Rev Frank Houston, the founder of Hillsong, speaks to the readers of this site from Hades


Pastor Frank Houston. Founder of Hillsong. Extremely corrupt life-long pedophile. Prolific out-of-control secret pedophile for many decades while a very famous and prominent Christian pastor. The pedophile who became a Christian pastor. He intentionally used the Christian ministry as a foil or cloak to conduct pedophile activities. The Criminal Mind of Frank Houston. A child-molesting monster from Hades. If you look at Frank Houston’s eyes and his teeth you can see the prince demon, like a snake, one of the myriad demons inside him, staring out at the world


rock spider b

Introducing Rev Francis Rock Spider Houston. A rock-spider is jail slang for a pedophile or child rapist. The term is Western Australian jail slang by origin. In jail and Hades hierarchies, pedophiles are the low of the lowest.


Pastor Frank Houston. In Hades now awaiting The Great Judgement.

The child rapist Rev Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong mega-church. Now waiting in Hades for The Great Judgement of mankind.


Pastor Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong. Lifelong secret pedophile. Confessed at age 77.

Pastor Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong. Lifelong secret pedophile. Confessed at age 77.


Rev Francis Rock Spider Houston, the founder of Hillsong, former name Rev Frank Houston, speaks to readers of this blog-site from Hades:

“Thank you Donald Elley of Bellingen for inviting me to share a few words on your blog-site.

I’m here in Hades awaiting The Great Judgment of mankind.

I don’t miss my former life at all. Too much pressure, too much hiding, too much lying, especially being hassled about my lifelong interests with little boys in the last five years of my time on earth, after I confessed to my dopey son Brian about being a child rapist.


Dopey son Brian


Death was a cynch. I thought I might end up in the Great Fire for what I’d done, although I’m not sure if here in Hades with the other Rock Spiders and spider demons, is a kindling stack for the Great Fires of Eternal Judgment and Eternal Hell. I hope not. It’s not going to be nice if we all get dragged in there. I can hear the screams of eternal loss, regret and torment not too far away. Dante was right.

I’m happy where I am at the moment in Hades amongst my Rock Spider brethren. Holy Houston Hillsong amen and amen to that. Give our Great Houston Hillsong gold-covered, proud and conceited Prosperity god Dagon a big clap. He looked after the Philistines and he looks after my dopey son Brian, all of Hillsong mega-church and us here in Hades too.


Dopey son Brian


I do miss you all. Remember I used to say on earth all the time from the Holy Houston Hillsong pulpit, “I love God and I love people”. Well now I say “I’m scared as hell of God and, sucked in you good folks for believing I loved anyone except myself- although sometimes I think I don’t even love myself”.

I’d like to take you back to the beginning.

I had an evil bastard of a dad, as I shared many times on earth from the Holy Houston Hillsong pulpit.


Un-Holy Houston pulpit


My dad’s name was Frank too. In fact he’s here. A rotten skinny hairy old decrepit bug-eyed dirty smelly rock-spider like me.


Frank’s dad Frank


It was good to catch up with dad and to tell him what a rotten old dirty decrepit bug-eyed smelly rock-spider child rapist he was for abusing me as a kid for 5 years or more. Dad just laughed and his demon pals cackled and cursed like hyenas.

Sometimes it gets a bit hot down here. They should turn on the air conditioning.


Lucifer and his demons- air-conditioning problems in Hell


I never really recovered from what dad did to me. I read about it on earth. It’s called modelling. It was hard for me not to copy dad’s behaviour.

I was such a happy cheeky little Houston until dad did that to me. Then I became cynical inside. Then evil. Then a pedophile like him.

I’m going to tell you about the incidents of abuse of little boys Donald Elley of Bellingen knows about.

The rest I’ll talk about once Donald Elley of Bellingen digs them up.

I heard from my father Lucifer that Donald Elley of Bellingen has identified fourteen boy and teen sexual abuse victims of mine. Haha that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Sucked in Donald Elley…keep looking. That’s another thing Ivan Milat the Australian serial killer and my soul brother in murderous evil-blood and I have in common. We don’t help the cops or anyone else find our victims. Sucked in.



Incidentally, I feel no remorse about what I did on earth to little boys. I was obeying the will of my father Belzebub, who my father Frank followed before me, and who my dopey greedy dumb-headed son Brian and his two dopey sons have followed after me.


dopey greedy dumb-headed son Brian and his two dopey sons


Early on I realised I had urges towards little boys and males.


Early on I realised I had urges towards little boys and males.


I tried being a Christian pastor to overcome my dark urges but they only got worse.

