislative Council included three women: Mrs Cora Louisa Burrell of Christchurch, Mrs Ethel Marion Gould of Auckland and Mrs Agnes Louisa Weston of Wellington.

In 1989 Helen Clark became the first female Deputy Prime Minister. In 1997, the then-current Prime Minister Jim Bolger lost the support of the National Party and was replaced by Jenny Shipley, making her the first female Prime Minister of New Zealand. In 1999, Clark became the second female Prime Minister of New Zealand, and the first woman to gain the position at an election.

The New Zealand Suffrage Centennial Medal 1993 was authorised by the Queen by Royal Warrant dated 1 July 1993, and was awarded to 546 selected persons in recognition of their contribution to the rights of women in New Zealand or to women’s issues in New Zealand or both”.


My comments:

My country of birth, New Zealand, has always led the world in women’s rights, and Christian women in New Zealand have never been under the thumb in my lifetime.

The exception are those women who either willing or ignorantly choose to believe and adhere to erroneous submission doctrines, which are normally propagated by ignorant religious men.

My father, Reuben Donald Elley, a Christian pastor, and my mother Valerie Jean Elley, always taught that women are equal with men.

Ideas of women being subservient to men, as propagated by antiquated institutions like the NSW Anglican Church, are not biblical, and are not to be listened to, in any way.

I can’t believe that modern NSW Anglican women would allow themselves to be treated in this way, or even listen to the doctrines of bondage, as propagated by Rev Philip Jensen and his brother Rev Peter Jensen, and many of their NSW Anglican colleagues. Unenlightened men for sure.

Overall, I can’t see why modern Christian women would take any notice of Bobbie Houston either.

It pains me deeply to read that Bobbie Houston’s Colour movement has now taken over all the Australian Christian Churches ACC) movement, which number of 1000 churches all over Australia.

The ACC’s woman’s movement is now called the Colour movement.


ACC website:

“Australian Christian Women

The women of Colour Conference
The heartbeat of Australian Christian Women – to place value upon the individual and to present womanhood as God intended.

The vision of Australian Christian Women – to see men, women and children rise to their stature across the landscape of the Church.

The mandate of Australian Christian Women – to facilitate the above through partnership and in association with national & state AOG leadership

You can capture the heartbeat, vision & mandate of the ACW at our annual conference.
Visit colourconference.com

The Leadership of Australian Christian Women

Bobbie Houston
National Director
& New South Wales Director

(02) 8846 4603

Australian Christian Women

The women of Colour Conference
The heartbeat of Australian Christian Women – to place value upon the individual and to present womanhood as God intended.

The vision of Australian Christian Women – to see men, women and children rise to their stature across the landscape of the Church.

The mandate of Australian Christian Women – to facilitate the above through partnership and in association with national & state AOG leadership

You can capture the heartbeat, vision & mandate of the ACW at our annual conference.
Visit colourconference.com

Australian Christian Women exists to serve and bless the local churches within our State.

We don’t exist to intrude or do the work of the “local church”, but rather to come alongside and assist wherever possible.

Bobbie passionately believes in the potential of all people and is devoted to the Cause of Christ. Her desire to see value placed on womanhood will greatly inspire you and give you a fresh perspective on the magnificence of God and His Church.

Read Bobbie’s blog on Hillsong Collected

Copyright 2012
Australian Christian Women

The Colour Sisterhood
Privacy Statement
Terms of Use”


My comments:

The ACC Woman’s movement is clearly dominated by Bobbie Houston and her Colour movement.

I’ll review Bobbie’s books, of which I have copies of the two mentioned in this article, at a later stage.

The influence of Bobbie Houston on Pentecostal Churches in Australia and New Zealand and beyond is extremely concerning.



Brian and Bobbie Houston at the exclusive Catalina Restaurant Rose Bay, Sydney.

Brian and Bobbie Houston at the exclusive Catalina Restaurant Rose Bay, Sydney. Living the high life on Hillsong tithes. Chauffeurs. Luxury holidays in five star hotels in the Mediterranean and America. Top restaurants. Luxury Bondi beach-side apartments for them and their kin, worth over $2 million each. Property personally held in tax-free church trusts, to avoid paying any tax.

bobbie t2

Hillsong worship leader Josh Canfield and his partner Reed

Hillsong worship leader Josh Canfield and his partner Reed

Hillsong m6B and B 04Brian gay02-1

Hillsong. Taking woman's rights back to the Dark Ages.

Hillsong: Taking woman’s rights and men’s views about women back to the Dark Ages.