Here I bring my precious perfume, pour it on your hair
Let me now know Your esteemed truth
Instead of thorns in your crown
And rest my head on your chest

You have broken your heart for my sake
Here I break the precious perfume vase
At Your feet and rub them,
Where I I find rest and no worries.

Never be in my heart any companion partner except You
To You alone is all my heart
Let my heart be broken to satisfy Your Heart
And all my desire be for Your Glory

Let me pour myself at Your feet
I have been revealed by Your watchful eyes
And I seek weakness leaning on You
In order to refer all the glory to You

Let me now gratify and raise Your name
Lest the chance be gone and time comes to an end
Only St. Mary has won the prize
But the other Marys’ perfume missed that chance

Let me honor your name and raise it now so that the opportunity does not pass and the time is over
Only Mary won the Nishan
But Maryam’s was too late