After I knew I couldn’t control these dark forces in me, I gave into them.

At first I tried to love God and love people, like my mum, my wife and my blessed servant Hazel and Ray Bloomfield had taught me, then I realised I didn’t give a damn. Sucked in again if you think I cared. It was all lies, deceptions and worse.


my wife and my blessed servant Hazel


When I said I cared and offered friendship to boys and young men, I had other things in  mind.


The Bishop and his boy. Frank Houston with Peter Laughton his worship leader, with whom he had a secret homosexual affair from 1980 to 1984. Peter told the Sydney Morming Herald the lurid stories of Rev Frank Houston’s “endless bum caresses” and “homosexual experiments with coca-cola bottles”


Even my dopey dumb wife Hazel let me get away with my lifestyle. Hazel just said, “Oh well, Frank’s got a bit of a problem with little boys” and went back to doing the dishes, falling asleep in front of the TV and writing dead-dumb lying books about me and how great I was on earth. All lies and deceptions but Hazel didn’t give a toss about the truth.


Hazel just said, “Oh well, Frank’s got a bit of a problem with little boys”


What a book title: “Being Frank”. What a dumb-minded book title. How dishonest. “Being Franked Up” or “Cranky Child Rapist Frank”, more like it.

I hear my dopey son Brian is still writing his dumb books too. “Live Love Lead”- writing books with titles the very opposite of what he does. As we used to say back in New Zealand. Yes…”The blind leading the blind to hell and back”…and, “Leading poor dumb dumbs up the creek and leaving the poor suckers there without a paddle”. That’s my boy Brian- Oh boy. I taught him so well.


Brian -“Leading poor dumb dumbs up the creek and leaving the poor suckers there without a paddle”


Hazel’s dumb book about me “Being Frank” gave Hazel her fifteen minutes of fame in her Christian book bubble. How dumb. Oh boy. Oh dear. Poor silly old woman. Sometimes I think I was a male chauvinist on earth. I was that and far worse believe me. Women…yukko. I’m talking like a rotten old homo now and not a learned church pedophile pastor. Oops…better stop talking about Hazel and women.

You can call me rotten dirty old child rapist Frank if you like. I really don’t care. That’s what I am: dirty old rotten decrepit Frank Houston the Rock Spider Child Rapist the founder of Hillsong mega-church.


Francis “Frank” Houston, the pedophile founder of Hillsong


Rev Francis Rock Spider: “I went crazy with the pedophile thing in the 1960s and 1970s


By then I was adored as a very successful and respected man of God: the perfect cover for all I had in mind.

Sucked in you guys. You didn’t catch me until near the end. Then I bluffed you with every trick in the book and dumped the lot on my poor old dopey son Brian.

Poor old dopey dumb Brian- you tool. Sucked in so bad again and again and still saying he loves me. How pathetic and dumb. My dopey, dopey son Brian…haha hahahaa…Holy Hillsong Houston…ha haaas

I sometimes think of dopey dumb Brian. What a holy Houston set-up.


“Poor old dopey” dumb Brian- you tool”


Can a man do anything more evil than pretend he is a holy man of God, pretend that he loves his dopey son, do stuff like take him to expensive long lunches on Hillsong church cash, set him up with heaps of Hillsong church cash, hand him the keys to the Hillsong cash vaults, teach him how to fleece the flock, hand him the Hillsong Sydney City Church to fleece too, and then throw him under a bus and leave him with the greatest Holy Houston Hillsong pedophile scandal mess the world has ever known when I died.

Holy hateful hilarious hybrid hyenas. Haha holy Francis Hypocritical Houstons haha, hahahahaha…sucked in Brian, you tool.”


benny hill 1

Hi I’m Benny Hill. I’m Saint Francis Rock-spiders room mate in Hades


spider demon 1

Donald Elley fo Bellingen

Mr Francis Rock Spider

Rock spider. Jail name fro pedophile.

Rock spider. Jail name for pedophile.

Frank the Rock Spider

Francis the Rock Spider

Rock spider. Clink term for pedo.

Hi. I’m Francis the Rock Spider the founder of Hillsong mega-church.


frank houston1117_spook-1

gay Frank


Saint Corpus Incredulous Copulator II, the great Hillsong religious nut and holy fool for his Prosperity fake Jesus…an Australian swamp marsupial rat rodent from the murky Houston Hillsong waters of pedophile sheltering, pedophile supporting and dead boys bones based in Baulkham Hills, Sydney, Australia is now going to talk with me on this my blog-site.

