Tim Worner with his wife- “Family man”- likes cocaine during sex- Tim Worner met Amber Harrison in late 2012 and the pair began sleeping together soon after

In the same year Tim Worner’s bonus was slashed by $100,000 to pay his former lover, Seven chairman Kerry Stokes praised his leadership abilities

Happier times: Kerry Stokes, chairman of Seven West Media (right) with chief executive Tim Worner

Samantha Armytage. Cute in bunny ears. Amber Harrison alleges in a sworn statement that Samantha Armytage had an affair with her married Big Seven Boss Tim Worner.

Rebecca Gibney is alleged in a sworn statement by Amber Harrison to have had an affair with Tim Worner

Tim Worner Seven Boss and Amber Harrison ex lover and aggrieved employee of Seven. Amber wants justice and a voice.

Billionaire Kerry Stokes regards Tim Worner as the “greatest programmer in Australia”.

Please fill in the gap: “Tim Worner is the greatest w…er in Australia”

PS the missing word rhymes with banker

Australian Financial Review

Seven CEO Tim Worner was too valuable for Kerry Stokes to fire

Billionaire Kerry Stokes regards Tim Worner, left, as the
Billionaire Kerry Stokes regards Tim Worner, left, as the “greatest programmer in Australia”. 
Aaron Patrick


Seven West Media chairman Kerry Stokes refused to sack chief executive Tim Worner over an embarrassing affair with a secretary because of concerns he would be lured to run a rival broadcaster such as Network Ten Holdings.

Despite huge negative publicity from allegations by Amber Harrison that she was victimised by the media group, Mr Stokes defended Mr Worner in public and paid Ms Harrison to leave even though the company had evidence she had abused expenses for several years.

“Tim is the greatest programmer and producer in Australia,” a person familiar with Mr Stokes’ thinking said.

By protecting Mr Worner, Mr Stokes sent a message to investors that he would put profits ahead of arguments raised by figures such as corporate director Sam Mostyn and others that Ms Harrison was treated unfairly because she was a woman who had an affair with a powerful older man.


Even though Seven was unhappy about Tim Worner's affair with Amber Harrison, it felt he was too good to fire.
Even though Seven was unhappy about Tim Worner’s affair with Amber Harrison, it felt he was too good to fire. Twitter


The criticism led to Mr Worner’s resignation from the Sydney Swans board this month. Ms Harrison is suing Seven in the Federal Court. The company is seeking a permanent gag order against her in the NSW Supreme Court.

There are few other CEO candidates for TV networks, he said, and Mr Stokes would be unlikely to return to the strong-willed David Leckie, who drove Seven to the top position in 2007, which it has kept since.

“There is not a new bright-and-upcoming chief executive in the industry,” he said.

Revenue share

Premier Investments CEO Mark McInnes on Derby Day at Flemington Racecourse. Seven executives felt David Jones suffered ...
Premier Investments CEO Mark McInnes on Derby Day at Flemington Racecourse. Seven executives felt David Jones suffered when he was removed as CEO after being accused of sexual harassment. 


The Sydney-based Seven Network has 39-40 per cent of the $3.5 billion television ad market, Mr Cox said. Nine Entertainment Group has about 37-38 per cent. The two-point difference is worth about $70 million a year.

“On revenue share they have outdone Nine and killed Ten,” he said. “On that point of view you would have to say he [Mr Worner] has continued to be a success at that level. On these accounts he has done well. It’s the delivery.”

Mr Worner, a former sports journalist who lives with his wife in the beach suburb of Manly, was paid $2.8 million last year. Seven, which has a market value of $1.1 billion, represents a big chunk of Mr Stokes’ estimated $1.7 billion wealth.

Seven executives were concerned that News Corp executives would hire Mr Worner to run the third-ranked Ten network, which is in danger of being placed in receivership. News Corp co-chairman Lachlan Murdoch is a major shareholder. Ten chief executive Paul Anderson is an accountant from New Zealand.

The football-loving Mr Worner was previously head of television and head of programming at Seven West Media, which owns magazines, the West Australian newspaper and the Yahoo!7 website. He was also head of sport, and the network’s broadcast of the Australian Football League is one of its most important assets.

Seven executives compared their situation with retailer David Jones, which fired chief executive Mark McInnes after he was accused of sexual harassment. Mr McInnes was soon hired by Premier Investments. David Jones struggled afterwards and was sold four years later.

Case continues to embarrass

Married four times, Mr Stokes was criticised as a bully for portraying Ms Harrison as a thief on a call with analysts and investors in February, given she was not allowed to respond under a court order obtained by Seven to stop her releasing embarrassing personal and corporate information about Mr Worker and Seven.

A review of Ms Harrison’s expenses by accounting firm Deloitte classified $149,251 as not legitimate work charges.

Four months after news of the affair broke, the case continues to embarrass Seven. At the Logie Awards on April 23, which was broadcast on the Nine network, host Dave Hughes made a joke at Seven’s expense.

“Channel Seven were working on a pilot for The Wrong Girl with their CEO Tim Worner … that was more of a reality show and he picked the wrong girl,” he said. “It was going really well but they thought it was too expensive so they tried to cancel it.”

Ms Harrison then tweeted: “The wrong girl to mess with. I’ll own that. Thanks #TVWEEKLogies.”

On Friday a judge in Melbourne told Seven it would have to enter mediation with Ms Harrison even though the company said it had nothing further to negotiate with her.

Ms Harrison’s lawyers could demand Mr Stokes, Mr Worner or other directors and executives give evidence in court in NSW.

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