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Frank Houston the pedophile founder of Hillsong Global Church. The covert homosexual and pedophile Frank Houston- the founder of Hillsong Church- was the ultimate Jackal and Hyde


The covert homosexual and pedophile Frank Houston, the founder of Hillsong, was a rotten totally corrupt pedophile and sexual deviate who like Satanists and the Illuminati used the Christian ministry as a ruse and disguise to access children so he could sexually abuse them.


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A pedophile suffers from deep pathological desires to sexually abuse little children and/ or teens.

The target demography of the pedophile Frank Houston’s sexual abuse were little boys aged 7-12.

Known boy victims AHA, WNZ1, SA1 and the six Lower Hutt Assemblies of God (AOG) victims fall into this demography.

From the evidence and by Frank Houston’s own confession of being “very active” as a pedophile I sense there were hundreds of boy and teen victims.

Most won’t talk about it.

None of the six Lower Hutt AOG victims will talk about it to anyone. They’re over it.

AHA is sick of talking about it and wants to move on in his life.

SA1 doesn’t talk about it and is getting his life back together.

As is WNZ1 working on his life.

Because Frank Houston was a homosexual and a predator he also abused older males.

I have no evidence of him abusing children under the age of 7, which was AHA’s age when the sexual abuse started, although he may have. It is very hard for children under 7 to remember these types of abuse events. Psychological defence mechanisms then dot suppress the memory.

Frank Houston almost certainly sexually abused his sons Brian and Graeme.

He probably sexually abused his grandchildren, particularly the males.


Brian Houston b1

Brian Houston. Trying to grow his beard long to make up for his baldness which is covered by hair-transplants stitched in from cosmetic surgeons in the elite Double Bay, Sydney- every follicle paid for by Hillsong Global Church cash and tithes on the pretence of improving Brian’s ‘image’.


Brian Houston ego 14

Brian Houston circa 1983. Brian was suffering from a receding hair-line even back then.

Brian Houston 8

A young Brian and Bobbie Houston with their children. Circa 1985. Hairline receding further. Like the Freddy Mercury moustache. Bobbie sporting an 80s Suzi Quattro or Cher hairstyle,


WNZ1 was 8 when he was sexually abused by the founder of Hillsong Church- the pedophile Frank Houston, the second youngest known victim.

Older males over the age of consent who were sexually abused by the pedophile Frank Houston include Peter Laughton, the pedophile Frank Houston’s worship leader at CLC Darlinghurst, the first name for Hillsong Church in the early 1980s.

Dave Sayers was also sexually abused at this time but in a disguised way. Often the pedophile Frank Houston did sneaky covert abuses. The incident described below fits into this category.

Dave Sayers

Dave Sayers started many ministries at Christian Life Centre, Darlinghurst in the early 1980s. This was the first name for Hillsong Church.

Frank Houston used to call Dave Sayers “my ideas man”.

Dave Sayers was my off-sider for about a year when we did numerous building projects at the church and IICM Bible College in 1981-2.

At Christian Life Centre, Darlinghurst (old name for Hillsong), Dave Sayers was the pioneer of Street Evangelism, Christian Commandos, the Puppet Ministry and other forms of Christian Outreach.

Dave Sayers was with YWAM before he came to CLC Darlinghurst in the late 1970s.

Dave is from a strong Baptist family. His mother and father were people of the Word (Bible), like most Baptists.

Dave has been involved in the Pentecostal/ Charismatic movement for over 40 years. Longer than me.

I clocked 40 years in the Charismatic- Pentecostal Movement on 5 December last year. It’s been quite a journey and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. I love God, I love the Holy Spirit, I love the gifts of the Holy Spirit and I love the Holy Spirit’s Presence and His love and joy flowing into and through me to others.

Dave tells it as it is about “Pastor” Frank Houston and his pedophilia by describing an incident of Pastor Frank Houston’s sexual abuse of him as an adult man aged about 30.


Mr Francis

William Francis “Frank” Houston the founder of Hillsong Global Church. A rotten rock-spider. ‘Rock-spider’ is a jail term for pedophile- the low of the low- in jail and in Hades.


Dave Sayers story of his sexual abuse by the homosexual and pedophile Frank Houston.

Dave was aged 30 when this covert sexual abuse occurred in Frank Houston’s office at CLC Darlinghurst, the first name for Hillsong Church, in 1983.


Here is Dave Sayers story about Frank Houston’s covert homosexual sexual abuse of him as told by Dave in his own words unedited:

“Hi Don,

I have a vivid memory of Frank Houston that was triggered by your description of a rock spider.

I was 30 and a leader in those days and was in a private meeting in Frank’s office.

This incident meant absolutely nothing to me for 34 years or more
until reading your descriptions of Frank the rock spider.

In this meeting, I remember the unease I felt and it meant nothing at the time
as it was all done in the name of religion and I thought that this was the method for imparting the anointing.

Frank said “Let’s pray”, and then what happened sends chills up my spine today
knowing what he did to many young boys including the very brave ones who have come forward on your site.

Frank was sitting opposite me and he moved forward very quickly, like a pouncing spider,
making me feel very uneasy and an invasion of my personal space, wandering hands all over me, rubbing the tops of my thighs vigorously for longer than a short time and face to face very close.

I remember his eyes as you say, black as night.

Your vivid accurate description of a rock spider pouncing would be the way I would describe this incident.

Your description of a rock spider (poor rock spider) is completely accurate and I can only imagine but never understand any of the horror in the lives of the small innocent children that this priest from hell inflicted on.

The man hypnotised many into believing his eyes were pools of love for lost souls
but it wasn’t the fire of God in those eyes it was the fires of hell of a tormented sick man.

This man was an antichrist whose legacy is a false church, Hillsong, infiltrating the Australian Christian Churches movement (edit: formerly called the Australian Assemblies of God (AOG) Church, preaching a false cultist gospel, deceiving everyone within the sound of his voice, lying to his own dear wife and throwing everyone under the bus to pay for his sins.

Dave Sayers


frank houston bm1

The lifelong evil criminal pedophile Frank Houston. Eyes deep coal black as Hades. Frank Houston sexually abused over four hundred little boys and male teens in his lifetime. Brian Houston said to the media earlier this year he knows of six victims now. He’s lying because he knows there are far more. I’ve evidence of 14 so far and counting.