Please pray for our beautiful Coptic Christian sisters and brothers in Egypt, and for all Middle Eastern Christians, who are facing ostracisation, persecutions and martyrdom from Muslims and Islamic extremists every day.

Christianity is banned in Saudi Arabia.

Christians are slain by ISIS as a matter of automatic Islamic Caliphate protocol.

Christians are persecuted and ostracised in Egypt.

Christians are being murdered and slain in Syria.

There is nowhere safe for Christians in the Middle East, except in Israel.

Here is a very beautiful Coptic Christian worship song, sung in Arabic, at the Church in The Cave in Cairo.

The translation in English is below.



“I need the touch of Your Spirit to change me. And I need You’re blood, oh Jesus, to purify me. Every time I come and see You, and see my name inscribed on the palms of Your hand, You break the chains and Your truth sets me free. I come feeling weak, strengthen me! I come feeling sad, comfort me! I come to you as a sinner, heal me! Touch me with Your power! Show me the glory of Your splendor! Fill my heart with Your tenderness, and quench my thirst!”