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In the Holy Bible frogs symbolise spiritual uncleanness and unclean spirits.



International Bible Dictionary

‘Hebrew word for frog: ‘tsephardea’; compare Arabic ‘dafda’. See Exodus 8:2; Psalms 78:45; 105:30); Greek word for frog, ‘batrachos’. See Revelation 16:13.

The references in the book of Psalms, as well as in Exodus, are to the plague of frogs.

In Revelation 16:13 we have, “And I saw coming out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits, as it were frogs”.

The word ‘tsephardea’ probably referred both to frogs and to toads, as does the Arabic dafda. In Palestine and Syria Rana esculenta, Bufo viridis and Hyla arborea are common. According to Mr. Michael J. Nicoll, assistant director of the Zoological Gardens at Gizah, near Cairo, the commonest Egyptian species are Rana mascariensis and Bufo regularis. Rana esculenta, Bufo viridis and Bufo vittatus are also found, but are much less common’.


My comments:

Lucifer of old has been up to his old tricks again. Untold myriads of unclean frog spirits have been released by lucifer and his demonic spirit lords across the earth in these days. Those who don’t know the Lord, or Christians who aren’t grounded in Almighty God’s Love and Presence, are unable to resist the power and seduction of these spirits.

These unclean frog-like spirits hopping across the world, in the spirit realm, sent from the swamps of Hades, include myriads of unclean, gay-loving frog spirits. These unclean frog-like spirits have been, are being, and will be released on the earth, just like Revelation 16:13 predicts.


“The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river, the Euphrates; and its water was dried up, so that the way would be prepared for the kings from the east. And I saw coming out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits like frogs; for they are spirits of demons, performing signs, which go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them together for the war of the great day of God, the Almighty.…”

Revelation 16: 12-14


Benny Hinn is a false prophet who does signs and wonders, but thinks nothing of having an affair with a fellow evangelist and then lying about it and covering it up. He’s a very greedy man and pulls in $200 million a year mainly from gullible fellow American Christians. He does so-called miracles, but has shown to be charlatan and a con. He also practices necromancy.


Benny Hinn. Caught with his pants down in Rome. I wonder what his wife thought of this headline?

Benny Hinn. Caught with his pants down in Rome. I wonder what his wife thought of this headline? Denied it. Unrepentant. A con-artist.

benny hinn and pope 13benny hinn and pope 12benny hinn and pope 3


Pastor Brian Houston, the CEO of Hillsong doesn’t perform miracles. His unclean gift to mankind is unbridled covetousness, greed, dishonesty and pillaging the coffers of the Lord and the Temple by stealing money from worship DVD sales through royalties. Worship should be free and no man should profit from it. He has also allowed a coterie of gays and free-wheeling unconverted trendy celebrities into his church at Hillsong NYC. He can’t help them because he has no answers. Brian’s gospel is a powerless, Holy Spirit-less lifestyle and prosperity gospel. His dad Frank was a lifelong secret homosexual and pedophile. The most corrupt Pentecostal pedophile pastor since the day of Pentecost almost exactly 2000 years ago.


Pastor Brian Houston

Pastor Brian Houston. Callous. Greedy. A frog-like greedy lord. Brian: “We are not liable to the boy victims of Hillsong’s abuse”.


Pastor Pat Mesisti, the fallen Australian youth evangelist from Hillsong Sydney and a mate of Brian Houston, Hillsong’s CEO. Pat Mesiti committed adultery with prostitutes in dark Darlinghurst, Sydney brothels using a Hillsong credit card, after preaching to thousands of young people. Pat has never disclosed what he did and whether any of the prostitutes were under-aged? Were they male, female, bi-sexual, transexual or a bit of everything? I’d like to know the answers to these questions. Now Pat Mesiti is preaching a gospel of even greater avarice and greed than before. The false greed-laden gospel of prosperity where Christ is transformed from a suffering servant into a false christ- a gold laden lord.



Pastor Pat Mesiti of Hillsong Sydney. Fallen youth evangelist. Now preaching a gospel of greed.


Pastor Neville Johnson of Academy of Light, Perth, Western Australia was caught taking blow jobs from three successive secretaries in the 1970s as the most successful pastor in Australia and New Zealand at the time. Neville fled to Australia and has never apologised or set things right. Naughty Neville Johnson never repented, has never apologised to his victims or their families and left a 3000 member church in ruins on the floor. The church has never recovered and many left the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ and have never returned.


Still ministering despite dark skeletons from his past not faced up to and dealt with.

Likes blow jobs from church secretaries. Still ministering despite dark skeletons from his past not faced up to and dealt with. A false prophet. Don’t listen to a word he says. It’s all bolony and bollocks.


These types of men are unclean frogs released on earth. But the worst frog of all was Pastor Frank Houston, Brian Houston’s father, the founder of the Hillsong organisation. Pastor Frank Houston was a lifelong secret homosexual and pedophile while parading as a holy man of God, a great evangelist and a great Christian leader.


Rev William Francis Frank...enstein Houston, the founder of Hillsong

Rev William Francis Frank…enstein Houston, the founder of Hillsong. 

Pastor Frank Houston. Lifelong pedophile. Answerable to God.

Pastor Frank Houston. Lifelong secret pedophile. Answerable to God.


‘How the mighty have fallen’.

These men have been taken captive by frog-like spirits.

Hillsong has allowed sodomites and celebrities to lead the worship for over five years at Hillsong New York City, which is an abomination to Almighty God.


Hillsong NYC. Open gays leading the choir

Hillsong NYC. Open gays leading the choir. Sodomites leading worship in the Temple of a false christ. The fake prosperity jesus of a false church which worships money and business success. A laser church of loud electronic thunders, laser displays and rock-off cliches. A church of outward appearances indistinguishable from the lucifer’s corrupt world system with all it’s glitz, glamour, immorality and fornication. Hillsong: a church the Lord Jesus would never attend.

hillsong Church 1


Outside the church, in the spiritual realm, there is enormous pressure for mankind to accept gays, gayness and gay marriage.

“As it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorah so shall it be in the days of the Son of Man”.

Sodom was so named because of the proliferation of gays and gayness in that city at the time of Abraham, the great patriarch of the Jewish Nation.

Abraham, a righteous man, whose soul was vexed by the compromises of Lot, his nephew. When we go into the cities we must remember the temptations.

Pastor Brian Houston came to convert Sydney to the gospel and Sydney converted him to it’s gospel of greed, avarice and high living. Humble Christians pray, share the Bible and worship. Pat Mesiti, Brian Houston, Paul de Jong of Life Church, Auckland, New Zealand and Pastor Phil Pringle sit around the dining table boasting about how many people go to their grand churches, how much money they make and how big their house is. This is the same conversation of the wealthy in Sydney as they wine and dine at their favourite Eastern Suburbs or Lower North Shore restaurants.

The sodomite spirit is an unclean frog spirit which has been released on the earth.

Sodomy means to have man to man anal and oral sexual relations.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by these things. Trust in God, rest in God and find a deep place in God through prayer and Bible study.

We who carry the Blessed Holy Spirit Presence in our earthly vessels don’t have to be like them.


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