Saint Corpus Incredulous Copulator II, otherwise known as Pius Pope Peter, the cool-dude hip-hop Pope of Baulkham Hills Hillsong Basilica and the vast world beyond, formerly known as plain old Brian Houston from the bland grey fibro suburb of Lower Hutt in New Zealand…


brian tamaki c1

oops wrong Prosperity Pastor Brian…”Pastor” Bishop Brian Tamaki, New Zealand pentecostal Prosperity gospel preacher. New Zealand’s greatest false prophet and Prosperity gospel scammer since the pedophiles Rev Frank Houston and Rev Jim Williams left for Australia.


brian tamaki c10brian tamaki c2brian tamaki c8


brian houston b1

Saint Pius Peter of Hillsong Basilica Baulkham Hills in Sydney Australia (former Brian Houston). Saint Pius Peter (former Brian Houston) posted this photograph of himself with an Apostolic beard, his hair transplants combed back and settled lovingly with gel, devoutly praying on Twitter. A tool being a twit on Twitter. He must have been on the holy jim beam and PTSD tablets again. The Great Brian Houston, one of the vaguest, vainest, most narcissistic, most dishonest “men of God” ever to have walked on the God’s blue planet, praying that he wont go to jail soon for pedophile protection crimes.


Pope Pete of Baulkham Hills.

Donald Elley of Bellingen: “Pope Pius Peter of Hillsong Basilica Baulkham Hills, welcome to my blog-site. So nice to welcome you here again. What have you been up to?” Pope Pius Peter (former Brian Houston): “I’ve just come back from Double Bay. I had another hair transplant and Bobbie, my fair princess, had some holy private nips and tucks and grannie-sag silicone work”. Donald Elley of Bellingen: “Your Holy Eminence, do you mind me calling you Saint Copulator II?” Pope Pius Peter (former Brian Houston): “Haha..hahaha..holy haha…Donald Elley of Bellingen, you crack me up”. Donald Elley of Bellingen: “Your Holiness, please share the joke”. Pope Pius Peter (former Brian Houston): “It’s just your knowledge of all my holy names. How do you know what fair Hillsong princess Bobbie calls me in my holy inner chambers?” Donald Elley of Bellingen: “How is Bobbie anyway? Does she like my articles about her?” Pope Pius Peter of Baulkham Hills (former Brian Houston): “One thing about Bobbie, after almost forty years of marriage, she still calls me Saint Corpus Copulator II, and she’s always been a good sport”. Donald Elley of Bellingen: “But when Bobbie says things like, “If you’re not for Hillsong, you’re against Hillsong”- quoting a verse from the Holy Houston Hillsong canon of the Holy Houston scriptures (the Saint Corpus Incredulous Copulator II Revised Standard Version)- she does sound a bit heavy”. Pope Pius Peter (former Brian Houston): “Bobbie is just bluffing. Our actions have shown that we don’t give a toss who comes to Hillsong so long as they pay their tithes, sing along happily- even with gritted teeth because their wife or husband dragged them along, and they hate Tanya Levin, they’re welcome at the Holy Hillsong Basilica”. Donald Elley of Bellingen: “What’s this thing about Tanya Levin that grinds sand in your most holy gills, Your Most Eminent Holiness?” Pope Pius Peter (former Brian Houston): “Tanya Levin is the only person who has ever ‘come out’ as a Hillsong hater and written a book against us”. Donald Elley of Bellingen: “How would you feel if I wrote a book about Hillsong?” Pope Pius Peter (former Brian Houston): “It wouldn’t bother me because I’m far greater and I’ve written many books”. Donald Elley of Bellingen: “Then why does Tanya Levin get up your holy gills so much”. Pope Pius Peter of Baulkham Hills (former Brian Houston): “I really don’t know. I’ll have to bring it up tomorrow morning at my holy weekly appointment with my holy personal psychologist”.

Deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek takes part in a marriage equality rally in Sydney on Sunday, May 31.

Sorry wrong Tanya. Deputy Australian Labor leader Tanya Plibersek another Christian atheist took part in a marriage equality rally in Sydney on Sunday 31 May 2016

Christian atheist Tanya Levin, Pastor Brian Houston's nemesis

Christian atheist Tanya Levin, Pastor Brian Houston’s nemesis. Wrote an unauthorised critique of Hillsong and protests outside their meetings sometimes and gets arrested because Hillsong pays for the police to get Tanya.

Bobbie Houston. Likes sex.

Bobbie Houston: “I picked Brian my husband at an AOG youth camp back in New Zealand in the 1970s but I’m not sure if I would have picked him if I’d known his dad Frank was a lifelong child rapist and I’d known how stressful living with a very busy and ambitious man like Brian is.